How to Start Over and Reestablish Your Systems From Ground Zero? – Best Tips to Get Back Your Systemized Life

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May 14, 2023

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Have you ever been in a situation where all your systems and organizations are gone and you have to reestablish your systems? If you are following my content on my podcast, blog post and social media, you would know that I moved. It was a really strange place in my life because all of my systems were in shambles. I am currently in the stage of life that I need to completely start over. I need to rebuild all my systems from ground zero. Of course, there are some systems that I am absolutely prioritizing over others because of how helpful they are. They have really helped me from drowning in this chaos and I am sure it will for you as well. 

In the blog post today, you will find out why I am starting over and rebuilding all my systems. You will also learn the order of my rebuilding process. Most importantly, you will learn how you can take this information and apply it to where you are in your life. No matter what your ground zero may look like compared to mine, in some small ways, we are all in great need in establishing systems in our life. So what do you say? Let’s go ahead and get started!

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Why Do I Need to Reestablish My Systems?

The past few months were truly crazy for me. I know systems are always the foundation and key for me to get through any obstacles. After my whole moving journey, my systems were inevitably in shambles. My kids are at home. I have work to do and a house to keep up. There are simply too many things that I have to juggle through. All of these are the reasons why I am starting to build all my systems from the ground up. 

A Systemized Life is Extremely Important

This is the moment that I realized how important it is to live with systems and that I’ve been taking things for granted because I’ve always lived a systemized life. 

During the moving process, nothing had a designated place. Where do we put all these things? My closet is a disorganized mess. I was searching for my underwear and I couldn’t find a pair of matching shoes. There was stuff in my closet that didn’t belong there. I knew I didn’t want to live this way, but that was how I was living at that moment, a life without any systems. 

When all my systems were stripped away, there was a real urgency to establish systems to have any kind of relief from the chronic conflict that I had and having with my life. Specifically, I am talking about managing dishes, laundry, cleaning, the kids’ attitudes and their bedtimes, whether you are healthy or not, etc. 

Reestablishing Your Systems Can Be Confusing At First

As I said, this is the first time that I see every single area of my house and every single system is broken. I had no idea that everything that I had organized in my old house would need to be reorganized. 

I had a basket, a bin, and a label for everything. Everything had a spot. I knew how to manage my home. But now, I’d have to rework and relearn all of those things. Like, every single one of them.

Treat the Reestablishment As A Fresh New Start

It could seem very frustrating at first, but here’s the mind-twist. I have a new house. It’s a fresh start! I can totally use it to my advantage. It’s a brand new house and feels very good. This fresh start is actually motivating me to keep up on cleaning, putting things away, and making sure things are neat and orderly. 

My Plan To Reestablish My Systems 

I know that having a system at your home allows everything to keep its shine, brightness, and beauty. It also allows you to not be bogged down by everything. That’s why systems are so amazing. I’ve seen now how hard it was without a system. So, I’ve created a plan to get back to the systemized way of living, and I’m doing it in a way that I’ve never done before.

It Is Important To Set My Intention to Successfully Reestablish My Systems 

I am totally aware that I am in a new place and I have to juggle through a lot of things. I’ve never chosen to live in this way, but now I am. And I am setting my strong intention for the change. I will be constantly reminding myself that I am running on my true desire to get my home systemized again.

I am choosing, for the first time ever, to go all in. So my advice for you right now is that you need to go all in. You have to get your systems in order. A strong intention is very essential in order to achieve your goals. Go reorganize your room, purge that kitchen, and get your meal board set up. Ask yourself, what is it? What is it that you need to systemize right now? 

“A strong intention is very essential in order to achieve your goals .”

For example, if I am choosing to systemize my kitchen today, I will make sure I get my work done. This could be that I’d end up staying late, but it’s OK. I am choosing to do this right now. Sometimes, there could be major consequences (my sleep schedule might be influenced). This is usually not what I’d recommend. But here’s what I know – I’m only doing this for a very short period of time, and I need to do this to reestablish my systems. 

