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How to Have A Thriving Business as a Productive WFHM with One Simple Step


December 11, 2022


Welcome to The Business Systems Series. Running a stress free, organized and successful business, while you raise your kids isn’t something you have to dream about. Its something you can have! Inside this 5 day series I will be taking you through my favorite steps to become a systemized work from home mom. We’re going deep!

You’ll get tangible step by step guidance, along with daily homework, to ensure you walk away knowing exactly how to be productive and successfully manage your time and tasks in your business. Grab that pen and paper, and let’s do this!

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This is Day 2 of a 5 Part series about Systems that will actually work for your business!

I am in love with all things systems! I love them so much. Not only do they allow me to be productive, but they also allow me to be rest assured that I will show up for myself, my husband, my children, my home, and for my business.

Just so you know what to expect across this series, each day builds on the day before so please start at Day 1 and work your way through to Day 5.

Today will be the very first deep dive into one of my absolute favorite parts of my 5-Step System to Systemize Your Business. Systemize Your Business was once a course but now it is a critical tier in the Systemize Your Life Academy. These systems help you to know how to exactly manage your time and tasks in your business.

I want you to know how to make your business thrive with just this one simple proven step.

This first critical part of the Systemizing Your Business process is what I refer to as Alignment. I want you to be in alignment. Alignment with what though? That is what we will get into today. This is where the meat and potatoes of this entire 5-Day series is going to fall. Day 3 and the next day, and the next, will all be contingent upon whether or not you are able to grasp the concept and put into practice the steps I am going to be sharing and teaching today.

It is really straight forward. It is not complex information and it is really not all that proprietary. However, the way that I want you to do it is unique, so I am giving you really special homework for today. I want you to complete the homework over in the Free Facebook Community Group. We, me and all the other mamas who have done this or will do this series, are waiting for you over there so come join us. It is me and my team over there is cheering you on so that you can reclaim control of your business and thrive.

Let’s Get to it: Alignment with your Business goals

The One step you need to do is align your actions and your goals. Most of you may be fumbling every single week your tasks in your business. You’re not entirely certain what you do when you sit down in your business. The whole point of today is for you to learn how to get your business to thrive with one simple step. How I want you to understand is it is all based on alignment.

This alignment step is one of the steps I teach in the Systemize Your Business tier inside the Systemize Your Life Academy. There are all these little things that come together to situate you in your business, but this specific step, is by far in a way, the most important step. Alignment is the foundation piece. It is one go my favorites I am absolutely obsessed with it. When I talk about alignment, I want you to align and focus every single day on where you want to go in your company. If you are taking one step in front of another, in a very meaningless direction, you can very well end up just walking in circles.

What you do in your business everyday leads to what you do in a week. What you do in the week leads to what you do in a month. The last time I checked, 3 months put together equals one quarter and 4 quarters equal a year.


Where you want your business to be 3 years from now is directly correlated with what you do in your business today and this week. I am sorry if this puts a lot of pressure on you, but that is exactly why this blog and my podcast is here, to let you know this does not have to overwhelm you. I am here to help you break it down and make it really, really simple. It is as simple as saying there is one step to make sure your business is thriving. What you do in your business everyday must be aligned with your annual goals.

I know that it seems steep but if you don’t have a system in place for mapping out your monthly and weekly goals, you will end up walking down a path that leads you to absolutely no where. I know you want to go somewhere and it is not somewhere you have been nor is small. You want to go somewhere really, really BIG!

Do you have an annual plan? This is what you need to begin your alignment process. It doesn’t matter when you read this, IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO COME UP WITH A PLAN. This is the number 1 thing I teach my children. This is the number one thing I teach everyone in my academy. It is to adapt and overcome. I do not care what plan you had in place or even if your previous plan failed. I care about your plans, I care about my plans and I care about my dreams just as much as I care about yours. YOU NEED A PLAN IN PLACE and if things do not go well, you improvise, you adapt, and then you overcome. You get back on the dang horse and you ride again, and you ride harder, faster, and longer because you just learned something.

When your plan didn’t work, you looked at it and you realize what works and what doesn’t and you make the necessary adjustments. We plan mamas. Even when we have children. That is how you get your business to thrive.

So ask yourself this question, what do you want to see happen for the rest of the year?

“What you do in your business everyday leads to what you do in a week. What you do in the week leads to what you do in a month. The last time I checked, 3 months put together equals one quarter and 4 quarters equal a year.”


  1. Pull from your annual plan and plan for one quarter of the year.

2. Take one goal that you really want to see happen before the end of the year.

3. We will break this into 3 parts, 1 part per month in the quarter. Try to prioritize those 3 parts in some sort of sequential order.

4. Take each part, or each month, and break it down into 4 steps. One key step per week. step 1 = week 1, step 2 = week 2, step 3 = week 3, and step 4 = week 4.

5. Every week will get an action item towards your goal for the month.

6. Complete each action item each week in order to complete the goal for month.

7. Complete the goals for each month in order to achieve your quarterly goal.

Looking for Help? Check out our Facebook Group!

This is super straightforward and simple; however, if you get overwhelmed or you need help, reach out to me in the Facebook Group for the Business Systems Series Homework and ask questions so that you can get the help you need to achieve these goals and action steps. Let me help you craft this plan. Whatever questions you have, bring them over to the group.


  1. Write down one quarter goal for your business.

2. Break down goal into 3 parts assigning one part for each month within your quarter.

3. Look at your first month and break it down into 4 action steps. The 4 action items becomes what you do each week within the month towards your overall goal.

These simple steps have changed the lives of so many women, including mine! This is why ChelsiJo.co is thriving. It is because I was able to sit down and put plans in place and break them down from one big annual goal into quarterly goals, then into months, then into weekly action steps. This is what dictated my tasks for every single week and every single day.

This is the meatiest part of the series. In order to move forward you have to have this done.

Come hang out with me in the Free Facebook Group or if you are ready to dive in completely, join The Systemize Your Life Academy and learn how to apply this and more to several areas for your life.

See you in the next one, Day 3, for more fun in this Business Series.

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how to put plans in place and break them down into daily tasks chelsijo.png business series focus on alignment
how to align your actions and goals by breaking down your plans-plan daily tasks so they're in alignment with business goals

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