Time-Blocking And The Real Reason Why You Need It To Plan Intentional Time In Your Life

December 13, 2022

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What is the missing link for all these moms? Why do I keep getting these comments inside of the Facebook group and questions in my inbox? They are all asking about this time-blocking system and what I use. They want to know why it does so well compared to all of the other time-blocking ways. There are so many what-ifs. I get questions all the time. I am going to break down this 5 block system. Why it is literally a game changer in your life.

Stop messing around with any other time-based management system you have. Get a pen and paper out. Let’s dive into this and completely transform the way you manage your to-dos, home, business, and motherhood.

I am really excited to share with you this rule about intentional time blocks. I am going to explain to you EVERYTHING that you need to know about WHY you need INTENTIONAL time management in your life. The schedules you are trying to create, the margin in your life that you want, the freedom and the peace, the lack of overwhelm, the stress reduction – ALL of these things are completely possible, right along with actually giving your kids the attention they want and need, plus having ENOUGH time for work in your day.

I know – there is a good chance that you are thinking that it’s impossible, but it actually is completely possible. What you are doing right now is most likely not working, but there is a way that works and I am going to share with you exactly what that is. I am living proof that this system works. And if you already have established your system of time blocking – then this is going to help you get even more of a handle and a grip on your time blocks and how to get more intentional time during your day.

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast

Intentional Time Blocking

I really love when someone new comes into the Facebook group and they have introduced me to our fabulous Systemize Your Life community by searching for time blocking and schedules in their podcast app. I know you are all so eager and really want to know how to manage your time better because it truly is the foundation of every single thing we do. We find ourselves always thinking “there is not enough time,” but the thing is there IS enough time, it is just a matter of what we do with it.

If you have not already, I strongly encourage you to watch my workshop on time management. Through this workshop, I share a lot about schedule-based management and how it is one of the worst things on the planet. You should absolutely NOT be using a schedule to manage your life. Trust me! I am currently in the midst of a whole lot of things, and while I am here working through it all, I found myself wanting to make a schedule of all the things, planning out hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute and it is SO stressful to do it that way.

Yes, it is our nature to want to do it in that way, to write down things on paper to tell us exactly what it is that we need to do. There is this huge transition I take women through, and I want you to experience this too with intentional time blocking.

Purpose of Time-Blocking

Intentional time-blocking – what does that even mean? Well, it means all the time-blocking you have been searching Pinterest for and Google for, and all of that, doesn’t (most of the time) include what it is like to have on your plate ALL the responsibilities of taking care of the house, taking care of the kids, taking care of your marriage, and your business, ALL at the same time! Most of the time-blocking resources out there don’t focus on the fact that some of us are called to be pouring into ourselves in these four major buckets at one time. And if that resource is out there, it usually is hard to digest and to translate.

Intentional time blocking is YOU being able to sit down and have forethought and purpose into what your blocks of time are doing. Schedule-based time management is one of the worst things you can do because there are no blocks there, instead, there are line items that are slowly killing you. When you take this to the next level, time blocks are more so, thing by thing; instead of by item, by item.

For example, this morning I have an appointment block, followed by a block of time where I am home – and then you write down every single thing you are going to do when you are at home during that time. So you have time-blocking, but you are still not leaving that schedule-based management. It can be hard for many to leave that schedule. People find comfort and protection and security in having a schedule. However, if one thing in the schedule gets messed up, then that can lead to failure.

The #1 Rule of Intentional Time-Blocking

The biggest rule of intentional time blocking is to get rid of your schedule. Get rid of your line items and instead to focus on the major categories of your day – where are they going and how are you going to do them systematically so you are becoming a well-oiled machine – incredibly effective and incredibly efficient in everything that you do.

The 5-Block Method

So what exactly does my intentional time-blocking look like? Well, it is a 5 block method. It’s my morning routine and it’s a block. I don’t write down that I am going to get up, get ready, check my emails and then I am going to do my hair and make-up, and then make my bed, and then have my cup of tea, or whatever it is that you do in my morning. When you operate under that chaotic nonexistent system, you are clouding your mind with all the things – instead you shift the focus to cultivating and establishing your routines.

When you cultivate and establish routines in your life you are able to focus on the things you are doing consistently that flow really well for you, the things that support you? Your morning routine may be super short and only 30 minutes long, or maybe it is 3 hours long because you love your early morning time, but regardless of the length of time, it is a block of time where you have an established morning routine taking care of the things YOU need to do to get your day started. And it’s not a schedule, it’s not a list, IT IS a block of time with purpose and intention.

“This doesn’t tie you down to a specific structure. It gives you freedom! That’s why this is going to change your life. You’re now going to have the freedom to know exactly what you’re doing with your time every single day.”

Why This Works?

This works so well because you are taking the “busy” out of your brain. You are taking away the weight of detail and instead filling your brain with calm, filling your brain with relief. When you use time blocking to carve out the intentional time you are allowing yourself to show up as you are without pressure. For a lot of us, we love being busy. For me, even on a crazier week, because of my system of time blocking I have so much peace and so much calm.

Through using this time-blocking system your brain is able to rest. Your brain is able to stop racing. On the opposite, your brain is always on the go, always racing, and when something goes wrong, or something goes off it can set us off. When you give your mind the ability to focus on one thing at a time you are able to execute SO much faster, you are able to focus and give your best to that one thing.

My time-blocking routine consists of 5 blocks. And when I am present inside one of my time blocks I don’t need to focus on other blocks, because I am not in them right now. It can be a constant tug of war feeling the pull between work and kids and through time blocks you can focus on pouring yourself into different buckets. And through each season of life, the way our time blocks look changes. And that is okay. As long as you are intentional and you know what you intend to do and why you are doing it in that specific block – it will absolutely work.

How do you Get Started?

If you haven’t already, watch the workshop to get a little deep dive into time blocking and time management strategies. You can also check out the details at the Systemize Your Life Academy to learn more about what all that is about. Feel free to also check out the FREE time-blocking workbook which is an excellent tool to help you get started with time blocking. Share with our Facebook community what it is you are doing with your time-blocking to gain even more support and feedback and I can help you work through that process some more! So excited for you friends, I cannot wait to hear about all the success you find in your life as you intentionally time block and find more time in your day to do all the things your heart and soul were meant to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ease into this method?

It’ll be super helpful to start out with my free time blocking workbook for you to begin creating the right schedule for your lifestyle as well as my free fundamental needs workbook to help you sort out your core priorities to focus on in your life! After getting the gist of it down, you can move on to include all the little details that make up the big picture and get your blocks down. I’m so excited for your journey and wish you all the success in your home and business! You got this mama!!

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