10 Quick Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

quick cleaning tips

June 4, 2022

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Are you ready to feel like you just gained a super power? Are you ready to learn quick cleaning tips in order to keep your house in order as a busy mom? I’m so excited to tell you about these really easy things you can do to keep your house clean. It really can be so much fun getting into your house and cleaning it once you’ve figured out some hacks and some systems to make it that much better. That is exactly what I am sharing with you today. 10 things you can clean in LESS THAN 10 minutes in order for your house to feel super clean. All without the headache of constantly deep cleaning.

Yes I know, I teach a deep cleaning rotation and it’s one of the most beautiful things we do in our family, but on top of that I want you to be able to feel like in the small cracks of your day, you can actually do the things! You can finally keep up with your house, you can truly live in a house that doesn’t look like it’s been lived in by pigs.

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Quick Cleaning Tips That Require 10 Minutes Or Less

I don’t know if you remember the book that my mother always read to me called “Jillian Jillian Jillian Jigs, It Looks Like Your Room Has Been Lived In By Pigs”. That sometimes is what we all end up feeling like. I want you to know it doesn’t have to be overbearing, it doesn’t have to be over complicated. It truly can be just a simple 10 minutes in your day and that can make all the difference. That can be this source of change and joy and excitement and really make you feel like you have a super power, like you are conquering it and you are finally doing it.

It truly can be just a simple 10 minutes in your day and that can make all the difference. That can be this source of change and joy and excitement and really make you feel like you have a super power, like you are conquering it and you are finally doing it.

After a brief season of truly being unplugged from basically everything, I’m really getting back into all my systems. It’s been really interesting to see how much I’ve been able to accomplish in just really small cracks of my day. To be honest, that’s a lot of where the inspiration for this episode came from. This truly has been my thing all along. This is one of those things where I feel like it’s such a disservice for me to not tell you about this because of how unbelievably, I don’t want to say in control, but I feel like I’ve got a really great command of keeping a clean house.

Quick Cleaning Tips In Order To Maintain A Clean House

Now we aren’t going to be talking about keeping a tidy house, we are going to be talking about keeping a clean house. This is outside of the cleaning rotation we talk about where you are cleaning your toilets, bathtubs, floors and baseboards, sheets, all the things a typical house cleaner would do. That’s not what we are talking about here. I’m going to give you 10 things that you likely are not cleaning right now and probably haven’t been cleaned in a really long time, or they just don’t get cleaned regularly. That’s totally ok. I’m right there with you.

It is so much easier than you know to actually get these 10 things cleaned, and there is probably so many more. This is just a quick list of cleaning tips that I know gets done very quickly from start to finish in 10 minutes or less.

Have the right mindset

Think of it like this. Instead of picking up my cell phone, I’m going to clean the things. Or, the kids are playing well together, I could probably sit and rest, but I am going to tackle this thing instead. That is what I want you to understand and to know about the beauty of this system.

Whenever you go into a certain room, a certain situation, a certain place, I want you to keep these 10 quick cleaning tips in the back of your mind. Please know that this really can be super straightforward and simple to really get in there and clean. The other fun thing you can do is set a timer for 10 minutes, write these 10 things down, and over the next 10 days, set the timer and each day go clean them. It truly is so simple!

Quick Cleaning Tips: What You Need On Hand

You don’t need much to clean these 10 things. All you need is an all purpose spray, a rag, or if you aren’t in that reusable phase of your life yet (you probably will be by the time you get done hanging with me) At least that is my hope that the undertone of most of my podcasts will lead you to the bright clean side where we don’t buy paper towels anymore. We also don’t buy the pre-made disinfectant wipes to clean the whole house with. We have a glass bottle that we refill and make our own all purpose spray.

Anyways, that is the main goal of the game over here in our household. But either way, no judgement will be passed. You can use your wipes, or you can use your all purpose spray. Whatever you tend to use will work great. I love having my all purpose spray under my kitchen counter. There also is one in my cleaning tote and then I have a bunch of cleaning rags so it is quick and easy anytime I find that little crack in the day. I love to make sure my house feels clean. And these 10 things will most definitely help you get there too!

10 Things to Clean in Less Than 10 Minutes Each to Keep a Clean House

Quick Cleaning Tip #1 – Cupboards

The first cleaning tip on the list are the cupboards. I don’t mean the inside of the cupboards. I mean the doors. Which I hope in our new home that we have open shelving. Until I have open shelving, I will be cleaning my cupboard doors. if you have ever stood and looked at your kitchen cabinets or your cupboard doors, the bottom and the upper ones, if you look at them from different angles, you will realize…they get gross. I clean them at least twice a month if not every week. Alright, enough with the cupboards, on to quick cleaning tip number two!

Quick Cleaning Tip #2 – water and ice dispenser

Second on our list of quick cleaning tips is your water and ice dispenser. The exterior of your refrigerator and that little ice dispenser, that can all be very easily cleaned in 10 minutes tops. Pop out the tray, spray it and let it soak and spray the rest heavily with the all purpose spray and scrub in hot water, then they will be sparkling clean and back to normal.

Quick Cleaning Tip #3 – silverware organizer

The third thing is one of my favorites! I am just dying to know how often do you do this? Your silverware organizer. Tell me, how is it the only time you are using those things and putting the silverware in there is when they are clean but it is the strangest place that crumbs end up. There are always crumbs in the silverware organizer. Go look at it now, there are sprinkles and cookie crumbs and crackers. There are things in there and I don’t know how they got in there. Do yourself a favor. Spend the three minutes and wipe it down. It will make you feel so good!

