Want to make money from home so you can be present with your kids while still having your own thing to pour into, but you have not time to actually be consistent? 


  • Writing to-do lists over and over again?
  • Can't focus on any one task?
  • Work on meaningless tasks everyday?
  • Not sure what should be done first?
  • Overwhelmed by all the things to do and not enough time to do them?

You know you can't provide consistent income for your family when you are and disorganized and lost in your business. 

I have a task management system that will get your completely organized in your business in just 4 weeks!

From daily, weekly, monthly, tasks, client management, sales, content creation, and all your big projects, Systemize Your Biz covers it all. 

Are you ready to...

Make the most of the little time you have to get work
done in your biz?

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Imagine if...


You never wrote a single to-do list ever again and all your work tasks were automated! 


You knew exactly what to do every single day when you sat down to work and how long it would take you to finish your tasks. 


You finally were showing up consistently with zero stress for your socials, customers, emails, podcast, blogs etc!


You could finally complete big projects in your business that actually move the needle to help grow your income.  

With 4 Core Workflows

week 02

is Here!

The Answer





Build out a one stop shop for all your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks in one workflow. 

Create a tracking system for new clients, customers, and events in your business. 

Set up a simple content calendar for Instagram, Facebook, Podcast, Email list, or any other platforms you use for your business.

Learn what your business needs to grow, so you can focus on tasks that move the needle. 

Systemize Your Biz

Chelsi's Task Management System saved me $30,000! By simplifying and streamlining my business I was able to cut overhead and tons of unneeded hours for myself and my team. I feel clear and focused when I sit down to work and know exactly what everyone on the team is doing at any given time. I believe this system is key for any online business owner who wants a scalable, systemized business. 

- Stefanie

“This system saved me $30k in my business by simplifying and cutting unneeded overhead.”

Chelsi's task management system has CHANGED my life!
I was running my business in three different places. I now have a lot more peace and productivity, to the point I could stop using melatonin at night because the never ending to-do list in my head got quiet! HALLELUJAH! 

- Polly

“I stopped using melatonin at night because my to-do list wasn't in my head!”

Systemize Your Biz made my business goals transform from a simple idea to an actual reality. Through Chelsi’s task management system big scary projects actually seem attainable and through her tools that she teaches and best strategies for organizing your business, even more can get done in less time! When I sit down to work, I actually know the most important thing to work on
and that has changed everything!”

- Haley

“When I sit down to work I know what the most import thing is to work on!”

I created

Systemize Your Biz

So you can access the exact systems I use to grow my business from an idea to multiple six figures WHILE I juggle kids, a marriage, a house and my six figure business. Getting access to my task management system inside Systemize Your Biz means you get to focus on your family AND consistently show up for your dreams in business too. 


Daily Tasks

Build out a one stop shop for all your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks in one workflow. 

Get Consistent
With Your Content

Create a tracking system for new clients, customers, and events in your business. 

Complete Projects 

Set up a simple content calendar for Instagram, Facebook, Podcast, Email list, or any other platforms you use for your business.

Keep Up With 
Clients + Events 

Learn what your business needs to grow, so you can
focus on tasks that move the needle. 

sneak peek!

Tour All 4 Core Workflows
 You Get Inside Systemize Your Biz

Click each workflow to see whats inside

Click to view a behind the scene tour of each workflow

Daily Tasks

  • Create Your Business Cockpit Workflow!
  • How To Consistently Use Your Cockpit Workflow
  • Help My Workflow Isn't Working!

workflow 4

workflow 1

workflow 2

workflow 3

Get Consistent
With Your Content

  • How To Build Event and Client Workflow
  • Examples and Templates Of Workflows To Swipe

workflow 4

workflow 1

workflow 2

workflow 3

Complete Projects 

  • Organize Content For 30 Days In 90 Minutes
  • Save Time By Repurposing Content
  • Plug and Play Content Calendar

workflow 4

workflow 1

workflow 2

workflow 3

Keep Up With 
Clients + Events 

  • Project Management In Your Workflow 
  • Consistently Complete Big Projects To Grow Your Biz

workflow 4

workflow 1

workflow 2

workflow 3



or pay in full $447

comes with 

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1. swipe files for workflows

2. done for you content calendar

Get Started for $77

systemize your biz course

$1227 value

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$697 value


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With one simple click you will have and entire prebuilt content calendar in your computer ready to organize! 


  • A video explaining  how to upload our plug and play content calendar
  • Pre-built schedule for social media platform posting
  • Color coded and easy to reuse every month 

Content Calendar


Content Calendar Workflow

Done For You

free bonus one for vips

“I'm amazed at how after a few short weeks I can meet the demands of all the things in my life."

Thank you, Chelsi Jo for creating Systemize Your Life! As a mother and business owner, I have struggled with where to spend my time to be able to have maximum impact for both my family and business. I am amazed at how just after a few short weeks of taking your course I’ve been able to structure my days and weeks to meet the demands of all the things in my life in a really organized way. 
​I find myself getting more done, staying on task and finding more joy in even the most mundane of tasks. I feel like I’ve uncovered a treasure! I’ve always kept a full plate but also always felt pulled in many directions at once which caused untold amounts of mom guilt. Now I have a plan for how to keep my home and business running smoothly AND how to implement it. I couldn’t be more grateful!

- Destiny

“Having like minded experts around me to bounce ideas off is crucial to my success.”

