The Power of 5 – Renew Your Home For a Productive Week, My Personal Routine

The Power of 5 - Renew Your Home For a Productive Week, My Personal Routine Chelsi Jo

February 3, 2023

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Renew your home for a more productive week! Have you ever wondered what it would take to come into a Monday and feel super excited? Like you can’t wait for Monday to start because it’s a fresh week. Well, that is what we’re going to talk about today and exactly how I do it. I am going to give you the power of 5, to renew your home for a product week.

Monday is my favorite day of the week. I absolutely love coming into Monday ready to hit the ground running. And there are a certain set of things that I do that make that possible. And I think that the reason why I am so productive Monday through Friday is that I allow myself the time on the weekends to unplug from work. I really take that time to focus on how to prepare for being productive. 

This is something that I would love for you guys to start slowly putting into your lives. And I think that you’re going to come to find through this post that you are already doing a lot of them, especially if you’ve been following me for a while now. 

So I’m excited to see how many of these super simple, quick, and easy tips you are already doing. That you’re already using to pour into your home so that you can have a relaxing and productive space.

So let’s dive into today’s post.

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The Power Of Five – 5 Simple Ways to Renew Your Home for a Productive Week

We are going to talk about the top five simple ways to renew your home for a productive week. And I am also going to throw in my personal weekly routine with some bonus five. This bonus section has pointers on how to relax in your home, even if it feels like a mess. So get your pen and paper out. Let’s dive in.

You’re going to break your piece of paper into three chunks and you’re going to have five tips inside of each and every one of these.

Simple Ways to Show Your Home Some Love

The first thing that we are going to talk about is my five most recent favorite ways to pour into my home. You can do all kinds of things I’m sure, but these are the things that I’m really super in love with right now.

1. Essential Oils

I was really big into essential oils for a long time in my twenties when I found out I was pregnant. 

I love Young Living, but I was huge into doTERRA before Young Living. Now I have both and so I don’t sell them, but I do have an incredible gal, one from each company that I can refer you to. Or if you want to grab someone from the Systemize Life community, we’ve got reps from Young Living and doTERRA in there. Still not sure where to get started with essential oils? I’ve got you covered! Head over to my essential oils page here.

I use the Thieves concentrate. I’ve talked about it in all of my cleaning posts and podcasts that I have. I use it to make my hand soap, my all-purpose cleaner, my all-purpose scrub, and my actual scouring scrub. I love the way that it smells and it’s chemical-free so my kids can be around. It makes my home feel amazing and it makes me feel good that I’ve chosen something that is chemically responsible, that I know is not burning my brain cells or my children’s. I trust their products. 

There’s also one by OnGuard that does the same thing. It’s the equivalence to thieves. It’s the same concept and they have a concentrate too. 

That’s what I’ve been doing along with diffusing. I have a little diffuser in my bedroom. I have been purging all my candles. Although I will say I’m obsessed with Joanna Gaines candles. So I try really hard not to burn them very often. But other than that, I’ve switched to battery-operated candles and diffusers.

2. Plants

The second thing is plants. I’ve never been able to keep plants alive. My mom has a green thumb, I do not. But I took it upon myself when Covid started, I got a couple of plants and they’ve become my babies. 

I’ve become one of those people. I’m not crazy, but we have 10 plants in our home. Now that I’m home and I’m working from home all the time, I love the act of nurturing my home in that way.

3. Blinds & Windows

Number three is to open your blinds and windows. If you have been hunkered down in winter, open your blinds, open some doors, and some windows even if it’s just 10 minutes. I try and keep the doors open early in the morning and late in the evening, letting that fresh air in is huge.

Even just the blinds, if you can just let the sunshine in, go through your house in the morning and open up all the blinds. Sunshine and fresh air are the perfect way to help you to renew your home for a productive week.

4. Accent Decor

The fourth thing that I have been doing that I really love is moving accent decor around. And this is a really fun way to make your house feel renewed without having to go out and buy stuff. 

Sometimes I’ll go to thrift stops and I’ll pick up a new pot to put one of my plants in. Or they actually have tons of battery-operated candles. You have no idea how many people ditch their battery-operated candles because they’re too lazy to get batteries and put them inside. So you can literally buy 10 to 20 battery-operated candles for a penny on the dollar. Sometimes I pick ’em up for 25 cents or a buck a piece. 

So sometimes I’ll go and pick up that stuff, but mainly what I like to do is move stuff around. I had some stuff on my kitchen island that I put over on my credenza and it opened up the space on my island which I love. And so it just feels a little bit different without having to move all the furniture around, which that’s a big thing.

When I was younger I would move my furniture around all the time, but now our furniture’s bigger and fit for a family. So I just move around accent decor.

5. Decluttering

The fifth thing that I have been doing lately to pour into my home is decluttering. And this is something that we talk about inside The Systemize Your Life Academy. Tier three is totally dedicated to systemizing your home along with an entire workbook that we go through to declutter your house, room by room. Decluttering is a big part of how to start to renew your home for a productive week.

