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Productivity Tips To Help Release Mom Guilt So You Can Be The Woman God Calls You To Be

Productivity Tips To Help Release Mom Guilt So You Can Be The Woman God Calls You To Be chelsi jo

December 31, 2022


We have got a treat for you today!

I did a podcast swap with my mentor and coach, Stefanie Gass, where we went over her productivity tips for busy moms. What it looks like to stay focused and follow the calling placed on your heart without the mom guilt. That little voice you hear that keeps asking you to flourish in the gift you have been given to be the woman God calls you to be.

Stefanie is such a shining star in doing that very thing and is the perfect example because she has so many systems in both her life and business, making her so successful. She often claims to be a hot mess momma, but she’s got it together. She cares about being dedicated to her family, faith, husband, home, business, the community around her, and the community she has built online. She is a very intentional momma, for sure.

Stefanie runs The Stefanie Gass Show (previously called The Mompreneur Mastermind Show). She has a podcast called The Stefanie Gass Show (also previously called The Mompreneur Mastermind Show Podcast), and she also has a free Facebook community. Stefanie has amazing resources for Christian mompreneurs wanting to grow and scale their businesses with online courses and podcasting. And I got connected with her through her Moms With Clarity Coaching Sessions.

In this interview, she goes over some of the systems she uses and how she doesn’t necessarily have a formal set of fundamental needs, like my great-eight, but does use that concept in her life and shares what that looks like. She’s also really on point with what it looks like for those people with no plans.

Stefanie has had a really cool experience. I hope this gives you the inspiration you need to give everything you have to your faith, family, and business.

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast


Chelsi: Stefanie is a leader in this realm of women truly owning what they were called to do by helping them be incredibly successful with their businesses, and work life balance, while really staying rooted in her belief system. This is something that I want you guys to know is attainable for you.

We’re going to see what that even looks like for Stefanie. What kinds of systems that she has? How she made it through all these years with little kids and marriage? And all the ups and downs of business.

Let’s dive in and get started by having you introduce yourself. Where are you at with your business? And what does life looks like for you right now?

Stefanie: I am a Hot Mess mom, but I’m super good at getting all the things done and I’ve always been that way. If you guys follow me, you know I am an enneagram 3, which means I’m extremely driven and really great at business and business productivity. That also means that parts of my life are not as natural for me, so I work really hard at figuring out who the woman God has called me to be.

It took me about eight years of full-time entrepreneurship and letting false idols like success, money, and recognition or the next promotion dictate what I thought success was in my own life. Which led me to the breakdown I call my Britney Spears Moment 2016, where my network marketing business crumbled from underneath me. There was no money left in the bank account, no cash flow. We had to sell the motorcycle to make ends meet. We had to borrow money for my son’s savings account. I was 60 pounds overweight, having anxiety attacks, had a newborn and a 3-year-old, and for the first time in my life, I had failed in business. The awakening is sometimes hidden inside some really crappy dark hard moments and that was mine 2016.

So I started with this letter to myself. Who was the woman that God was calling me to be, and what did she look like? I started to write out she’s spiritually led, excited and passionate about life, full of energy, shows up for herself, her husband, and her kids. She works out and cares about her health. She cares about women and is helping them conquer their fears, figure out their calling, and helps them stay focused on building businesses that feel right to them and their hearts.

It felt impossible to be her because I was overwhelmed, unqualified, and an imposter. But I knew that I was being called to step up into being this woman. So every day I woke up and I would do just one thing that this other me would do. Go to the gym, get up early to work on scripture, and have actual conversations with my husband.

Now, three seemingly impossible years later, I am that woman “on the paper.” I am running a successful business. I’m a clarity coach, helping women figure out what they are meant to do here on this planet. Then I help them create a long-term sustainable business. All while parenting two little kids and keeping a work life balance.

I created my dream life because I did what God was asking me to do, I started with the woman he was asking me to be and I let go of the control and ego.

The Calling On Your Heart

Chelsi: What does that call sound like and feel like?

Stefanie: It could be different for people, but it’s something that seems so natural for you that you don’t see that it’s actually a spiritual gifting because many of us have had it from birth. An example, I was already on a stage at ten years old, keeping others on task by telling them where to go and what to do. I have always been good with people, being a leader, and always brought people with me. I have always had public speaking and mentorship inside me.