I came into the Systemize Your LIfe Academy because Chelsi Jo talked my talk. Having been a trained systems engineer and project manager and also up on all the military terms, she spoke to what I already knew and did in my work but couldn’t pull over into my home, motherhood, marriage, and personal parts of my life. Providing plans and templates made my heart sing and I love data, but I was pushed to examine inward reasons I hadn’t applied systems to my life so far. This continues to be a great benefit of the Academy. Having like minded experts around me to bounce improvements or ideas on is so crucial to success and motivation. This Academy has encouraged me to pull together systems I already had to support me and to try new things. I have the weekly calls scheduled as SYL MM on my calendar because for me those calls are my masterminds (MM) and it has motivated me to master my life.

- Kristina

“I'm feeling more confident to say yes to the things I want."

In life, I wear many hats. I'm a wife, mom, entrepreneur, ministry team leader, friend, and the "glue" that's holding my very big extended family together. Before the Academy, I was having trouble
"getting it all done." I was emotionally exhausted and slipping in areas that are really
important to me - like my health/weight.
 The Academy has given me not only the tools and systems to go from "hot mess express" to consistently organized and productive but also the MINDSET and permission to let go. I'm feeling more confident to say yes to the things that I want and that God has truly called me for. I am so excited to continue to implement her systems and become the woman God has always intended for me to be.

- Beatriz

Loving on my babies and spending time with my husband in a beautifully well kept home is amazing, but I also have passions outside of that work too. 

I dreamed of providing consistent income for our home but finding the time to do it was rough. Once I got my task management system in place I was able to consistently grow my business with very little hours into the thriving multiple six figure business it has become. 

I can't wait for you to do the same! 

You can contribute to your families finances, feel fulfilled, and be home with your family. 

Be able to have one place where you keep all your business tasks

Have a plan to consistently create and post your content

close your laptop at the end of the day knowing all your work is done

Know exactly how much time you need to work on and in your business

Be able to turn work off for days in a row and still make progress

complete projects that need to be done in order to grow your income

When you complete
Systemize Your Biz You Will...

Do you really have time for this?

You are strapped to the max and can't even find time to put away your laundry, let alone watch course modules!

So, why in the world should you invest money to make yourself MORE busy?! 

Here's the truth...
In 4 weeks time you will be
less overwhelmed, 
less exhausted,
more balanced,
and way more organized.
if you start TODAY!

Is 4 weeks of learning proven systems worth  gaining control of your life again?

To That I say... let's do this!

Let's be real ...

it's time to get systemized

So what are you waiting for?



or pay in full $547 $447

comes with 

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1. swipe files for workflows

2. done for you content calendar

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systemize your biz course

$1227 value

access for 6 months

$997 value


I'm In!

CONSISTENTLY show up in your business 

work less hours and get more done

get super focused on the most important tasks

build a sustainable business

be available for your family and keep up with work

stop waisting time and actually succeed 

THIS is the task management solution you need to:

enroll Now!

This is for you if:

You feel like you don't know where to start in your work each day 

you have all your ducks in a row 

You have multiple to-do lists all over 
and can ever get ahead

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO show up and do the work


It's probably not for you if...

you like doing the same thing that doesn't work over and over again

I'm Chelsi Jo, systems chic that also really loves smoothies.

It's time to finally  grow your business and get your meal prepping, vacuuming, errands, laundry done too!

You're about to experience what life feels like without overwhelm when you are running a business. Join me inside Systemize Your Biz and gain the confidence you need in just 4 weeks. 

Hey there!


This course isn't like other business courses because...

It was designed by a mom for a mom

There are no hard and fast rules inside Systemize Your Biz. 
I fully understand the curve balls having kids throws you. Right along with taking a passion project to a side hustle and then a thriving business. 

I started systemizing my own life to help me and my husband navigate the unpredictable and inconsistent schedule we were living with! 

It's not possible to take the ups and downs out of life, so I decided to buckle up and enjoy the ride by using systems. They were the key to finally showing up consistently in my business that I knew I needed. 

It give solutions for every season

All of the systems I have created for my business are inside Systemize Your Biz, ready for you to use. I teach them in order so you build on a solid foundation and can depend on your systems no matter what season of business you are in. 

The one thing most business courses fail to teach is how to adapt each system to your own business. Not here! 

I made sure to include a step by step videos, plug and play templates, and simple instructions so getting organized is a breeze. 

How much time does this program require each week?

I designed this for busy work from home moms so with one to two hours a week you will gain all the benefits of this program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me?

Even if you are brand new or have years experience, this program is will work if you. All you have to do is show up and follow along to get results jul like the other 600+ women. 

Do you give a refund? 

This program has a proven success rate for those that follow the method. We do not offer refunds.

When are your group coaching calls for VIP memebers? 

Our calls are offered twice a month mid day on Wednesdays, times vary depending on the season. 

Can I cancel my payments any time? 

No, this is not a membership site. This is a 6 month access program with an affordable payment plan option.

This seems pricey, is this course really worth this investment? 

You can gain at least 5 hours a week of work back, which is worth a lot. You may also gain your first client because you are consistent, or even save 30 thousand dollars like other students have by cutting overhead! 

I'm not sure if I should DIY or VIP, help? 

DIY is for those who want zero support, and want to take the self guided curriculum and put it in place with no accountability. VIP is perfect for you if you want support from coaches and community! 

How long do I have access to the course? 

All VIP and DIY students get access for 6 months. You can rejoin if you would like more time at a discounted rate after your 6 months is over. 

I completely understand. Spending money on your business is scary. 
Will it help? Will it work? Is it worth it? Will it work for me?
You're here, reading every word so I know how badly you want to
wake up tomorrow and see results in your business. 
There is hope here, and community, and all the systems you need to see
your dreams become a reality. 
If you still have questions you can email info@chelsijo.co
and we will help you decide if this is the best next step for you. 

I'll see you inside friend. 

Still on the fence?

Chelsi Jo

enroll Now!