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Spring Clean Your Home In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day

Spring Clean Your Home In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day Chelsi Jo

February 1, 2023


Does anyone else have really vivid memories of their mother making you spring clean your home? Nope, not you. Well, I’m thankful for my mother and all those times she made me do those crazy things like iron bed sheets. Take a little wet rag to get the dust away from the baseboard and the carpet so that you could vacuum it.

Now I can share with you exactly how you can spring clean your home in less than 30 minutes a day. And it is all because my mother trained me so well. There are just things that we teach our children that they loathe. Just use this as proof that when they grow up, they won’t think you’re so bad after all. You’re going to walk away with a solid action plan on how to feel super confident, and how to actually spring clean your home.

Spring cleaning is a real thing. There are a lot of different philosophies from all around the world that talk about spring. There are also a lot of different calendars. There’s a biblical calendar that I’m learning more about, that talks about the potential and the possibility in this month. The blessings and the miracles that can happen. And so I think that spring is a time for renewal. 

It’s spring, just that lends itself to so much potential and the possibility of newness. And we want to have that feeling in our homes, especially after quarantining. And I know some of us are still experiencing that in different ways, but now is the time to start thinking about it. How we can pour life and rejuvenation back into our space of the dwelling. So I’m going to lay it all out in a really short, straightforward post for you today.

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Pour Into Your Home This Spring

Well, here we are. It’s about to be spring. The first quarter of 2021 is really about over and we are looking into the fun of springtime. There are a lot of new things that are coming and I think a lot of us are excited and eager to start getting out of the house more often. And I think that this is a perfect time for us to think about how we can pour into our home. 

Our homes have served us over the last year more than they ever probably have in our entire lives. I mean, even just my own closet where I’m sitting right now has served me more in this last year than it ever has. And I think that this is as odd as this is going to seem. 

You guys know that I’m a big fan of the Marie Condo method. I truly do love this notion of being grateful and showing gratitude for the blessings that we have. But when I sit here and look at the number of things that I have, and y’all know I have a capsule wardrobe that’s paired down pretty far, I still have so much.

Being Grateful

There’s just so much to be grateful for in our homes. And one of the best ways that we can show gratitude for that is by caring for it, by pouring into it. 

“There’s just so much to be grateful for in our homes. And one of the best ways that we can show gratitude for that is by caring for it, by pouring into it.”

We talk about this with our self-care. We talk about this with how we care for our relationships with our children and our spouses. And today we’re going to talk about how we can do that with our relationship with where we live in our home. 

It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment, a townhome, or a huge house. Or if you have a house cleaner or don’t. Maybe your kids help you or your husband helps you, or they don’t, 

Today I’m just going to give you five straightforward tips on how you can seriously do some spring cleaning. This isn’t down into the nitty gritty of your entire house. I think that we need to reframe what spring cleaning looks like.

There is much that you’re going to get from putting this into place. The blessing, happiness, and satisfaction that you’re going to feel from your home are going to be incredible when you actually do this. 

So I’ve got five quick tips so that you can actually spring clean your home this year in less than 30 minutes a day. 

So let’s start with tip number one.

5 Easy Tips To Spring Clean Your Home

Tip Number One: Making Lists

The first place that we always start is by making a list. This list specifically that I want you to make is of all the top places in your home that likely never get cleaned. Especially for those of you that do have a house cleaner, what are they not cleaning? This is a great opportunity for you. 

For those of you that aren’t regularly cleaning your own home, what a glorious moment for you to spend connected with this space that literally gives you shelter, life, and comfort. 

And then for those of us that are regularly cleaning our house, what are places that you don’t usually get to? What does that look like?

Short List Of Ideas

How often do you clean your blinds? Do those get cleaned in your cleaning rotation zone? 

Baseboards, walls, window sills, outsides of cupboards. My heaviest hitters get cleaned once a week. The face of everything in my kitchen gets cleaned once a month. But maybe you don’t have a habit or a routine of cleaning the front face of all of your cupboards. I dare you to use a white rag when you do it. 

How about the inside of your kitchen drawers? You could pick any drawer, normally your junk drawer. How often do you get that cleaned out? Any kind of drawer like your silverware drawer. It’s so grody. Why do they collect so many crumbs? Have you looked inside your silverware container lately? If you’re like me when it’s empty, you take it out and you clean it. But sometimes I don’t get to it for a couple of weeks, maybe even a month. 

What about your fridge? How often do you clean behind your appliances?

Under the beds? Behind toilets? What about your faucets and your fixtures?

Oh, and ceiling fans, that’s another big one. If you get all your ceiling fans done and you manage to vacuum up the dust that probably fell all over, you are on top of the world and you’re going to feel really good about yourself.

There are a number of things that you can do, if you’re having trouble, just think of the nooks and crannies.

Tip Number Two: Pick A Week

I want you to pick one week to tackle your spring cleaning. Do you have to do it all five days? No, you don’t. The goal here is to pick a week where you’re going to be able to do these tasks within 30 minutes a day.

Now, if you’re going solo, I want you to take that list you made in step one and pick the top five places in your home that most likely never get cleaned. But, don’t just pick five things max, write a whole list and then cross off the ones that are not big. 

