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October 30, 2022

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I remember clearly when we were just flying through life and I was simply just trying to make everything happen for my kids, my job, my house, my husband …. and then me. But honestly, there just never ended up being any time for me. Out of sheer desperation, I started trying this system that has now become the bread and butter of our life. It’s a full-blown language in our home. This has become the framework that gives every single person in this family LIFE.

You may think that structure in your life comes at the cost of losing your freedom, but today I will be teaching you exactly why that’s just not the case. It’s because of this system that you will never see the likes of me wandering around life aimless, distracted, scattered, or flying in the wind like a sheet. There’s freedom in a life like that for some, but for me, a woman who dreams and breathes to succeed in home and business, this system is the crux of my freedom. If you want to know how I am able to break free of control, rigid schedules, and limitations on my schedule with minimal planning every week then it’s time to grab your favorite drink and press play on today’s episode.

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Free Resources

I want to start this off by saying that if you really want to get all you possibly can out of today’s podcast, you will want to head over and grab my free resources here on the website. These resources will really help you dig deep into the work that is going to be required for what I am about to discuss with you. Here on the website, you will find a tab for FREE resources. There are two workbooks and one workshop. The available workshop teaches how the workbooks will actually work in your life. You will want to download the workbooks and reserve your seat in the workshop. You can go back on your own time and watch the workshop. If you have already downloaded the books and the workshop but haven’t watched it yet, now is the time.

What Do Women Want?

So many women want more structure in their lives but feel like they are constantly all over the place. In reality, it’s not the structure that women want, it’s a functioning system. There are women who love to plan and some who won’t plan anything. I have actually had some individuals try and tell me that I have too much structure in my life. Naturally, there have been moments where I keep those negative vibes in my mind and start to question if what I’m doing is the right thing, but honestly, my systems work! It only takes me a few minutes on the weekends to put everything into place. Every machine that runs well requires upkeep. This is no different. It works perfectly for me and it will work perfectly for you too. This system is how I’m able to be a successful work-from-home mom. Here are 3 things that I want to discuss:

1. Planning your week

2. Structure

3. What you can do


The big question is, “How do I not over plan?” You need to understand what is happening in your life right now and know what is working and what isn’t. That’s it! No tricks, no magic. My coaching really comes into play when I can help women figure out what this looks like. Taking inventory and asking yourself the right questions to understand what is working well and what needs to be adjusted is the first step.

You should always have a journal on your nightstand. Take your phone off your nightstand and put it somewhere else before bed. Place it somewhere that isn’t in your near reach. Take the temptation of scrolling on your phone right before bed away. Make space for your journal! Ask yourself at the end of the day… “What worked for me today? What didn’t work for me today?” Maybe you’re in a season right now where things are going really well. I still want you to ask your family, your husband, and your kids what things are NOT working well.

Having this information will help you to understand what should and shouldn’t be done every week. This will be your data to help you understand and create your plan. Remember, you don’t need to re-create the wheel ladies, just pick it up and roll it. Stop with the struggle! Don’t overthink it. If you are constantly trying to figure out how to be successful every week, these are the things you need to understand:

See what is working and what isn’t

Then ask yourself “WHY?”

Give yourself at least 2-4 weeks and then look at that data you’ve collected and move forward from there.

“…honestly, my systems work! It only takes me a few minutes on the weekends to put everything into place….This system is how I’m able to be a successful work-from-home mom.”


Everyone tells me they want balance. I often hear that everything feels chaotic and there isn’t enough mom to go around for all the people and all the things during the day. Structure is wanted so one can breathe easier. But guess what? It’s not structure that you want, it’s consistency! You are craving the opportunity and actual experience of showing up for your kids, your husband, and your business time and time again. You’re tired of having more bad days than good days. You find yourself asking questions like, “Why was last week good and now it’s back to ground zero again?” “My routine was so good for a few days and now it’s off.” “I just had my life together for a week and now I have to start all over again.” You want to know you will have more good days than bad days. This is called consistency.

Please, start reframing your mindset to understand that it’s not structure that you crave. It’s not controlling every aspect, it’s the desire to have a constant routine. You want to know that all the wheels are turning and working and that all the things are falling into place as they should as you actually have fun and enjoy your life. Your dreams are valid and should be successful. It starts with showing up consistently to one thing after another. You don’t have to control everything your kids and husband do. You don’t have to have the perfect plan. My system really does work. You can let go of all that extra stress of “the perfect plan.” It’s time to remove that regimented structure in your life and get this system set into place.


Take the system that I have created called, The Fundamental Needs System. Maybe you’re one who has tried it already and thought to yourself, “That didn’t work.” I still want you to download the fundamental workbook. This book will teach you how to address your core needs. This book is everything we have discussed in depth. This workbook will go to the next level and have you asking yourself where you are in life. Consider your emotions, physical goals, financial goals, work, husband, and kids. What makes you feel discouraged and what do you actually need? What core things do you need week after week in order to have freedom from all the control and structure? How can you loosen your grip on all the things you think you need? You need to have these core needs set so you can have consistency. Don’t over checkmark your life! This workbook is vital.

In my family, we have 8 fundamental needs. We have named them The Great 8. It took us time to figure out what our needs really were and once we figured them out, we stuck to them and live them out daily. You will figure out what your family needs, and you will love it! You can always go back and reevaluate what your season in life looks like and add to your needs. We now have the Fine 9. We crave outdoor adventure so we have added this fundamental need for our family. Honestly, if it were up to me, I would do away with the tv, but the more time we have outside the less tv is involved. Sunshine has been so good for our family! Spending this specific time together really fills us up and makes us feel whole.


Now it’s your turn to figure out what it is that you and your family are needing. Don’t forget to download the time blocks from my website. This resource will really help you figure out where to put all these fundamental needs. If you want to see how these things work together, go watch the workshop. I promise it will teach you how to live without feeling like you’re being pulled in all different directions at all the same times. Let me know if you need help! That is why we are there. Honestly, we want to help! Take pictures, reach out, we want to be there to support you! Don’t wait another minute, go get these things done! I would love to hear from you on our Facebook group. As always, I can’t wait to meet with you next time right here on the blog.

Ditch the over planning and rigid scheduling with this transformative system

Frequently Asked Questions

How much structure is too much structure?

In the end that’s your call but if you find yourself constantly exhausted, feeling pulled in a million different directions, or like you can’t make a mistake-it may be time to switch things up. I love my systems and how they work for me, and the best part is they don’t drain my energy or take up too much time! If you’re feeling like there’s too much structure in your life, please give my systems a try and see how they work for you! After you’ve finished reading, click on these links to access the free resources (time blocking workbook, fundamental needs workbook, and the workshop)to get you on your way to a more productive, stress-free life that will not only benefit you but also your family!

a fail proof system for productivity as a work from home mom
how to structure so it leads to consistent routines with you in control

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