People know that they have a gifting but often are confused as to what to do with it. That’s where your life experience comes in, and you can feel those moments from God and his direction. Sometimes his direction feels like a failure, and sometimes his divine intervention feels like a hard NO. We just have to trust that we were being prepared in every job, relationship, and step we’ve taken, even if it felt like a mistake. The Spiritual gifts we have are cultivated over time, and as you get more aligned, it gets stronger and stronger until it can’t be ignored.

There is a lot of trial, error, and adversity involved, and a good example of that was when I was in network marketing for five years. It was a great place for my gifts and I made it pretty far but, in the end, it wasn’t what God wanted me to do with my giftings.

Staying Focused With What God Has In Store For You

Chelsi: There are so many of us moms that silence our voices because of culture and the way we were raised, or maybe even the beliefs that we think our husbands have, or even our children and what other people are going to think of us. This silences so many voices that could be devine if we listened to them.

Do you remember what that moment was and what it felt like for you?

Stefanie: When the network marketing business fell apart, I was so stubborn. So for about a year after, I had been asked multiple times if I offered coaching or mentoring as a service. I kept telling people no, I was in network marketing. Instead of staying focused and listening, being quiet and still, and digging into scripture, I was a full fledge egomaniac control freak now panicking because I failed. I was worried about what people were saying about me and how they were judging me.

So I panicked, and I started a t-shirt shop. I looked into teaching Chinese and started looking at Indeed.com to go back to the cooperate world. I did everything in the world except shut down my brain and be still. I did this for six months, and it was a big stressful financial mess. None of it made any sense.

The moment I shut my brain off and listened was when I asked my best friend if she had seen my latest t-shirt. She put me back in check by reminding me that I was incredible at coaching women. I had just coached her for free on starting her business, and we got so much clarity. It was my first-ever clarity coaching which I now know that’s what it was, but I didn’t then. I was already using my gift by helping women rise, and I didn’t even know it.

At this point, I was so far away from my relationship with God. I was a Christian my whole life, but it was like I was missing the Holy Spirit moving me. So I decided we were going to start going to church every weekend. I woke up at 6 am every morning to talk to God and I prayed about what I should be doing with my gifts.

Just three days after I started this, I got a phone call asking if I did any online consulting and got offered an amazing proposition. This, was my first God moment of YES! Go there! Then, two weeks after that, I got another phone call with another amazing proposition. This time I was being asked to essentially coach them on business productivity, to build a business the way I had done. So I kept praying, was very open, and asked God to move me. Every time I transitioned or pivoted to the next thing, it felt more right.

At this point, I had hit a cap. I was still struggling with who I was and wasn’t staying on task. I was showing up very sporadic on social media and just doing all kinds of things. Before falling asleep one night, I prayed to God and asked him specifically to show me what was next to scale my business, reach more women, and gain clarity. In my dream, as clear as day, in huge purple words, I saw “start a podcast.” When I woke up, I knew. That was the clearest Holy Spirit moment I had ever had.

Through the podcast, I gained so much clarity about who I am here to serve, the Christian Mompreneur. I started coaching on the show and, through that, realized it’s clarity coaching. Because of the show, the women came to me and told me what they needed. I delivered what they needed, aired it on the podcast, and then things exploded because I was aligned with what God wanted me to do.

I was doing what he asked me and getting everything done, even though I was terrified. Even though I wasn’t well-equipped and I didn’t know what I was going to talk about. I didn’t even know who I was serving initially, but over time it became clear. Then I realized that podcasting blew up my business and allowed me to teach other women how to blow up their businesses using podcasting. It’s a way that we can serve and solve for free and help people, but ultimately, it grows our audience.

That was the longest answer to a question I’ve ever given. But, you have to hear that whole progression to understand that you don’t just get it. You don’t just say today I get it, today it all makes sense and I have clarity. It is a long journey of having a lot of faith, not knowing where the money’s coming from, not seeing the client, and feeling unqualified. But going anyway because you feel the tug, because someone asked you for it, and discerning what’s Holy Spirit and what your ego or brain is telling me to do because it wants you to stay safe instead of doing something that is bigger than you.

Staying On Task With Systems, Routines, And No Mom Guilt

Chelsi: As a planner who loves systems and routines, it is a struggle to know that it doesn’t matter how much structure I put in place or how much hard work and dedication I throw in. There are just some things that I cannot foresee and will have to ride out, give my faith to, show up, and Let It Be. That is nearly impossible for somebody like me, that needs to see the end picture in its entirety to be able to figure out all the puzzle pieces to build the end picture. Still, God proves that the impossible is possible if we just follow and believe. You’re such a good example of what that looks like.