And even better if you have family members that are old enough to help, you can assign them a task. Then everybody gets a task, they do it for 30 minutes, and all five of the tasks are done in one day. You can really break this up any way you want. Say two people are working five days a week that gets you 10 tasks, break it up however you see fit for your family.

The point is that I really want you to sit down and plan out when you’re going to make this happen. Figure it out based on your calendar. Pick a less busy week, a week when your kids don’t have a lot going on. Don’t skate by this just because you don’t think you have time. It’s only 30 minutes.

Times You Can Clean

You can do it in the evening before you start your nighttime routine and dinner where you all dive in. Or you can do it first thing in the morning. Wake up and get your morning routine out and of the way, then dive straight into your 30-minute tasks. Maybe you want to wait till you get everyone out the door for school. 

However you want to work it, you just need to make sure you have a schedule and the number of tasks you are going to accomplish.

Tip Number Three: Make Cleaning Fun

Make it fun by playing music and dancing. Or open the windows, and set up your diffusers. I just really want you to think about how you can make this fun. What can you do during these 30 minutes to just spice things up a bit for this to be a memory that you’re all excited about? 

My mom was a heavy hitter on the spring cleaning, homegirl opens all the doors, turns on the music, and all the things. She knows how to clean house, that is for sure.

Tip Number Four: Simplify Your Cleaning Products

I’ve talked about this so many times. I’m not a distributor of oils or any of those things. The cleaning products that I have found over the years in which I’ve tested a ton is the Thieves Cleaning Concentrate from Young Living. 

I do know that doTERRA has one that’s very similar. Theirs is called on guard and I think that they have a concentrate too. So if you use that company, I think it’s almost identical except for a few things that are different. 

I’ve only used the Young Living Thieves one and I make a soft scrub out of it. I also make an all-purpose spray out of it, and that’s literally all I use. I do have another product that’s thieves, vinegar, and water for my windows, but I haven’t perfected that ratio yet. It’s still a little streaky.

Those are the only three cleaning products I use and they’re super safe for my kids to use. They smell amazing. They don’t eat away at my skin. They don’t eat away at anything that I put them on either. 

I really do think that is one of the ways to make sure you are successful, so don’t overcomplicate it with fancy, stinky, or chemically-based cleaners.

Tip Number Five: Don’t Try To Be An Overachiever

Don’t overdo this! Please keep your list to five things. If you have a team of people and people are on board. You can go back to step number two where you can really calculate how many people you have to complete each task. If they can complete a task on their own, sure, assign them one. 

But don’t be like, I’ve got 10 things to do and there’s five of us, we’re all going to get them done. Really look at how realistic that is because you want to walk away from this having a really good experience. 

If you get two or three things done from your list of five, I would say that’s a pretty good success. I mean, if you could walk away doing 30 minutes a day for five days, you’re awesome and you deserve a gold star, I might just compete with you for that gold star because I’m super internally motivated and competitive. I like to compete with myself and my potential. But I hate to see other people lose. I hate seeing other people disappointed more than anything in the world.

Come Share Your Wins

So anytime I compete with people, I also want them to win. I would love to see you over inside the Systemize Your Life Facebook group and tell me if you’re going to show up for you and for your home. For this place that gives you peace, rest, comfort, and protection and pour into it a little bit in a different way.

Not just the regular cleaning, oh my gosh, I’ve gotta do every single baseboard in the whole entire house. Now you know what? If you get through the baseboards in your living room, in your kitchen, good for you. When was the last time you’ve done that, right? If you get through all of the windowsills in your house, that’s fantastic, but if you only do the blinds in the living room, oh well at least they got done.

Set A Timer

Another thing is to make sure and set a timer. It is absolutely vital that you don’t get into this and think that you have to work forever. You have no idea how much you can get done if you just set a timer for 30 minutes. So put your cell phone away, and set the timer on it. Leave it, work hard, work fast, and work fun for just those 30 minutes and then you’re done. And you go back to life where you’re not supreme cleaning anymore.n little project and can add so much life to the front of your house.

Keep The Enthusiasm

Please take my enthusiasm and run with it. Glory be to my mother for instilling in me how to care for my home, and for me to be able to share it with you. 

Let’s do a quick rundown. Step one is to make a list of the top five places that likely don’t get cleaned in your house on a regular basis. Two, schedule it. Pick a week, pick a day, pick three days and assign tasks to whoever is going to be involved. Three, play music, dance, and have fun. Open the windows, and put your diffusers on. Four, keep your cleaning product simple. And five, don’t overdo it. Don’t overcomplicate this. 

Do not stretch yourself so thin that you can’t walk away from the feeling of success. You want this to be a good experience for everyone.

Until Next Time

I look forward to seeing you connect over inside our super fun and FREE Systemize Your Life  Facebook group. And don’t forget to tell me what you are going to clean during your week of spring cleaning.

Spring Clean Your Home In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day Chelsi Jo

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Spring Clean Your Home In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day Chelsi Jo
Spring Clean Your Home In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day Chelsi Jo

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