Quick, Clean Beauty Routines For Empowered Living

clean beauty routines

April 7, 2024

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Discover some delightful, clean beauty routines to enhance your regimen and radiance! Over the years, my approach to beauty has evolved significantly, but as someone who values self-presentation, maintaining a polished appearance has always been a priority for me. The inception of my company and podcast stemmed from the constant inquiries about my seemingly effortless style: ‘How do you manage to look so well put together?’

This sense of poise is something I take pride in, and my aim is for you to exude the same sense of productivity and confidence every time you step out the door. Even if assembling a polished look isn’t your cup of tea, prioritizing skincare remains essential for maintaining a youthful complexion and warding off signs of aging. Whether it’s a simple addition or a complete overhaul, there’s always something to integrate into your clean beauty routine.

One thing I can attest to with certainty is the empowering feeling that accompanies stepping out into the world as your best self. Your energy radiates confidence and strength when you’re impeccably groomed. Conversely, when your skin isn’t at its best, it can weigh you down and dampen your spirits

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Embracing Clean Beauty

At 34, I made a commitment to nurturing my skin, and now, at 40, the results speak volumes. Taking care of myself has become a joyful ritual, a source of radiance and vitality. Not only does it lift my spirits, but it also adds an extra sparkle to my husband’s eyes when he sees me all glammed up. Granted, he’s the type to grin no matter what, but it’s still a sweet bonus.

While I cherish the transformative power of my clean beauty routines, time is a luxury I don’t have in abundance, and I’m guessing you don’t either. Nonetheless, maintaining my commitment to clean beauty is non-negotiable. I’ve witnessed firsthand the age-defying glow of women who prioritize natural self-care, and that’s the path I’m dedicated to following.

Sure, opting for the natural route demands more time and consistency, but it’s a trade-off I gladly embrace. While the allure of quick fixes like injections may seem tempting, I’ve discovered that my daily clean beauty rituals yield results that are just as—if not more—effective. And if you’ve been following along, you know my secret to sustaining these routines: systems, my friends!

Unlocking Inner Radiance

While sleep, movement, and healthy eating undoubtedly form the foundation of natural beauty, today we’re veering in a different direction. Instead, we’re delving into the realm of home-based mini beauty routines—small yet impactful practices that have personally transformed my daily life. These rituals aren’t just about superficial beauty; they’re about empowering me to embody the roles I cherish: wife, mom, CEO, and, above all, the woman I aspire to be. Sharing these routines isn’t just about imparting advice; it’s about spreading joy and enhancing the beauty of your everyday life. Because as women, we understand the significance of feeling our best—it radiates in every aspect of our lives.

And here’s the twist: these routines come in pairs.

Clean Beauty Routine #1

For my first beauty ritual, I indulge in the rejuvenating duo of exfoliation and self-tanning. While I’ve yet to hop aboard the dry-brushing trend, my routine begins post-shower or bath with an invigorating session using an exfoliating mitt. Inspired by the luxurious practices of a Korean day spa I once experienced in Los Angeles, this ritual leaves my skin positively radiant.

Following this blissful exfoliation, I turn to my trusted companion: self-tanner. After much experimentation, I stumbled upon a gem from Beauty by Earth, a clean formula that promises no unsightly oxidation. Unlike the unconventional methods involving self-tanner bags, I opt for a natural lotion application, ensuring my sheets and my endocrine system remains undisrupted.

I reserve this indulgent ritual for Sundays, dedicating the extra time to pamper myself from head to toe. With just ten minutes each for exfoliation and self-tanning, totaling a mere twenty minutes, the results are undeniably worth it. The compliments I receive speak volumes, making this routine a staple in my clean beauty arsenal.

“Taking care of myself isn’t about appearances- I feel the confidence and radiance to show up as the CEO, mom, wife, and woman I aspire to be, every single day.

Clean Beauty Routine #2

For my second clean beauty regimen, I swear by the transformative power of gua sha paired with nourishing oils. This ritual is a nightly staple in my routine, with aspirations to make it an everyday occurrence.

Gua sha tools are readily available at major retailers like Target and Walmart, making it accessible to everyone. As for the YarrowPom oil from DoTerra, I’ve found it to be a game-changer in my skincare routine. You can conveniently get all DoTerra products I recommend here. Alternatively, Primally Pure offers an array of exceptional, clean face oils that complement this practice beautifully.

