Morning Routine Tips: A Guide to Unleashing the Power of Productivity

Morning Routine Tips: A Guide to Unleashing the Power of Productivity - Chelsijo

July 26, 2023

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Looking for morning routine tips that allow you to consistently enjoy long, fulfilling days? Well, I’ve got you covered! Now, I know what you’re thinking, and rest assured, I won’t suggest waking up at 5:30 in the morning.

Instead, I’ll share a sneak peek into my own morning routine and guide you through three tips on how to incorporate a morning routine into your life. By doing so, you’ll discover newfound clarity, peace, joy, and enthusiasm without feeling drained.

Imagine starting your day without feeling overwhelmed by household chores, childcare responsibilities, managing relationships, or your work. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into how you can make a morning routine a part of your life!

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Morning Routine Tips: Unleashing the Power of Confidence and Productivity

One of my goals is to provide each and every reader with practical tools that can effortlessly boost their confidence throughout the day. And let me tell you, having a morning routine is one of the most powerful ways to achieve that! Many of you have asked me about my own morning routine, and I’m excited to share it with you.

So, get ready to receive invaluable morning routine tips that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life. These tools will empower you to feel confident and ready to tackle whatever the day brings your way.

The Power of Morning Routines: Building the Foundation for an Efficient Day

A quick search for “morning routine” on Pinterest will flood you with around 1 million different options, and there’s a good reason for that! Morning routines serve as the very foundation for everything you’ll accomplish throughout the day. They set the tone and prepare you for whatever lies ahead. 

When I coach moms, my first question is always about what their typical day looks like. But here’s the real kicker: what time do your kids get up in comparison to your own wake-up time? If there’s practically no time in between, and you find yourself waking up at the same time as kids consistently, then that’s a great starting point to work with.

Starting your day with a morning routine is so important, and the best part is, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In this post, I’ll guide you through three sections. First, we’ll explore what my morning routine doesn’t include. Then, we’ll delve into what it does include. Finally, I’ll share three valuable ideas to help you kickstart your own impactful morning routine. Let’s get right into it!

Morning Routine: Tips on What’s Not Included for a Purposeful Start

As we start talking about morning routines, let’s discuss ideas of what I do not include in my morning routine. Believe it or not, my morning routine has never involved caffeine. I don’t drink coffee to kickstart my day, and surprisingly, I don’t even need it to maintain my energy levels!

Tech-Free Mornings: Revitalizing Your Day by Ditching the Cell Phone and Laptop

In addition, my morning routine purposely excludes my cell phone. I’ve set a hard rule: starting your day off right means not plugging in your phone on your nightstand!  Instead, keep it on the other side of the room or even outside the room while it charges.

Once you implement this change, you’ll discover an improvement in your entire day, mood, and motivation. All of this by avoiding the urge to start the day with your cell phone in your hand. I understand this might be incredibly challenging, but it’s worth it!

Another missing item from my morning routine is my laptop. During this time, I avoid any work-related activities. Of course, there’s a small caveat to that, which I’ll discuss later. My goal is to minimize any technology use during my morning routine.

This precious time is dedicated solely to me, without involving my children or my husband. I leave all household chores aside—no distractions from anything in the house! It’s a sacred space for just me and my thoughts.

Morning Routine: Tips on Elements for an Empowered Start

Now, let’s get into the aspects of my morning routine. First and foremost, I begin with a hot drink, often choosing between a squeezed lemon in hot water or a soothing herbal tea. In addition, my morning routine always includes dedicated time for Bible study, prayer, or meditation. It sets a positive tone for my day ahead.

Another essential part of my morning routine involves reading my January letter without fail. This practice, which I teach in my course, allows me to project my aspirations and desires into the world, envisioning where I want to be a year from now. By consistently revisiting my January letter every single morning, I firmly believe it helps me stay open to opportunities and encourages me not to rest on the couch when I have other responsibilities.

How to Embrace Confidence

Each day, I take the time to get ready. As someone with a lot of hair that I style in different ways throughout the week, my hair routine can vary. When it comes to makeup, some days I opt for magnetic lashes for a quick and easy look, while other times, it’s just a swift application of mascara.

Regardless, my morning routine always includes taking the time to get ready, ensuring that I feel confident and put-together. To help me get dressed quickly and always feel fantastic, I’ve embraced a capsule wardrobe system—a real game-changer!

Flexibility in your Morning Routine

My workout routine is another flexible aspect of my mornings. Some days, I devote 20 minutes daily, while on other days, I may do a 40-minute workout every other day. That’s the beauty of a morning routine—you can make it work for you. It doesn’t have to be so rigid.. Remember, it’s about having a handful of things you enjoy and making them fit to your needs. After all, a morning routine is meant to empower you for the day ahead!