But here, when I say five simple ways to renew your home for a productive week. I mean more so if things have really started to build up on your desk where are you going to be working? You need to declutter it. Take a few minutes, three minutes honestly, and put all the things away where they go. 

Or your vanity counter, or your kitchen counter. Maybe the drawer that has most cooking utensils in it kind of got sloppy, tidy it up, declutter it, and get some things outta the way. Maybe your laundry room is a mess and needs to be decluttered. 

Whatever it looks like. If there’s a place that has just kind of accumulated a bunch of things. For our stairs, I created a new system to get all the clutter off the island. I put two little teeny tiny cloth baskets on the stairs. One is for Frankie, one is for Bailey. So when they get filled up or at the end of the day we take it upstairs with us and they have to put all the stuff away.

And then all the stuff just starts going on the stairs. So that was one of the things that I was doing to make sure that I renewed my home for a productive week, I would go to the stairs and declutter that quickly.

Personal Routines

All right, how about my own personal routine? What do I do? How do you renew your home for a productive week? You might be curious about how I sit inside this house, it takes a lot of intention and a lot of work to be productive in a space that kind of could make you go crazy after a while. Maybe I am, maybe this is my form of crazy, I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I need to go sit at a coffee shop and work. And that’s okay too every once in a while. But other days I’m like, do you know how much I can get done if I just sat down and got to work? And so the spirit for me is I have a beautiful space, so why not sit down and be productive?

“You might be curious about how I sit inside this house, it takes a lot of intention and a lot of work to be productive in a space that kind of could make you go crazy after a while.”

There are certain things that I need to do to renew my home to be productive and feel like nothing from last week is lingering. I’m not going to go into Monday feeling like I didn’t get what I needed to do done. I want to go into Monday like rip roar, ready to go. Here’s Monday. I got five good days ahead of me. And that’s like the best feeling in the world. 

Five Routines to Renew Your Home for a Productive Week

These are the five things that I do that help me feel that way. Here are five examples of a routine to help renew your home for a productive week.

1. Tidy House

First and foremost is a tidy house. Basically, everything needs to be put back. I’m sitting here right now and I’m staring at my chair in my bedroom. It’s like our sitting chair. And I have an entire outfit that I took off and somehow it landed there. I don’t know why it didn’t get hung up or put in the hamper, but it’s just sitting there. So things like that, little random things that are just around before we go into Monday, I try and make sure that everything is put away in all the bedrooms, everything is in its home.

I specifically train my kids’ brains by holding this thing of theirs up. Where’s this doll’s home? Where does this teddy bear live? Where is his house? He needs to go there. Everything has to have a home. Everything needs a specific place to live in. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t need to be in the house. It needs to go.

2. Clean Kitchen & Living Space

The second thing is I have to have a clean kitchen and living room. So even more than tidying, I make sure that the surfaces are cleaned and that everything has been vacuumed. 

The first week of every month we deep clean of the kitchen and the living room. I make sure that the dishes are reset so that I’m going into Monday with nothing on the counters. Everything is clean, the floors are clean. And the same thing in the living room. I vacuum the couch up, and I sprinkle my carpet dust, which I made with essential oils. 

And so all these things kind of tie together how I’m renewing the space in my home. It’s this kind of routine that I’ve gotten into doing before we go into the week on Monday. But because the kitchen and living room, have so much activity happening throughout the week, that’s something that I make sure is good come Monday. This is a great way for you to start to renew your home for a productive week.

3. Food Reset

Here’s the third thing. In order to be able to make my house feel renewed every single week I have to do a full food reset. It is my meal planning, which is also prepping and going to the grocery store. 

So, when I say a food reset, that means the kitchen, and the refrigerator is cleaned out, and the food that we need to eat for the week is all in there. 

Same thing with the pantry. I have my pantry organized. Everything is labeled. It’s all squared away so that I don’t have to go in there and do the hard work of telling people where everything is. 

I make sure that we have a good reset. I know what we’re eating. My menu cards are up and I don’t have to think about that ever again for the rest of the seven days.

4. Laundry

The fourth thing is laundry. I hate going into the week with dirty laundry with my clothes not prepared because one of the things that is most important to me, as you all know, is making sure that I’m dressed and ready for the day. Whenever laundry is calling my name. I hate when I don’t have clean underwear.

5. Fresh Weekly Calendar

All right, here is the last one. This isn’t something I do in my house in order for my house to feel renewed, but it still has to be done and so it made the list. It is a fresh calendar, which is also one of my fundamental needs. This is why it’s part of my routine because it is on the calendar every single week to have a fresh calendar for the week.

Blaine and I sit down, we know what we’re doing for the week. I know where I need to show up. He knows where he needs to show up. I know what my work hours are. What I’m going to be pouring into my kids. I know where I’m supposed to be for the next five days so I don’t miss anything. So that I can show up with my mind and my heart in the right place and my time blocks are square. 

So that’s my routine. That’s what I get done every single weekend before I go into Monday so that I can be productive. This is how you can start to renew your home for a productive week.

