How To Crush Your Goals As A Busy Work From Home Mom

June 22, 2022

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The opportunity to GROW bigger and stronger and finally do your very best work in every area of your life is here! In this 5 post series, we are going to dive into the core areas you need to focus on in order to grow. You want to juggle it all, I get it. But how? From laundry, groceries, dinner, homework, emails, clients, hugs, exercise, and date night… how do you become the woman you need to be in order to get it all done? You start right here, right now, and then you grow. What do you say, wanna do this together? Then let’s dive into day four of the Ready to Grow series and I’ll show you how to crush your goals as a busy mom in 5 steps.

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There has been a lot of ground that we’ve covered in the first three days of the Ready to Grow series. If you are catching this as the very first post you need to go back to the first three to lay the foundation for what we will go over here.When you have thoroughly gone over those first three posts then you can dive into the juicy talk of how in the world you are going to crush your goals with the 5 action items that I’m about to give you.

What it comes down to is what you’re doing in the little cracks of your life that really amount to the big picture. It becomes this snowball effect. You really are capable of going so much further than you can even understand.

Big lofty ideas and dreams are put in your head for a reason and it’s never ever what happens to you that causes you from getting there it’s your response to it.

I just want you to know that this isn’t something that happens for just the elite or only the people that have different circumstances. Being able to achieve what you were designed to achieve can happen for you no matter what season of life you’re in, as long as you pick up the tools that have been handed to you and actually use them.

Okay, so what are these five action items that I’m going to be giving you? Get out a pen and paper and number 1 through 5. These are super important, you have to do every single one of these if you’re going to reach your goals. There’s no question about it, you can’t skip any one of these. You cannot DIY any part of this, you literally have to do the thing that I’m telling you to do. All five of them. So here is step number one…

Step #1 To Crush Your Goals As A Busy Mom – Make A Plan

I did a podcast episode that goes into this really well. I give away my exact goal planning recipe in there. But what this is, is taking your big annual goal and breaking it down into either three or four stepping stones.

These stepping stones are major markers that are going to guide you to that big goal. You start by beginning to work yourself backward from where you want to be a year from now.

Your Stepping Stones

What are the major points that you need to get to? In-between those major points are really where your day-to-day workflow comes into place. Your time blocking and fundamental needs are the actual steps that allow you to stand up and walk from one stepping stone to the next.

This is the process that I use for breaking down project management for every goal that I have. No matter how big or how small it is I do this process. You need to identify what kind of swimming you are going to have to do to get to that first stone.

Even If You Have To Guess… That is Okay!

You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with all of the details for the whole entire year right now. You’re not going to have everything planned out perfectly or know exactly what you need to do. You are just going to have a hunch, you might even be guessing and that’s okay.

I guessed my way through a lot of things and looking back now it isn’t actually a guess, it’s your intuition. For those of you that are faith-based, it’s the Holy Spirit guiding you.

Just Get Started

Part of the process is just getting started and loosely sketching out a plan. You need to be able to have some intentionality behind what you’re doing instead of just throwing caution to the wind and plunging into the deep end without any stepping stones.

This is really what people often overlook. They just think “Oh well I’m just going to get started and I’m not going put my stones down.” You end up getting so derailed and 45 degrees in the wrong direction from where your goal actually is. And then you feel discouraged.

So don’t skip step number one and make a plan. Now step number two…

Step #2 To Crush Your Goals As A Busy Mom – Don’t Go Alone

You need to have a community or an accountability partner. Either way, you got to get plugged in with a community. You have to have an accountability partner or you will without a shadow of a doubt fail. We’re not intended to do things alone.

All of my successes happen because I have someone in my corner that’s constantly letting me verbally process. They are constantly saying “Hey, you’re doing that perfectionism thing right now I think you should just probably get started.”


I have my own peer-led masterminds and I myself have joined other programs that are teaching me exactly what I need to do to get where I want to be in my business. I have a community all over surrounding me in my professional life. I have accountability there for me because I know the power of it, and you have to do that too.

Before this, when all of my goals were surrounded around motherhood because I was a brand-new mom I was super plugged into those communities. The same thing with my workouts and my health goals. It doesn’t matter what it is, you have to have communities that are supporting you.

Join Our Community

Where can you get accountability for your business, home and personal goals? Inside of our community Facebook group. The Systemize Your Life community is incredible. If you’re like real serious then just get inside of the Systemize Your Life Academy. I think the number one thing that everyone says they love so much about it is the community and the accountability that’s built-in. It’s the one thing that I’m most proud of.

Surround Yourself With Good People

Surround yourself with people who are trying to do the same thing as you. Just get out of your own dang way. Stop sitting in this space where your head is so busy trying to create a distraction, trying to create safety, and trying to create fears.

Please find yourself an accountability community. That might mean maybe making new friendships or putting yourself out there in ways that feel really scary. Maybe it means you need to find a mentor.
Okay, I could talk on that one forever. What is step number 3 that will help you crush your goals as a busy mom?

Step #3 To Crush Your Goals As A Busy Mom – Systems in Your Home

Every one of you needs systems in your homes. I don’t know what else to tell you about this. This is a hard and fast rule.

