3 Ways To Manage Your Time As A Busy Work From Home Mom

manage your time as a busy work from home mom

November 19, 2022

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Are you a network marketer? If so, you’re not going to want to miss this episode. Growing your business while you do life any time anywhere has a catchy ring to it… even sounds pretty glamorous to most of us. Truth is, the life of 24/7 customer and team support as a direct sales consultant has a lot of pros, but it has its cons too. That’s why I am so excited to share today’s episode with you! You’re going to find the systems you should’ve been using since day one to succeed not only in your network marketing business but also in your home. Truly the top most powerful systems you are going to wish your upline gave you a long time ago. It’s time to really dive in momma! Let’s do this.

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Are you trying to grow your network marketing business?

Are you trying to manage your time better as a busy work-from-home mom?

I have 3 really powerful ways you can incorporate several different power systems to help get you there.

I have worked with several women in The Systemize Your Life Academy community who all happen to be network marketing work-from-home moms who just said, “Help!” I’ve been helping them and I’ve been able to sit back and watch them use these systems. They’ve worked for them so I am sure they will work for you too.

These systems have been impactful, especially for those running a network marketing business. However, whether you are a network marketer or not, they can still work for you!

So what do you say?

Are you really ready to grow your business?

Let’s do this together!

3 Power Systems To Help You Grow Your Business From Home

1. Create Boundaries with Your Time

Every person working from home must do this. When it comes to a person working in sales for anyone, as in your job is just in sales, you are consistently chasing a sale. Even if it comes at 8 PM at night or if it comes while cooking dinner, the sale is there at any time. Your customer needs you or your team needs you so you are always thinking about how to get the next sale. Having boundaries with your time is the most important place to start.

The way I’ve been able to help so many people do this is through my Fundamental Needs System and my Time Block System.

These are COMPLETELY FREE downloadable workbooks. The workbooks are an opportunity for you to start saying yes to the things that are going to help you succeed in your home and business instead of just constantly chasing the things you have to do. (To access these workbooks, just click the FREE option in the menu at the top of this page.)

There is so much opportunity to do your work when your work is 100% held up and accessible on your cell phone or your work is on a laptop. Both devices you can take anywhere. So creating those boundaries with your time is absolutely vital. The ability you have to refresh yourself before you pour out to your team and to your customers grows exponentially when you start to put into place your fundamental needs. When you know what you need to grow yourself, you are better able to grow your business. You can nurture your clients and leads better.

2. Outsource

There are two ways to outsource. The first way is to hire an intern or let your children help you with your business. The second way is to outsource the work in your home. This is hard for everyone because we like to hold on to things, but it would help us out tremendously. You must get really resourceful.

When you know what you need to grow yourself, you are better able to grow your business.

Whether you are outsourcing dinner a few nights a week or outsourcing your laundry to a 90-year-old family member, outsourcing can be resourceful for you. Whether you are outsourcing emails or other additional administrative work. You want to figure out how to outsource in order to have the time you need to get things done in your business and consolidate your time better. This will help you to get out of running your business in random pockets of the day in order to make a greater impact in a chunk of time instead of spreading yourself so thin.

3. Have a Workflow Suite

Everybody who’s running a business needs a workflow suite. Here is what I recommend in your workflow suite:

  1. A Rinse and Repeat Workflow

  • A workflow that shows tasks and how long they will take that you need to complete every week and month in order to maintain your business.
  • Once you figure out those tasks, you put them in some sort of task management software. There are several out there such as Asana or Trello. I choose to use MeisterTask because it is very concrete and super user-friendly. It also happens to be the cheapest.

  1. Recurring Workflows

These are tasks that recur but they are not rinsed and repeated. Some of these tasks may happen weekly and some of them may not. These things recur and they happen to be like a series of dominos falling.

Recurring New Customer Workflow

When you get a new customer, there is a trigger action which tips the first domino. A series of tasks or actions happen after that.

Recurring New Team Member Workflow

It’s the same setup as before, the new team member tips the first domino which leads to another series of tasks or actions for this particular workflow.

These two are built out the exact same way in order to keep track of new customers and new team members and where they are with the tasks.

Many people use spreadsheets in order to track tasks. However, in my experience, I believe a workflow suite is better than a spreadsheet because it allows you to open your workflow and see where all of your clients are at any given moment. It is a living, breathing document that tracks tasks, unlike a spreadsheet.

Workflows in task management software are structured based on your company’s touch points. You can break down phases by week to week over a course of 30, 60, or 90 days. Each week you can watch how your customers or new team members are progressing through each week, month, etc.

  1. Content Calendar

You may only be using one platform and that is ok. All of what you are doing whether one platform or multiple platforms, podcast, YouTube, email, etc. should be mapped out and organized in one place in task management software. This is where you can drop in graphics and write out a copy so that you can outsource the different tasks to different people.

That’s it!

That’s my short and sweet list of power systems! They really are power systems and they will change your life!

Come on over to The Facebook Group and ask all the questions you may have. If you are like, “I don’t have time to figure all this out. I just want it to be handed to me”, then jump inside The Systemize Your Life Academy. You can start for just $97! The payments for the first year are $97 a month and then you are done. You have lifetime access! You can also pay for all of it upfront and knock out that one-time payment.

We would love to have you if you are a Network Marketer. You would definitely be in good company as we have several network marketers in the academy. Even if you aren’t a Network Marketer, these systems can work for you as a work-from-home mom who wants to do more and save time.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any suggestions for specific work flow tools?

I personally love MeisterTask as it is user-friendly, intuitive and cheap! However, I would first suggest looking at WHAT you are putting into your workflow. If you don’t know what to put in it – check out what others are doing in our Systemize Your Life Facebook group!

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