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Seven Ways to be Productive as a Busy Mom

February 27, 2023


Seven ways to be productive as a busy mom. That may sound very intimating but it is completely doable. There is an incredibly famous saying goes, “when a penny is saved a penny earned.” And I have great feelings about that same notion, but when it comes to the time we are given daily. What you can do with just a few spare minutes here, and there is mind-blowing. I am about to give you a killer list of seven ways to be productive as a busy mom.

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Finding those Cracks of Time

That’s right, put every single one of these things together, and you have got one hour. So let’s do some fast math; ten minutes times seven tasks is seventy minutes. But let’s call it a win and see how many of these you can do in an hour. And if you are not feeling it today, no worries; how about you get one of these done and say, ” Hey, I did something extra productive in the crack of my day.

Just Ten to Fifteen Minutes

Let’s talk about what happens when there is a small crack of time in our day. I had someone ask this question of me, “How do you fill the cracks of your day? What do you do with the downtime that you have?” I felt inspired to go over this in the cracks of my days. When the crack becomes 15 minute increments. But if it is more than 30 minutes you could really be using that time for a task other than what I am about to give you.

Sometimes I find myself scrolling my phone, randomly walking around the house doing nothing, or munching on something in the kitchen. Or chit-chatting on text messages with a friend, getting sucked in with the children, and not keeping myself moving throughout the day. Man, if you can’t get those cracks in the day. If you notice that you have a consistent 30 minutes in your day and don’t have something productive to do. And you don’t have that time established for something productive take a look at that.

Challenge Yourself

I want you to truly set a timer and get as close as you can to doing this in 10 minutes. I am a CrossFit fanatic, but I really just do it for fun Let’s see how many of these that you can get done in this set amount of time. Sometimes we give ourselves a time cap, see how fast you can get the first one done in four minutes?

And lets see how fast we can get that done. What happens is we grab our phones to get that stimulation from. You are going to get those feel good feelings from this accomplishment of getting all seven of these done. And lets even try to get through all seven quick ways to be productive as a busy mom of these in sixty minutes. Let’s get into it.

1. Your Purse

First, clean out your purse. Dump out all the things and clean them out. You could do this in 5 to 10 minutes. Clean up all the crumbs and be done. So I am going easy on you with this one.

2. Clean the Dishes

Second, can you hand wash just the dishes on the or counter? Can you do just the dishes on the counter, or can you just do the dishes in he sink? I know that they are every where. Or set the timer for ten minutes and get through the dishes you could get done. It is okay that you didn’t get them all done.

3. Unload the Dishwasher

Third, unload the dishwasher. I’m not too fond of these tasks. It is Blaine’s thing in our house and just not my thing. It is just an unnecessary amount of walking back and forth to get things from one place over to the next place. I’m not fond of it, but I must do it tomorrow morning since I need my cute dishware-unloading husband to do it for me, it is all on me.

4. Paper Stacks

Next, go through the stack of papers that is the least intimidating start there. Maybe you have a ton of stacks, but just find one stack and start there. If you can do two stacks in ten minutes great. Are we reading every single piece of mail? Absolutely not, Because guess what that piles been there a long time and it doesn’t matter what is in that pile. And if someone is going to go through that and steal your information instead of the cyber world and stealing all of your information that is completely accessible then they have problems. Don’t take identity security tips from me. Just throw it away

5. Pens

Fifth, toss all of your old pens, markers, and broken crayons away. Maybe go through that drawer and tidy up a few things.

6. Pay a Bill

Next, can you pay a bill right now? Can you do one administrative task? Get that done.

7. Toilets

Finally, go clean two toilets, maybe even a third one in ten minutes.

There are seven quick ways to be productive as a busy mom and it didn’t even take over an hour. You did it! Head over to the my Instagram and dm me how long it took if you were able to take my challenge of completing this list in 60 minutes.

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