If you’re new to gua sha, fear not—there’s a wealth of tutorials on YouTube to guide you through the techniques. Trust me, it’s simpler than it seems, and the benefits are remarkable, ranging from lymphatic drainage to anti-aging properties. Incorporating this clean beauty routine into your nightly regimin promises to elevate your skincare regimen to new heights.

Clean Beauty Routine # 3

For those contemplating Botox, this one’s for you. Let me introduce you to my obsession: facial toner and wrinkle patches. Picture this: every single night, I indulge in the magic of Frownies wrinkle patches, and let me tell you, it’s nothing short of miraculous. With every application, I watch my crow’s feet, elevens, and forehead lines fade away.

Before I apply these wonder patches, I prep my skin with an aloe-based facial toner from DoTerra. Of course, clean toners are readily available from various sources, so finding the perfect one for your skin type won’t be a challenge. For an added boost, try pairing this routine with gua sha—it’s a match made in skincare heaven. The epitome of a clean beauty routine.

In just five minutes for gua sha and another five for the toner and patches, you’ll experience unparalleled hydration and rejuvenation. Trust me, once you’ve tried this regimen, there’s no turning back. Your skin will thank you for the hydration boost, and you’ll bid farewell to those pesky wrinkles without ever touching Botox again.

Clean Beauty Routine # 4

One of my go-to routines for maintaining soft, supple lips involves a simple yet effective combination: a lip scrub followed by an overnight treatment. While I occasionally whip up my own lip scrub concoctions, I often opt for the convenience of Senegence’s LipSmooth Conditioning Polish. Though not entirely 100% clean, its effectiveness is undeniable, making it a product I wholeheartedly endorse. It’s gentle on the lips yet delivers impressive results.

Following the scrub, I turn to Burts Bees’ Overnight Lip Treatment—a product that epitomizes simplicity and effectiveness. Whether you prefer to purchase it on Amazon or grab it during your grocery run, this overnight treatment is readily accessible and ensures your lips receive the pampering they deserve.

In just two simple steps, you can achieve soft, nourished lips effortlessly. It’s a clean beauty routine that’s both uncomplicated and impactful—a true testament to the power of simplicity in skincare.

Clean Beauty Routine # 5

Let’s talk nails—specifically, my unwavering adoration for Olive and June nail polish. Every weekend, without fail, I indulge in a fresh coat of polish, courtesy of Olive and June’s impeccable range. Their formula boasts remarkable longevity, sparing me the bi-weekly salon visits that used to dent my budget to the tune of $65-80 per session.

Sure, I’ve had to make some trade-offs in my beauty budget—prioritizing wrinkle patches over salon appointments—but with Olive and June, I’ve found a worthy substitute. While their polish may not be 100% clean, their quick-dry option and remarkable press-ons more than make up for it. Trust me, my Instagram showcases my ever-expanding Olive and June collection for good reason.

With a rainbow of shades at my disposal, I can transform my nails in under 10 minutes. Even with my nails cut short, the precision-designed brushes ensure a flawless, professional finish every time. Plus, Olive and June’s ingenious invention, “the poppy,” revolutionizes the at-home manicure experience. Simply attach it to your favorite polish bottle for improved grip, control, and seamless strokes—guaranteeing a perfect mani, effortlessly.

Believe me when I say, I’m utterly obsessed—and once you experience the Olive and June magic, you will be too.

Clean Beauty Talk

Thank you for joining me for this fabulous girl talk session! Just like I do with my girlfriends, I adore sharing beauty tips and tricks with you all. If you’ve got any fun discoveries or clean, efficient beauty routines to share, please don’t hesitate to drop them in our Facebook community. Let’s keep the conversation going and continue empowering each other to look and feel our absolute best!

If you’re looking for even more ways to show up as your best, most organized, least frazzled, most feminine self, we would LOVE to see you inside of Systemize Your Life as a VIP student! You could also check out Top 5 Things I Reset And Recharge For The Most Productive Week to figure out where you can fit these beauty routines into your schedule.

Quick, clean beauty routines

Frequently Asked Questions

I am so busy I hardly remove my makeup in the evening, but I'm not enjoying how I'm feeling or looking as my middle-aged self. How can I start to incorporate some of these routines into my schedule?

Check out Top 5 Things I Reset And Recharge For The Most Productive Week to figure out where you can fit these beauty routines into your schedule. But really mama, we need to get you time blocking your fundamental needs! Let’s make that happen at Systemize Your Life. Your skin, husband and future self will thank you!

clean beauty routines
clean beauty routines

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