The First Tip to Reestablish Your Systems From Ground Zero: Systemize the Children’s Bedrooms 

The first thing that I started to rebuild my system from ground zero was my children’s bedrooms. If you have been hanging out with me on Instagram, then you’d say that I’ve shared all the cuteness. My kids love their rooms! Bedrooms are the number 1. Why do you think that is? 

Why Is It Important to Prioritize the Bedrooms?

It is very important to get bedrooms organized because a good night sleep is extremely essential. Sleeping is not only improtant for their behaviors but also for thier health and wellness. I want them to be able to come to their home and feel situated. 

It’s OK if you don’t have everything figured out yet. For my kids’ rooms, almost everything is set up except their laudry systems. They don’t have all of their dresser spaces. They also don’t have a system yet on how to get the laundry washed. But as long as the majority of the systems are set, then that’s fine. It’s just nice for them to have some routines that are linked with their bedrooms. 

The Second Tip to Reestablish Your Systems From Ground Zero: Systemize Your Kitchen 

The second tip to build your systems from ground zero is to focus on your kitchen. One of the first things to systemize is our meal plans. We didn’t have a meal plan while moving because we didn’t have a kitchen table to eat. So it was just always like “Where are we going to eat?”. 

Another thing to systemize is the usage of paper towels. I’ve actually gone completely paperless in my kitchen at our previous home. But we have paper towels now and my children don’t know how to use them. It’s just little things like this all day long. 

But I know once my new systems are implemented, they will create insane autonomy and independence in every single person. It has always been like this. The kids will be home with me all day everyday, constantly observing and watching. 

The Third Tip to Rebuild Your Systems From Ground Zero: Systemize Your Closet 

The third thing that you should do to rebuild your systems from ground zero is to systemize your closet. Getting dress for me is a huge game changer when it comes to productivity booster. Getting up in the morning, getting dressed, and setting the mood and done for the day is one of the most important things. 

Mindset Twist – It’s OK to Not Be Perfect For Now 

After moving, my closet is not at its best. Sometimes, I just feel that nothing is working at all in this chaos. I don’t have the time, the money, and the resources to make it amazing. But is there anything that you can do? My closet has only one shelf. I need a lot of shelves, and that’s OK if I don’t have them all right now. Yes, my closet has all the clean and dirty clothes mixed up together. It’s not the most organized and cleanest as for now. But it’s functional. In the meantime, I can use this as a motivation to get things cleaned up. I can establish a system that works for me now and upgrade it as I go. And I think this is 100 % what you should start to do as well.

Reestablishing Your Systems From Ground Zero Is Absolutely Possible

Of course, there are many other places to re-systemize such as the playroom, dropzone, and the living room. If you do not have a system and feel like you are at ground zero, I’d highly recommend you start from these three areas:

  1. Children’s bedrooms 
  2. Kitchen 
  3. Closet 

I promise you there’s a relief at the corner and a light at the end of the tunnel. I know that it may seem like a huge undertaking. But here me out. Why don’t give yourself the next 4 weeks to dig in deep and create systems? Why not get rid of the access and the chaos, the clutter, and just have some systems in place? 

It will truly transform everything that you are doing. I can talk about this with you forever. Genuinely. I guess I am just feeling all of these right now because I am hurting without them. But I know that a lack of system can be and should be changed, as long as you are willing to.  

Looking for a Community to Share Your Progress?

I invite you to take this shift and transition in my life as a moment to reflect on your own and think about what in your day or life is causing the most chaos right now? Can you stay up at night, dig in deep and say no to a few extra things? Maybe you can give up your scrolling every evening for five days? The point here is that there’s always a way to make that happen and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’d love for you to share with us inside our FREE Facebook community. It’s a fabulous community and we’d love to see where you at and your progress. Alright, friends. Thank you for hanging out here with me. I hope to meet you here real soon again.

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