Through that process or even right now, what have been your struggles of doing all of that and being a mom at the same time?

Stefanie: I think for each of us when we have these giftings, it’s so easy to do that stuff that natural and we’d rather spend our time there. For some of you, it’s so easy to want to play with your kids on the floor or do whatever based on your kids’ ages and then hide from work because that’s not easy and natural.

I’m the opposite, I will gravitate to work, so the struggle for me is remembering who’s the woman on the paper and she’s not a workaholic because you’ve been that before. Remember, the enemy also uses your gifting because he knows that’s what you love. There is a dark side to every strength, there is a weakness to every personality type at its best and its worst. You have to be so careful and first put your time down for things that are not natural. For me that looks like an hour for scripture and all the things in the morning, time for the gym, making dinner, family time, and staying off Instagram and Facebook on the weekends.

You have to identify where your weaknesses are, and for me, that’s all the areas outside of business, which I know is backward for a lot of people. But maybe for you, it’s business and to make you more productive and efficient first plug that time into your planner to get the hard things off the to-do list first, instead of waiting on those things last.

The other thing I had to do was finally turn off the control freak side of me. I started outsourcing, investing in myself by getting a housekeeper, and doing all the things that would allow me and equip me.

The Mom Guilt Conflict

Chelsi: Did you ever have a time where you felt mom guilt conflicted with how non-traditional you were as a woman and as a mom?

Stefanie: I’m that girl that defines what my life looks like, I don’t care about any social norm. I don’t care what anybody did before me. I’m so rebellious, I’ve always been my whole life, in the fact that I want my life to look and feel a certain way and there’s nobody here that is ever going to tell me that answer. That’s why I’ve just been relentless at being successful in whatever business venture because I know that creates the freedom to create that life of lots of time lots of space.

I don’t feel conflicted because, again, who is God asking you to be? Who is God asking your mom to be? Then that mom guilt is projected onto you, and we internalize that as our own truth. So, we must constantly ask ourselves, is this mine or this someone else’s? Is that something that social told me I should be or something my family told me that I should be? Or, is it something I should be just because I read it somewhere? So, I’m constantly doing that self-inventory of who do I say I need to be.

My Work-Life Balance Example Choice to Keep Mom Guilt At Bay and How I Stay Focused

Steph: Everyone says to grow your business you’re on social media 24 hours a day seven days a week. You are on Instagram multiple times a day, you have got to share the behind-the-scenes, you have got to blog, you have to create a Facebook post, and you have to be in your groups connecting all day.

So here I am doing this all day. I can’t even hear my kids talking to me because someone told me I had to do that to grow my business. I’m watching someone else do it and their business has exploded. I want to be like that! But to me, it feels wrong. So, I ask myself is this mine, is this how I want to be? I decided no.

I decided I’m done, I don’t care what happens to my social media. I’m done on the weekends. I’m over the mom guilt, and I had to set the boundaries of it being mine and carry that through. That now goes for each and every aspect of what I do.

The Pressure Of Authenticity And Knowing Your Fundamental Needs

Chelsi: This brings up an interesting thought about authenticity. It’s just hard for so many people to really focus on what it is that they want to do because of that pressure. It’s an interesting point because maybe it’s not coming from family members or friends or people in your community but from this idea of the person that you want to be. You find someone who looks like what you want, so you do everything they tell you. You do it even though it doesn’t feel right or fit you.

It’s that fear of going out of our comfort zones to open up and be vulnerable with our gifts and the things we are called to do. Taking that leap of faith is hard because it’s so much easier to blame your failure or success on someone else and their path. You have to have the strength to take your own path because not everyone’s path looks the same. That is a hard thing for most people to do.

I talk so much about systems and how I think that systems make everything easier, even staying true to yourself because, through different systems that you put in place, you’re going to learn what to say yes to and what to say no to.

It’s super important to know what your fundamental needs are and what you are going to dedicate your time to by starting with those things that do not come naturally to you as we talked about. This is what will help balance that mom guilt and become that mom that you said you wanted to be, the woman you wanted to be, and the business owner you wanted to be. By making sure that get those things down on your weekly schedule, every single week. I’ve yet to meet a successful business owner that doesn’t have systems and doesn’t have a plan.

