How to Make the Switch to a Time Blocking Schedule

July 5, 2022

Welcome to a special time management series on everything you need to know about making the shift to a time blocking schedule. By using my five block method of time blocking you will unlock greater time management tools in order to handle everything on your schedule and more!

Through this time management series, I am sharing advice on how to get it all done. Including, tackling that never-ending to-do list, and actually have time for yourself. The Systemize Your Life Academy is the #1 home management system you need to make it happen. In just 4 weeks I take work-from-home moms from overwhelmed to organized.


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We have some great information on day four of the time management series to get through on how and when to switch to time blocking and let go of your current schedule.

This isn’t any time blocking system. You can go over on Pinterest and get inundated with other peoples’ ideas and concepts of how time blocking works, but it’s not their zone of genius; they just found something that works for them. What I know to be true is that my 5-block method has worked for hundreds and hundreds of women.

These women are busy just like you. They have multiple responsibilities and are trying to do all the things well and want a specific system designed for the type of life you are living.

I know it’s hard to let things go and try something new. I’ve heard every excuse under the sun. But that is exactly what they are, excuses and limiting beliefs. I can help you work through every one of those excuses.

You’re Ready to Make the Switch to Time-Blocking

So you’ve worked through all those limiting beliefs and you are trusting me and really believing that this is the right thing to do, but how and when do you really let go of what you’ve been doing?

How do you go from your schedule to my hybrid Google Calendar and 5-block paper planner system? 

The most important thing for us to get out of the way right now is this: Do you have more than one major responsibility in your life? Are you a college student and that’s it? Then maybe you don’t need 5-blocks but if you are a busy mom with a business and trying to keep hold of your home and all the other things then go through these 10 questions to see if you need to switch to a time blocking schedule.

I’m going to ask you 10 questions and I want you to keep track of all your yeses. These answers here will help guide you on whether or not it truly is necessary for you to make the switch to time blocking and how important it is for you to let go of the current scheduling base time management system that you’re using.

10 Questions

  1. Are you keeping up on all your house chores?
  2. Are you tackling your to-do list every day and not overwhelmed by it?
  3. Are you getting to all your appointments and not double-booking yourself?
  4. Are you always on time and not rushed getting out the door?
  5. Are you never multi-tasking? You are not working on work while cooking dinner or doing house chores while helping kids with homework.
  6. Do you have good boundaries between work and mom mode and are living without mom guilt? 
  7. Do you know exactly what to do first when you wake up for the day?
  8. Do you feel like you have enough time to get everything that you want to get done in a day?
  9. Are you the primary one in charge of the scheduling for your family?
  10. Do you take care of your core fundamental needs on a regular basis? Nourishing your body, showering, stretching, getting dressed, and drinking enough water.

“Stop making excuses about being so busy and for the sake of yourself, your husband, your family, sit down before next week rolls around and figure out how to make the switch.”

The Results of a Time Blocking Schedule

Now tally up your yeses and if you’re really daring and bold come on over inside the Facebook group and tell me where you are at. Do you have 1-3 yeses, 4-6, or 7-10?

If you have 7-10, the green zone, you definitely could benefit from time blocking to become even more efficient and productive but you are probably feeling pretty good and have some great systems on board.

The yellow zone is in the 4-7 range, and the red zone is 7-10 meaning you should have done this yesterday or a year ago.

How to Incorporate a Time Blocking Schedule

All you need now is to find 2 hours to help you make the switch to a time blocking schedule. Ask your husband to take the kids. Stop making excuses about being so busy. For the sake of yourself, your husband, and your family, sit down before next week rolls around and figure out how to make the switch to time blocking. Ditch your old time management system for good!

Don’t overcomplicate this process. I have three steps for you to make incorporating a time blocking schedule possible and easy!

  1. Download the time blocking workbook off the website.
  2. Fill it out.
  3. Print out the last practice page and fill in your week. You don’t need a fancy planner, just print out 7 copies for the next seven weeks. Fill in your fundamental needs, and practice some routine stacks.

If you get stuck come on over inside our Facebook group and ask questions, that’s what we are here for! Be sure you have gone over the first three days of this time management series and don’t stop now! There is one day left for you to tackle so you can be on the right track to managing your time and getting your life back!

time-blocking schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

What is best paper planner to use?

My favorite is the Horacio Printing Dream Planner! It’s not enough to just have a paper planner, you need to know how to use it, and we are here to teach you that too! Check out more details on how to use a paper planner to maximize your productivity here.

time-blocking schedule
time-blocking schedule

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