Bonus Time

Now here’s the fun part. This is a little bonus section that I wanted to kind of pop in here because when I was typing up notes, it just kind of came out.

So as much as it doesn’t seem related, I really do think that it’s important to talk about. Part of being able to renew your home for a productive week is just how we experience our homes. Chelsea, what do you mean? How do you experience your home? 

What I do in my house in order to feel productive has a lot to do with my ability to rest, be still, and be quiet even when it is a mess. Because yes, my house does get cluttered. I have two little kids. I have days when I’m lax or if Blaine’s on shift multiple days in a row, I’m just not picking up after myself. You can see everywhere I’ve been in my house.


These are my tips on how to relax in your home even when it feels like it’s a mess, even when it feels like you have a ton to do and you can’t be productive. When all these things are gnawing at you.

1. Sanctuary Space

Make a sanctuary space in your home. Have a space that’s yours that you’ve made super pretty. Mine is the bathroom. It’s not super pretty, right? But it’s clean, it’s decluttered, and there is no kids’ stuff in there. And I’ve actually done this in a couple areas of my home, which I do recommend you do over time. 

So one is in my master bath, one is in my master bedroom, and then the other one is out in the living room. And we also have a space outside that we love to go and sit in, especially when inside feels like it’s a mess. 

Have a little space that you keep special, that you add a little extra pizzazz to. For me in my master bath, it’s battery-operated candles and nice jars with my oil salts inside. I have a nice little stool, my favorite towel, and just a couple of things that allow me to soak in a hot tub for like 5, 10, or 15 minutes. It just helps give me a little uplift.

2. Set A Timer

Number two is to set a timer for 10 minutes. Go and sit down in one of these spaces for that 10 minutes. Even when there are things to do, even when your house is a mess. And even if you feel like can no longer be productive because of all the crap that needs to be done in my house. 

Just set a timer for 10 minutes if you need it to take a breather make sure to put your phone away. Do not sit and scroll, just sit and breathe. If you’re wondering what to do with these 10 minutes, keep reading.

3. Phone Basket

My third tip is to get a phone basket. This is seriously one of the ways that I’ve learned to enjoy my house. To not have my phone at my butt all the time in my pocket. 

Get a phone basket and turn the ringer on. It doesn’t have to be on silent because then you’ll hear it so you don’t have to check it all day long. You’ll hear if someone calls or texts you, but you put it in the phone basket. That has allowed me to be productive and enjoy my home, and feel refreshed and renewed.

4. Journal Or Bible Study

Get an intention journal or a Bible study or something that makes you feel like you are grounding yourself. And that alone is something that you can keep in this sanctuary space. Even if you’ve done nothing else, you can grab a gratitude journal. 

Horacio Printing is a faith-based Christian-based business and they have some of the best Bible studies, journals, and planners ever, and if you use the code Chelsea10, you can get $10 off a checkout. And that is my affiliate code. So I do get a small kickback from that, but it allows you to get $10 off on your purchase, which is awesome.

Target also has a really awesome gratitude journal that I really love. Silk and Sonder has an amazing non-faith-based intentional monthly planner. You have to buy one every single month, but it has some incredible stuff in there that I really love.

That would be a really nice way for you to find some relaxation, to be able to give you that second win that you need to then go back into your home and be productive.

5. Sensory Routine

Then lastly, use a sensory routine. One of the best ways to really set the reset button for yourself and in your home is to use a sensory routine. 

So for all of your senses, you go and gather things that you do routinely, your favorite drink, your favorite oils, and your favorite space to sit in your house. A lot of times for me it’s right in front of our sliding glass door. I like to call myself exothermic, which is what reptiles do to get their source of heat from the sun. That’s literally like me, if I’m not sitting in the sun, I have to be sitting with a space heater at my feet.

I love the sensation of warmth on me. And so if I need a good reset, I’ll go sit with my favorite drink, which is a kombucha or my water, and I sit in the sun. I’ll put my favorite music on, which is one of my playlists that I always go to. And I use this sensory routine and these different spaces to help me trigger productivity when I go into my work block.

Your Relaxation Routine

Now you can also use these in combination with putting your phone in the phone basket, setting a timer for 10 minutes, going to your sanctuary space, or whatever it is. That could be the start of your sensory routine. And then you would just couple it up with that taste and the sounds too, by adding in music.

Or if you’re outside and you have birds or the wind going through trees. Whatever you need to do to push that reset button. Give yourself a moment of relaxation that will help you then plug back into your productive week. 

So that is the power of five in three different sections. Hopefully, you walked away with some really fun ideas on how you can renew your home and begins to see yourself having one productive week after another. As always, it has been so fun hanging out with you here, and I look forward to hanging out with you inside the Systemize Your Life Facebook group.

The Power of 5 - Renew Your Home For a Productive Week, My Personal Routine Chelsi Jo

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The Power of 5 - Renew Your Home For a Productive Week, My Personal Routine Chelsi Jo
The Power of 5 - Renew Your Home For a Productive Week, My Personal Routine Chelsi Jo

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