Having a Routine and Time Blocking

Chelsi: When we talked last time, you brought up something really interesting that came up at an event you just went to. I would love for you to talk about what you learned from this event, what the event was, and what you took away from this notion of having a daily plan.

Stephani: One of the things I have always been really good at is planning and in episode 12 of my podcast, I talk about planning and time blocking. It has always been a part of my core system because to me time is money and as a visionary, I have had to make a mindset shift that it’s also about automation and getting more help to be more efficient.

Two things to be more efficient from Stefanie

Stefanie: Number one, to staying on task, is time blocking and planning by using a paper planner like Chelsi teaches in The Systemize Your Life Academy. Every month I put down all my time scheduled events. So my whole monthly schedule is first filled with the time-scheduled things like school appointments, coaching sessions, scheduled podcast interviews, Church, or anything I NEED to show up for.

Number two, I then plug those monthly tasks into my weekly schedule. An example would be, I set aside an hour for all my morning stuff, workout schedule, when the boys have school, when I’m turning off and detoxing from social, and even when I’m getting into social media. That way I’m the one in charge of every hour of my day. I refuse to get lost scrolling Instagram unless it’s something I literally want and choose to do. I don’t want technology to ever control my life because I never want my children to be in that position either.

I use my time management skills to plan. I’ve been planning for a decade, which has a lot to do with why I’m successful. That is to say, successful as that woman “on the paper,” she is God fueled, an intentional mom, and all the other things.

HPX Live Event, What I Learned, And More Daily Routine Examples

Stefanie: We’re at this event with Brendon Burchard called HPX Live, which is Living Your Highest Experience. He starts talking about planning and how important it is and in my mind, everyone plans because I have been doing this for so long that I could teach it. But he says something that blew my mind.

We are in a room of 2,500 people, from all different walks of life, and 40 countries. He says to stand up if you plan out your month and week, you map out your goals, and you’ve been doing so for at least six months consistently. Only 60 people in a room of 2,500 stood up to something I thought this was a system that everybody knew was imperative. He then pointed at us, standing up, and said that he would bet that we run very successful businesses.

“We are in a room of 2,500 people, from all different walks of life and 40 countries. He (Brendon Burchard) says to stand up if you plan out your month and week, you map out your goals, and you’ve been doing so for at least six months consistently. Only 60 people in a room of 2,500 stood up to something I thought this was a system that everybody knew was imperative.” – Stefanie Gass

This right here, just confirmed for me how critical it is to pre-plan your months, then plan it out in your weekly schedule, and also plan around the things that aren’t just business. Sometimes people are only planning business, but you have to time block all the so-called fundamental needs of your life so that you’re hitting each category every week.

So, if you were to look at my weekly schedule. I’ve got an hour every morning for my morning routine which includes prayer, journaling, scripture and bible study, and coffee. Then I take the kids to school. After that, I have about two to three hours of work, a lunch break, and then pick up the kids from school. Then, maybe, about an hour of time is blocked out for picking up laundry, if that happens. I do another hour of potential work, but this is the light stuff that I can do while the kids do homework and play like email corresponding with my VA, or whatever I need to do. At 6:00 pm, everything work-related turns off, unless I decide to get inside social and answer people for 30 minutes.

On the weekends, I delete my Social apps because I know that I get addicted, and I have refused to let it become a problem for me. All you see in my planner on the weekends are open white space, except for church, and it’s beautiful. I run a business that is more successful than any business I’ve ever run in four hours a day, Monday through Friday, and outside of everything else that I want and need to do.

Planning and time blocking is not a secret, it is the foundation and a must-do!

The Importance of Planning And Scheduling in Life AND Business

Chelsi: You are such a shining example of where routine and that practice can take you. It seems so crazy to me how many people are not doing this. I think back to Junior High and High School when we had to keep a planner every single day, Monday through Friday, to write down what we were doing in class. Then going to college and most people still did that when it wasn’t required. Even now in elementary school, they have their kids doing this, yet they go into adulthood and for some reason, they think they’re not going to need this.

It’s interesting that you pointed out how many people may do planning for their business, but they don’t do planning for their life. Your business cannot be what upholds and is not the foundation of your life. What happens when your business crumbles? What happens when the world goes into quarantine, and now you no longer have customers because your brick-and-mortar had to close?