Quick Cleaning Tip #4 – mirrors

Four is your mirrors. For this, I don’t use my all purpose sprayer. Instead, I have a window cleaner that has vinegar in it, but I actually got a Norwex cleaning cloth recently and I will now buy those for the rest of my life. They are absolutely amazing. Talk about streak free! I can get most of the mirrors done in my house in 10 minutes. That is the greatest feeling when you walk by the mirror and see yourself without all the sticky finger prints.

Quick Cleaning Tip #5 – washer and dryer

Five. Your washer and dryer. Now, I don’t mean pushing the button for self clean. I mean, when is the last time you have cleaned the soap dispenser out? Go look. I bet you it is nasty. I am always cleaning the washing machine, the soap dispenser cup, the top, the lid, the buttons, the dryer too! Put a load in and then take 10 minutes to clean the washer and dryer while you are in there. It will feel so much better when it’s done!

Quick Cleaning Tip #6 – kitchen chairs

Six is something that I can guarantee you probably haven’t even thought about cleaning anytime recently. Kitchen chairs. This one, I promise you there is something that got spilled that ran down one of your kitchen chairs and hardened almost like glue and it has a little nub on the bottom where it just sat there and dried. It needs you to clean it one day in a 10 minute window of opportunity. It needs you quite badly. We just switched to metal chairs and they are so easy to clean. I absolutely love it. If you have cushions, throw them bad boys in the wash, spray all the chairs down, wipe them, then move on with your life and give yourself a big pat on the back.

Quick Cleaning Tip #7 – behind the toilets

Seven. This is not fun but it really only does take two seconds. Behind the toilets. Look, we clean the toilets on a regular basis, but it is literally only me that will clean the floors all the way behind the toilets. Every once in a while it needs to be done. I grab my all purpose spray and my dirty rags, we have rags that we use for grimy things that we don’t mix with other stuff, I spray that and wipe it up then move on and it is amazing. You should do it this week because it is probably one of the things that has the most relief. You know when something is really dirty, then you clean it and it looks amazing, cleaning behind the toilet is definitely one of those things.

Quick Cleaning Tips #8 – touch points

Eight is what I call touch points. I feel like lately touch points have been cleaned at least once a week at our house. Touch points are your high traffic touch areas. All your light switches, remotes, cell phones, doorknobs, refrigerator handles, microwave handles, coffee maker, water dispenser, pantry door, all those high touch points where people go regularly. It is a quick 10 minute job. I just take my spray and do a loop and spray all the touch points, then do another loop and wipe them all down.

The stair rails

Another place is the stair rails. It gets so gross when I haven’t done it a month or so. Even the walls. I get down where my kids are and I can see right where they are constantly hanging their fingers around the corner when they go around the wall. It’s a high touch point. If you take 10 minutes to look at one spot you are going to see where it is the most gross, dirty, brown, it will change colors and you know that is a high touch point. Commit those spots to memory and then just go through and do the high touch point cleanup in less than 10 minutes.

Quick Cleaning Tip #9 – the trash can

Nine is the trash can. When was the last time you ever cleaned your trash can? What I typically do is clean under the trash can, around the trash can, and the wall where the trash can is. Then there are some that need the inside cleaned as well. If you have a normal plastic trash can that you put your plastic bag in, it’s still probably really dirty inside and it truly will only take you 10 minutes to clean that bad boy out. I guarantee that you will feel like you are winning at life if you get your trash can cleaned out for the first time in heaven only knows how long.

Quick Cleaning Tip #10 – appliances

Alright. here is it, number ten. These are your appliances. I absolutely love cleaning out my appliances except my oven, which is probably why my fire alarm goes off all the time because I never clean out my oven. It’s because I haven’t found an oven cleaner that is non toxic that I trust and love. We tried to do a self clean on the oven and it was so bad. The coffee maker, espresso machine, refrigerator, microwave, top of the stove, the blender. They all need cleaned.

10 minutes can make all the difference

It’s not just about saying you have 10 minutes. It’s about putting your phone away and also when you are in the space, it’s usually the kitchen right? But not always, if I am somewhere where there are high touch points, or I am in my room and I see my mirrors are dirty, I don’t make excuses for why I am going to do it later. I just pick up the rag, pick up the spray, and because I make them so accessible to me, it’s really easy for me to do this over and over and over again. I grab them and do it, then put it away and go right back to what I was doing.

Come Join Our Community

That is how you can and should be integrating these little micro parts of cleaning around your house so that you really do feel like you have got it together. There is no real science to it, but I really do hope you come over inside of the Facebook community and tell me which of these you try, or even challenge yourself to just do one every day for the next 10 days. I know and I believe that you absolutely do have the power to manage all of the things that you are managing and I know that sometimes it seems super overwhelming. It’s the little things like this that truly will make a difference. I would love if you would take this in to your life and apply it and actually use this information you are learning.

Looking for more, here are the top five routines every work from home mom needs to keep a tidy home! If you have any more questions or need more systems to help with managing all of the things, you can head on over and check out The Systemize Your Life Academy. We look forward to seeing you there!

quick cleaning tricks for busy moms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to keep your home clean as a busy, working mom?

The best way to keep your home clean as a busy, working mom is to have a specific set time each week that is devoted to cleaning an area of your home. Divide up your home into different zones and alternate which zone you clean each week. Carve out a solid block of time each week and schedule it in BOTH your paper planner AND your Google calendar. That way when it comes time to focus on cleaning, you know exactly what and where you are supposed to be! Bonus tip – get the whole family involved and make it fun! To learn more about my time blocking method check out this completely FREE workbook!

cleaning tips for the busy mom
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