3 Tips to Balance it All as a Work From Home Mom

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August 30, 2022

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The opportunity to GROW bigger and stronger and finally do your very best work in every area of your life is here! In this 5 post series, we are going to dive into the core areas you need to focus on in order to grow. You want to balance it all, I get it. But how? From laundry, groceries, dinner, homework, emails, clients, hugs, exercise, and date night… how do you become the woman you need to be in order to get it all done? You start right here, right now, and then you grow. What do you say, wanna do this together? Then let’s dive into the final day of the Ready to Grow series and I’ll give you the key to how to balance it ALL as a work-from-home mom.

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The Key To Balance it All

Well, here we are on Day 5 of the Ready to Grow series! If you haven’t gone over the first four days of this series, it’s a must. Also if you haven’t been to our Facebook community yet it’s a really great place to get connected and ask questions. I’m really enjoying seeing your goals over inside there!
Inside of today’s post, we are going to break down the three big parts to be able to balance it all. There really is a key and I am going to give it over to you. Make a copy of it and make sure that it fits your door. It will unlock this beautiful, systemized, simple, productive, joyful, just like peaceful, and fun way of living.
You can have the balance that I know you so deeply, deeply desire so that you can succeed in home and business.
This has been the key since day one for me. This has been what people have asked me about before ChelsiJo.Co existed. People would ask me “I don’t understand how you’re doing it all. How do you make it look so easy? How are you balancing all of the things and doing it well?”
The key to balancing it all as a work-from-home mom really comes down to these three things. All you need to do are these three things and you will find major success in your home and business.

“You can have the balance that I know you so deeply desire so that you can succeed in home and business.  “

Time Blocks

This is like the bare bones of everything that I do in my life. It all revolves around my time blocks. If you don’t have time blocks set up, or you’re using an old approach to time blocking then you’re going to want to come into our community and learn the Systemize Your Life way. This is not scheduled-based time management which is just a bunch of highlighters on your planner.
The ChelsiJo.Co method for time blocking is a five-block method. We even have an incredible FREE resource for you to help you get these in place. If you would like to really invest in yourself and get a planner audit and coaching on this to help solidify your time blocks, you can hop inside the Systemize Your Life Academy.

Once your time blocks are in place then we layer inside of that the second part.

Fundamental Needs

This key that I’m giving you really has three parts, and the second part of it are your fundamental needs.
My fundamental needs for the past three years have been:
  1. Cleaning
  2. To-do
  3. Date night
  4. Meal planning
  5. Family fun
  6. Workouts
  7. Personal time/business time
  8. Sunday sit down
This really is what I’m putting inside of my time blocks along with the third thing that we will get to. The good news is figuring out your fundamental needs is also something that we have a super-free workbook for! I lay it all out for you, you just have to do the work to fill it in.
Another amazing option for this is the Horatio Printing Dream Planner. With the pre-work in there, you can find my fundamental needs. Polly, from Horatio Printing, uses a different graphic called the wheel for establishing your fundamental needs and has made it into such a beautiful process.
You really should be assessing your fundamental needs on a quarterly basis to see if you’re in the same season. Every quarter in the Horatio Printing Dream Planner there is a season refresh. When you get started you may be changing them as you dial it in but overall they won’t be changing that much quarter to quarter.
There’s also some QR codes to a training that Polly and I did together on the fundamental needs. If you want to link to that training you can pop a question inside the Facebook group.
Onto the final part of being able to balance it all as a work-from-home mom.

Routine Stacks

So your routine stacks that happen inside of your time blocks are really fundamental for being able to balance everything. I would say the majority of you that are listening right now probably aren’t even writing your routines in your planner. You’re just giving way to what you think your schedule is supposed to be. That’s why you’re not able to balance everything. Writing out a schedule in your paper planner every day is just the most overwhelming and convoluted thing that you could do to your brain.
Here is a list of my top six major routines that I do almost every day of my life.
  1. Nighttime routine
  2. Morning routine
  3. Sensory routine
  4. Before school routine
  5. After school routine
  6. Tidy cues
These are the things that have really allowed me to be able to succeed month after month after month.
That gives you a lot of homework. You’re going to have to get everything squared away.
You’re going to have to:
  1. 100% get your time blocks dialed in.
  2. You’re also going to have to figure out what your fundamental needs are.
  3. Then within all of those things, you should have systems or routine stacks.

Make Room to Grow

So if that overwhelms you, you can get support from our Facebook community. Just head on over and let us know what you need help with. You can also go find out more details about how you can become a part of our amazing community within the Systemize Your Life Academy.
You know it’s not it’s not ever going to be this perfect pretty picture. Like, it does not look like that. I want you guys to know that being productive as a work-from-home mom, as a busy woman that’s trying to juggle it all, it doesn’t look like balance.
But with these three things in my life, I truly do feel like I’m showing up in every single area of my life and I’m doing my best work and to me that is balance.
Thank you so much for joining me on this 5 post series! All this incredible content is something you can go over and over again no matter what season of life you are in. There is always room to grow!
3 Tips to balance it all as a work from home mom

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the perfect paper planner?

I 100% recommend the Horatio Printing Dream Planner. It is super simple and is set up perfectly to time block in. They even walk you through your Fundamental Needs so you can be set up for success. There are so many paper planner options out there but this one covers all my bases.

3 tips to balance it all as a work from home mom
how to balance it all as a work from home mom

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