5 Things To Consider To Be More Productive Using A Weekly Planner

December 13, 2023

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Are you wanting to be more intentional with your time and take productivity to the next level? If so, a weekly planner is essential. We are going to discuss 5 things to consider to get your time management under control, so you can have a more productive year. Do you use a paper planner? If you don’t right now, you may soon realize that is what has been holding you back.

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Why Do You Need A Paper Weekly Planner?

Why do you need a paper planner? That is what we are here to discuss today. I get asked about paper planners quite often. There are 5 helpful things to consider while walking through this process. If you aren’t currently in the routine of physically writing everything down in a paper weekly planner and you find yourself stumped in the planner aisle at the store, these questions will help guide you in where to begin.

#1 – The Power Of A Paper Weekly Planner

The first thing to consider is if a paper weekly planner will actually help. A paper planner can absolutely help. The planner, in and of itself, is a tool. Regardless of the planner you choose to use (even if you’re totally DIYing the whole thing) it is a tool to help guide your intentions, heart, and mind. It helps you make decisions on where you want to put your time and your boundaries in place with your time. It’s not about creating a schedule. Your actual schedule should be digital, but the paper planner is much different. The Dream Planner, which I highly recommend, comes with resources to learn how to best use it.

I believe in this hybrid method of using a Google Calendar in combination with a paper planner. This method shapes rhythm and routine to help you get what you’re hoping, dreaming of, and what you want to do with your time, written down on paper. There’s something so important about getting all of it out of your brain, through a pen, onto a piece of paper. Nothing beats it. Even if you don’t use it 100% of the time. Even if, in the beginning, you do the practice on the weekend and don’t go back and look at it through the week. You’ll get better at it, I promise. It’s still a practice that I work on every single day. When you remain consistent, you will see lasting results.

#2 – Strategic Time Blocks And Frameworks

Here’s the second thing to consider. How does this process actually work? Using a paper weekly planner, you will set up very strategic time blocks. There are five of them. We talk about them on the podcast often. Along with the time blocks, add in routine stacks, tidy cues, and intentions for the day. You can also track your habits there. Whatever really matters for you most can be written out on your short to do list. You may also want to write reminders on where you want your heart posture to be throughout the week. For example: when you show up to work and when you interact in specific time blocks throughout your day.

This becomes the framework for everything in your life. When you start to repeat this process, it encourages your habits with your time. That’s how it actually works. Literally sit down once a week, put this framework in, and build it out. If you are struggling with what that framework is, I highly encourage getting this specific planner: The Dream Planner from Horacio Printing. There is a guide there that takes you through with visual examples.

#3 – The Love For Paper Weekly Planners

The third thing to consider is why people love paper planners so much. I want to go a little bit deeper and talk about why I actually love the dream planner so much versus other planners. Any planner has great potential. You can pick any planner that you want. The Dream Planner is a very clean slate for you to bring your life and put it inside of the planner.

I love planners in general because they are an actual tangible tool, instead of an app on your phone. The paper weekly planner draws you to a slow quiet place in your day, week, month, and year. It is extremely grounding. If you’ve never experienced this, just ask someone that has this practice in their life. It is an incredibly grounding, super meditative, practice.

Create Intentions Through Simplicity

This is a practice in my life that I do over and over again. It’s probably the number one reason why I am so intentional with my time. There is this weird thing that happens when I repeat it over and over again, obviously creating a different result. We see the fruits of the things we choose to do time and time again. If you want a different outcome, you have to make different choices, create different habits and patterns. When you don’t have this practice in your life, you likely see time management issues and mismatched intentions in different areas.

Your planner also needs to be less busy. There are a lot of planners out there of people that created, having big ideas on all the things that need to be in a planner. I believe less is more. Simplicity speaks volumes when it comes to having a planner.

“Simplicity speaks volumes when it comes to having a planner.”

#4 – It’s Not Just About The Planner

The next thing to consider is that it’s not actually about the planner. Of course you can buy a planner because they look cute. Raise your hand if you have 12 very cute planners, you love the idea of them, but they just collect dust. Of course, you can buy it and on its own, it does nothing. It’s not going to magically do something all by itself. It’s a tool that you must learn how to use. That’s what you have here, a resource that will help you use the planner. Please know that not by osmosis or some magical moment, you buy a planner and now all of a sudden you have this thing that’s going to make waves in your life.

The first step of buying a planner brings a rush of inspiration. You probably want to set it up as soon as you get it. With the dream planner comes training videos where Polly walks you through how to set up your new planner in order to get the most out of it.

I have been making dream boards since I was a little girl and now I do them inside of my planner. This is really part of the fabric of my life. The inner workings of why I’m able to be a little bit more calm, to feel prepared. I truly know what my foundation is and what the backbone of my week looks like every single week.

#5 – Choosing The Right Weekly Planner

The last thing to consider: what planner do you get? There are many planners out there, such as the Happy Planner and Golden Coil. However, The Dream Planner stands out for its simplicity and functionality. It offers ample negative space for you to put your life into it, allowing for a customized and meaningful planning experience.

When selecting a weekly planner, look for one that has seven days within two pages, providing a quality daily layout while allowing you to see your whole week at a glance. Opt for a layout where each day runs from top to bottom. A vertical layout option is the best because it allows space for my time blocking method. Make sure that your chosen planner has durability, with paper that lasts the entire year. The Dream Planner from Horacio Printing, especially in black leather, combines aesthetics with longevity, making it a really great option.

Resources To Get You Started

To wrap it up, diving into the world of weekly planners is like giving your productivity a turbo boost with a sprinkle of intentionality. The Dream Planner from Horacio Printing is obviously the favorite around here. Think of it as a dance between your digital calendar and a trusty paper sidekick, grounding you in the here and now. Tackling time blocks, routines, and habits becomes a breeze when you’ve got this planner in hand.

And remember, it’s not just about owning a planner; it’s about making it a consistent part of your life’s rhythm. So, keep it simple, pick a planner you love, and watch your days transform into a well-oiled machines. For those ready to make the move, especially if you’re eyeing that Dream Planner, get ready for a year of organized chaos, and intentional living. Happy planning!

5 Things to consider to be more productive using a weekly planner

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't use a paper planner right now, even though I have 5 of them in my closet. What should my next step be?

The great thing about The Dream Planner is that it walks you step by step in setting it up so you aren’t left high and dry from the start. Definitely check it out, you won’t be disappointed, because it is so much more than just a paper planner!

things to consider when choosing a weekly paper planner
5 things to consider when choosing the planner that is right for you

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