How I Balance it All as a Busy Work From Home Mom

September 23, 2022

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Do you want to show up for all the things that you love, without feeling like something is falling far behind or burning down in flames? There are a lot of plates that you’re trying to keep spinning at the same time. If you feel like you can’t quite keep your finger on the pulse of all these things, then maybe you need a better way to manage all those tasks that you are juggling so you can balance it all.

If you could automate 95% of all the things that you worry about and make it completely involuntary to show up to all the things that you love, wouldn’t that be awesome? It’s more than just being organized though. It’s more than just knowing what time blocking is. The solution? We’re going to talk about it right here, inside of today’s post. So how about it, ladies? Let’s get started!

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You Only Need One System

There really is so much more to getting your life in order than a few random systems. The big transformation in your life will come when you get all the systems talking to each other.  You need systems you can easily communicate with your family and they shouldn’t be a ton of work.  

This means getting to execute your life without the stress and chaos. The system should not feel like another thing you have to mange. The goal is for you to manage one system only and that is the entire system your home operates on and it is the key to balancing it all. That is exactly what my home management system is. The Systemize Your Life Academy will lay out this one stop system step by step so you can beat the overwhelm in four short weeks.

If you’re not ready for that step that’s ok, today I’m giving you the framework for how you can balance it all. There are a lot of smaller parts to to this but this will give you the foundational overarching look on how you can automate 95% of those things you think about all day long so you can stop the stress.

What I want you to think about for this framework is a food pyramid with four sections or layers. We are going to start at the base of the triangle which is the most important layer.

Knowing How Much Time You Have

You need to know how much time you have available each week. We all have 24 hours a day seven days a week but I want you to find out what of that time you actually have at your disposal for you to use in a really strategic way. The hours you have for work are pulled out from that but the leftover hours are 100% yours.

Your time should not feel like it is being dictated by your kids or husband’s schedule. I try and make life in my home convenient for everyone but you can only bend so far before you break. You have got to scrap all of what you are currently doing and step back and look at how you are actually managing your time. Are you managing your time or are you letting other people manage all your time? I chose to manage my time for what works for everyone. How do I know it works for everyone? Let’s look at the second layer.

“Your time should not feel like it is being dictated by your kids or husband’s schedule. I try and make life in my home convenient for everyone but you can only bend so far before you break.”

Know Your Fundamental Needs

We talk about this all the time. Take yourself through the free fundamental needs download if you haven’t already. There are the non-negotiables that absolutely should be prioritized if you are a working mom. If you get these down this will take care of nearly all those tasks that you are currently throwing on all these plates and trying to spin so you can actually balance it all. If you get these 8 things down then it is just this one system, your fundamental needs, you have to manage.

As an example let’s look at your kid’s extracurricular activities. That alone may or may not be something that you want to dictate your life. If you and your husband are not on the same page about this or you and your kids are not on the same page then you need to have a conversation about it. The things you have committed your time to should make you wake up eager and excited to do them every morning. If they are not, what are you doing? You need to understand these two base layers before you move on. But let’s move on.

Communicate the First Two Layers

You can see now that a lot of what you are probably communicating to your family is what is squirreling around in your head such as your frustrations, fears, overwhelm, and depression. The truth of the matter is if you don’t show up as that strong capable woman what are you going to be communicating to your family on a regular basis? That affects everybody.

If you really want to get it together in your family and in your house you have to understand how to do these first two layers. Once you understand those two things then you can communicate them with your husband and kids.

I don’t know where you are at with your communication and I know it’s harder for some but what you need is to be so clear on what you want. You also need to communicate a solution that you really believe will make life better for everyone. Propose “Hey let’s try this for two weeks. If it doesn’t work we can scrap it and try something else. I believe if we do this it will help with____.” Insert the thing either your husband is always complaining about or that you get in arguments about. Next is the final part of this and is the teeny tiny top of the triangle.

Ask for Help

Once you’ve communicated this system and everyone has their questions answered and knows where they need to be you need to sit back and find where you can use help in this. What parts of the day or seasons in life with sick kids or big projects at work do you need more help than others? You can’t do it all on your own. No one in your house expects you to, those are unrealistic expectations you have put on yourself. These last two tiers have a lot to do with communication and your ability to understand your needs and your family’s strengths and weaknesses.


Start Implementing

I really hope you take the time to sketch this all out and go through all the free resources. If you’re tired of scraping this all together then jump inside the Systemize Your Life Academy and get my home management system. I lay it all out for you and hold your hand through the whole process. I will get into the details of this with you. We would love to have you as a part of this community. If you’re not ready for that, that’s totally fine, keep checking out all the free resources and I hope to see you inside the free Facebook group!

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how to succeed as a busy work from home mom
how to balance all the things as a busy work from home mom

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