There have been so many people that have checked in on me asking me how I’m doing and because of the systems and plans I have had in place, I am doing fine. I will always have these in place and will shift and pivot because of that internal assessment that I am regularly doing. What is happening externally really doesn’t matter because of the internal planning I have between my husband and my kids.

I like to include my kids and ask them what they want to have for dinner, what is important to them, and what is your opinion. I want them to see that this process is what you do in life. It’s not just what you do to get through business. It’s not what you do to get through school. It’s not what you do to get through projects. It’s what you do to get through life.

Stefanie’s Goal Mapping Routine

Stefanie: I want to add in something that has made a huge difference in my life, I do what is called goal mapping. I reverse engineer my goals, so I start with a big picture goal for one year from today and that’s my whole life picture written in the present tense. Then I back into the monthly goals that would get me there and it has to do with all the things health, relationships, spirituality, and of course business.

I put those goal buckets into my monthly planner, and before I plan on the next month, I have to come back to it and say did I hit the goals? Did I get blank amount of podcast downloads? If not, what can I change? What can I do to get closer to my goals?

I am constantly auditing my goals. With this, I have been able to hit my goals to make my vision statement a reality, and that’s because you need to set an attainable goal that’s maybe a little uncomfortable. Break it down into bite-sized pieces, run after it every month, and then actually look at them and keep track. It’s about getting so specific and clear on what you need to make your dream life a reality, putting it in, adjusting, and doing that work. It’s made every difference in my life.

Chelsi: I’m so glad you’ve made sure that we talked about this because it’s so important. People are always saying they have a planner but need to figure out what to put in it. You have to have some goals and you have to have those small steps to make these goals happen.

This isn’t something you just do with your business. This is, absolutely, something to help with that mom guilt and do with your personal life as well. If you have this idea in your mind and you sit and really think about the children you want to raise and envision what their life will look like when they’re older. No one is there to teach them that other than you.

So, if you see them with their head down in their phones then that’s great, that’s the kind of kids that you want to raise. But most of the time we see our children saying hi, opening doors, and interacting with people, and that means we have to do it too. We see them living in clean homes. We see our sons learning how to nurture people and not just being stoic heroes in every story that they live in.

You have to break that down into, what does that mean I need to be today? That probably means that I can’t have my phone in my face all the time. That probably means that I need to use positive parenting. So you then have to break that big goal down into smaller goals. This week, I have a goal to research one positive parenting topic on Pinterest, I’m going to read it, and I’m going to implement one thing. That is something that goes on my planner today.

This isn’t just something that you do in business this is something that you do with every area of your life! I’m not a unicorn and this isn’t magic fairy dust, this is called having a work life balance, being intentional, having a plan, and actually doing that intentional work.

Take the time to intentionally sit with those ideas you have in your mind about what you want your business, your life, and your home to look like. When you do that and then put it down on paper, and break them down, it becomes reality. Just like you said you become this woman you wanted to be on paper. You became her because you were taking steps every single day and every single week to get to be her.

Taking Control And Feeling A Sense Of Accomplishment

Stefanie: And how good do you feel when you go back to your monthly goals, say in March, my goals were in all these different areas and I get to see that I accomplish them, it clicks. did the things this week and planned them out every day. I knew that I had to follow up with blank amount of people and do x amount of research. I got to spend two more hours with my kids than normal, to be a more intentional parent proving I have work life balance.

When you check out the list, the most gratifying, wonderful feeling comes over you, knowing that you’re making progress. The whole end destination here, ladies is the journey itself. If you are not thriving in the journey and ticking off the things that you want to do to become the woman that Christ is calling you to be, what’s it all for?

You finally get to wherever it is you wanted to go so desperately, only to look back with that mom guilt creeping in saying that you’re not creating the children that you wanted to create, making an impact on the world, doing the mission work, or speaking the truth you have been asked to speak. Whatever that thing is, what are you doing? It’s time to change and it’s time to take control!

The Importance Of Daily Journaling And Stefanie’s Journal Of Choice

Chelsi: One of the things you do is journal every morning. I want you to talk about the journal that you use and why it is so meaningful to you.

Stefanie: I’m excited to talk about my journal. I was journaling in three different places. I wanted to have a prayer journal, a gratitude journal, a feelings journal, and the memories journal. Nothing existed with all these things, so how can I fix this problem?