Now, here’s the caveat I mentioned earlier. Some days, due to life’s demands, I need to squeeze in a power hour of work during my morning routine block. I call it a power hour because I want to avoid getting lost in distractions or rabbit holes, preserving the sacred time I’ve dedicated to my morning routine.

Tip #1 to Building Your Morning Routine: The Power of 15 Minutes

If you’re eager to start a morning routine and currently don’t have one, my first tip is to set your alarm for 15 minutes before your kids wake up. I know what you might be thinking—what difference can 15 minutes make?

Trust me, it’s a powerful first step! I used to routinely get up at 6:30 every single morning, and now, without an alarm clock, I naturally wake up at 5:30. My ultimate goal is to wake up naturally at 4:30 in the morning, which requires me to go to bed around 8:00 or 8:30. Thankfully, this schedule works well within the structure of our household.

Not having your cell phone on your nightstand has an added benefit. If you set your alarm 15 minutes early, you’ll need to get out of bed and walk to the other side of the bedroom to turn it off. There’s no option but to get moving! Don’t get me wrong, every single morning, I feel the temptation to get back in bed, and it’s definitely challenging. However, as you stick with it, it becomes easier over time!

Crafting a Joyful and Purposeful Morning

When you establish a well-running morning routine, the impact is undeniable! The joy that comes from connecting with your purpose and vision each morning is truly invigorating. As you routinely make time for yourself in the morning, you’ll reap all of its incredible benefits.

“Your morning routine can be the anchor that transforms your days!”

Start with just 15 minutes, and gradually set your alarm back another 15 minutes until you’re waking up at your desired time. It’s a process, but it really does set the tone for an amazing day ahead. Your morning routine can be the anchor that transforms your days!

Tip #2 to Building Your Morning Routine: Brainstorming Your Ideal Morning

Now, let’s move on to the next idea. Create a clear and detailed list of all the activities you want to include and exclude from your morning routine. As I outlined earlier in this post, think about how you want your mornings to unfold each day.

While you may not do everything on the list every single morning, making your list will give you something to look forward to. Perhaps, for you, it is enjoying your favorite cup of coffee under a cozy blanket! Whatever it may be, take the time to write it all down and envision your ideal morning routine.

Tip #3 to Building Your Morning Routine: Prioritize with Daily Time Blocks

Once you have your list ready, the next step is to block off time in your paper planner every single morning. It doesn’t need to be a large chunk—just a small sliver at the beginning of each day. You should highlight this designated time block in a specific color to make it stand out.

For instance, I use blue to represent my morning routine block. Personally, I don’t need to write out the specifics of my morning routine anymore, as I’ve been doing it for a long time. By jotting down your time blocks daily, you’ll ensure you save this precious time for yourself and prioritize your morning routine.

The Power of Your Morning Routine: A Quick Recap

Yay! You’re now equipped with a treasure trove of morning routine tips to create a life of purpose, productivity, and joy. I hope this journey through my morning routine and the three valuable ideas has inspired you to embark on discovering what a morning routine could look like in your life. Here is a quick recap of what we discussed:

  • As you explore the possibilities for your morning routine, don’t forget the power of small changes. Embrace the beauty of waking up just 15 minutes earlier, and see the profound impact it can have on your day. 
  • Leave behind the distractions of cell phones and laptops during your sacred morning space. Really embrace the ritual of preparing yourself for the day, feeling the confidence that comes from being put-together.
  • And, above all, be flexible in your morning routine. Life is always changing, and some days may call for adjustments. Embrace the power hour if needed, while still honoring the precious time you dedicate to yourself!

Start brainstorming your ideal morning, write it down, and create a daily time block for yourself. The path to a more intentional and fulfilling life begins with a morning routine, and I am thrilled to have shared this information with you. So go ahead, unleash the power of your morning routine, and witness the amazing changes it brings to your life!

Looking to Learn More Routine Tips?

Looking for tips on how to automate other parts of your day? Be sure to check out this blog post as we dive into what can make your PM Block rock solid! Want to learn more ways to maximize your morning routine? Check out the blog post, How to Start Your Day to Maximize Productivity.

I’m so excited to see your lists of what you do and don’t want within your morning routine time! Join us in FREE Facebook community and share your list. Let’s connect and support each other on this journey to unleashing the power of productivity!

Morning Routine Tips: A Guide to Unleashing the Power of Productivity - Chelsijo

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