  • You have to have systems in your home.
  • You need to have zone cleaning set up.
  • You need to have your time blocks done.
  • You need to have your fundamental needs in place. Non-negotiable.
  • You have to be planning your week out every single week.
  • You need to have your home organized. End of story.

You can’t be trying to find lost items and you can’t entertain your kids in a messy house. They don’t even know how to play because there are too many things in their way. You don’t even know how to cook dinner because you can’t even find the spatula.

The Need for Systems

Get hold of your big-girl pants, put them on, and go get systems in your house. Prioritize that. There’s literally no excuse. You have an option called the System Your Life Academy to get started right now. You will save yourself the money that you invest in it in groceries in the first two to three months of the entire program. It’s such a game-changer.

If you’re not ready for the Academy download then be sure to access your FREE resources right here on Chelsijo.co. I have an amazing time blocking workbook AND a workbook to help you determine your fundamental needs. Don’t make any excuses. Literally, I’ve heard them all. Every person comes to my inbox thinking that it’s not going to work for them but it has worked for so many women already who are not cookie-cutter me. If you don’t know how to get started with that please post a question inside of our Facebook group so that we can get you the support that you are so deeply looking for.

Alright, number four gets me real excited and it’s absolutely necessary if you are going to crush your goals.

Step #4 To Crush Your Goals As A Busy Mom – Level Up Your Dedication

I get really passionate about this. Dedication is something I think is becoming harder and harder to come by. Our attention span is so diverted.

When I say level up your dedication I mean put your phone down. What are you even doing for the next hour? How dedicated are you to the task? You are clearly not that dedicated if you’re sneaking off in the bathroom with your phone to catch a quick high off of social media. Where’s your dedication? What are you focusing on? You have to be dedicated.

Start Small

It’s okay to start small. When I say level up your dedication I don’t mean we’re about to 100% over dedicate ourselves to every brand new thing that we want to do. The last thing that you want to do is commit to something and then back out on it because that’s when you lose confidence in yourself.

When you betray yourself and you go back on your own word that confidence leaks over into everything. It’s so important that you take these commitments that you’re making seriously. These goals that you’re putting down are a lot more than just words on a piece of paper. They are your dreams, it’s your hopes and it’s your future. It’s your marriage’s future and your children’s future, and your home’s future, right?

Follow Through

The point is that when you give your word to something in your mind or on paper, don’t go back on it. Just don’t. If you do, look yourself literally in the mirror and say “I’m sorry, I’m still dedicated. It doesn’t mean that I failed, it means I am going to try again.” You move on and you just get up and do it again.

Alright, number 5, last but certainly not least at all. You’re going to be blindsided by this one.

Step #5 To Crush Your Goals As A Busy Mom – No Drama Mama

What this means is you need to get real serious about what you’re wasting your energy on. If you want to reach your goals you have to get really serious about what you’re wasting your energy on. You might think that you’re really chill and you don’t have a lot of drama in your life but this comes in on so many levels.

I don’t feel like I have a lot of drama in my life but I can be really dramatic about some things, like the dishwasher when it’s not loaded properly. Like how much time did I just spend? Those moments add up in a day. I mean think about four pockets of 15 minutes. What would you do with a whole hour!?

What Are You Wasting Your Energy On?

Can you sit down and look at if there are four little 15 minute parts in your day where you are spending too much energy on something that actually does not push you closer to your goals.

Probably one of the biggest places where you’re showing up to drama way more than four 15 minute pockets a day is your cell phone. How many group texts with your family are you engaging in? Enough. How much time are you spending reading news articles that you can’t even trust? How is that helping to reach your goals? It’s not.

Do Whatever It Takes

Do whatever you have to do. Put your phone in another room, have a phone basket, delete the apps.
I think it’s so important for you to sit down and assess where you at right now and what you’re allowing yourself to deal with on a regular basis. This might be the one thing that really really propels you so much further.

Drama is everywhere you just have to take the time to sit down and look at what are you obsessing over that does not need to be obsessed over. Once I got these five things down to a science in my life I wasn’t just reaching my goals I was far surpassing things that I even could comprehend being possible. Use these five steps to help you.

  1. Make a plan.
  2. Have a community/accountability partner.
  3. Have systems in your home.
  4. Level up your dedications
  5. Leave the drama.

Come Join Us!

Come over inside of the Facebook group and tell me what your goals are. I’m dying to know what you are working towards. Let us be your accountability community. If you’re one of those women that have actually gone to the checkout page on the Systemize Your Life Academy, like do it. We are so excited to have you come over and join us. Either way, no matter where you’re at, please just know that we would love to support you and your goals. YOU have to make the first step to grow!

how to reach your goals as a busy mom

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set goals and accomplish them in both my business and my household as a busy work from home mom?

As a busy work from home mom you can absolutely set goals and CRUSH them in order to achieve success in BOTH your home and your business! To do so you want to start out with a plan. You need to know what you goal is and then work backwards to get there. Not only do you want to have a plan, and briefly outline the steps it is going to take you to get there, but also find an accountability partner to support you and encourage you along the way. Our Systemize Your Life Facebook Group is an amazing accountability and support center with women just like you working to achieve their goals in both their home and business and we would love to support you along the way. Come hop into our Facebook group, introduce yourself and tell us what goal you are working to achieve!

how to crush your goals as a busy mom
crush your goals as a busy mom

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