I wanted to streamline and automate my life to make things easy and simple, so I created a journal that is called With God she Rises. It is it’s a journal specifically for the Christian mompreneurs, for that woman whose Faith led but who is also really excited to dive into her work without mom guilt and build a business.

The journal starts off with prayer. Then, you decide how you want to feel today. There are different feelings that you want to set as an intention such as relaxed, present, productive, etc. It’s funny because when I say I want to feel super productive today, there is a whole mindset shift. All of a sudden I’m going to the gym, I’ve got a lot of stuff on the plate, I’m excited, I’ve got meetings, I got interviews, I’m on it. I’ve had two cups of Joe and I’m ready to go.

The next step is to decide your top two business goals for the day. It only takes, personally, two things every day to move the needle. What two things can I do today to make that monthly goal a reality? What’s the number one biggest mover and plug it in. For me today would be my client appointment and my podcast with Chelsi, those are two things that have to happen today for my business. I then plug in two things for my personal, an hour or hour and a half of learning with my kids, and I’m also going to put move for 30 minutes.

In your nighttime routine, you come back to the journal and you pray again. It is a constant dialogue with your heavenly father in the morning and at night. Then how did I feel today? We have got to always inventory ourselves, our goals, our feelings, our mom guilt, and keep looking at ourselves all day every day. Am I the woman Gods called me to be? Am I acting like her? Am I speaking like her? Am I making moves like her? And if you are not doing what you think you should be, you have to be willing to say no not doing that right or I’m not doing that enough. I check to see if I accomplished the two goals I set in each area.

I also have a bucket for what my favorite memory was for the day, I call them mini miracle moments. I like to sit with that miracle and remember how it made me feel. Whether it’s a look from your husband or moments with your kids, those special moments are worth remembering.

Also, In the front of my journal, I created a whole page called a miracle tracker and this is where my big miracles go. I like to open that to see there are huge meaningful Miracles happening in my life. At the end of the year, I like to go back and look at all the work that God has done.

Sometimes we just blazed through our days and we’re missing the end result, the moment at the end of the day, the miracle that you are sitting in. I challenge you to keep a miracle log in your journal.

Guided Journaling Is Like Therapy

Chelsi: I highly encourage all of you to go and grab Stefanie’s, With God She Rises, journal. I want people to understand that when you have a guided journal, it allows you to just sit down, almost like you’re sitting with a therapist, and pull these things like mom guilt out of you. You don’t have to actually open up to anyone else. You can just sit in the privacy of your own home, and take the questions that are being asked of you, prompting you to think about something very specific.

Your Journal is so timely for so many Christian mompreneurs because there really isn’t anything that gets all of this into one place. It is efficient, it is a system, and you do all of these things every single day in your daily routine.

I know that there are so many women that are afraid to stop and afraid to do that inventory. They are really scared to look that long and that deep inside themselves, get the journal because it makes it less scary. It just allows you a safe space to open up and keep it hidden away. The important part is to get it out and start the process.

I just wanted to say thank you to Stefanie for being here and bringing all her work life balance experience and heartfelt success with her. She really does care about being a good wife, mom, and business owner and that can help so many people out there.

Connect With Stephanie And The Stefanie Gass Show

Go over and connect with Stefanie through her podcast The Stefanie Gass Show, there are hours of trainings on being a Christian Mompreneur, without the mom guilt.

You can purchase her journal over at With God She Rises.

Don’t forget to Check out her website at Stefanie Gass where she has lots of free gifts for the Christian mompreneur, and aspiring entrepreneurs. She also has help in the form of life coaching as well as a downloadable business blueprint.

I hope this interview will inspire you to be that guilt free mom that God has called you to be. Stop being afraid to do what is calling on your heart and start sharing your gifts with the world. Just remember to do what feels right for you and no one else!

We would love for you to connect and share your giftings with other like-minded women by joining our FREE Facebook Community! For more productivity tips from Chelsi inside head over to our Productivity On The Blog.

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What would be a good Christian based journal for a beginner to start with?

We highly recommend Stefanie’s “With God She Rises” journal. It walks you through a daily routine, morning and night, with a set of guided questions for you to answer along the way. It really is the perfect system Christian-based journal to add to your daily routine. And if you want to learn more about yourself and dig even deeper, we also recommend Stefanie’s Clarify Your Calling Course.

release the mom guilt and be the woman god calls you to be chelsi jo
how to be more productive and follow your calling without mom guilt chelsi jo

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