How to Create Your Own Home Management System

July 22, 2022

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Today I’m going to tell you how you can create your own home management system. When you are able to create a home management system that works for you, you will then be able to show up for all areas of your life well. You have probably been searching high and low, through Pinterest and Instagram to get these answers. Well, grab a pen and paper because in four steps I’m going to tell you how you make a home management system that works for your life.

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If you have been around here very long at all you know I’m all about systems. Systems are what have given me relief from managing all the things in my life including being a mom to multiple children, a wife, and taking care of my home, my health, and my business. I see so many other women searching for this kind of relief and a home management system that works for them.

These systems I have created literally work for anyone because like any management tool there is a way you can adapt it to make it work for the nuances of your life. This is not something I want you to get overwhelmed by.

This Home Management System Takes Work

But there is work to this. There are steps and I am going to give you four of them today. It is not a quick fix. You will have to stay disciplined with routines. I don’t have a magic wand or a special unicorn husband for why this works for me, we have a normal life.

This home management system makes it possible for us to thrive. Be ready to do work if you want to see results because that’s truly what it takes. The good news is I’m going to tell you what to do in four steps.

1. 5 block Time Management System

My 5 block time management system needs to be the foundation and baseline of your entire home management system. Chances are you are probably already doing something similar to this. I talk about this all the time and there is a free download on this so I’m not going to go too deep into it. Get this set before you move onto step two.

2. Identify your prioritized repeatable tasks

This is sustainable self-care or what I call Fundamental Needs. This is what you should be doing every single week before you do anything else. These are the top 5-9 tasks that are the non-negotiables in your week. They should be scheduled in your Google Calendar.

You can look through our podcast vault and find all the episodes I’ve done on Fundamental Needs and learn all you can about this. All these pieces I’m giving you today have a lot of smaller pieces inside them that you need to learn and unpack. Go do your homework, make it happen, you can totally do this if you are willing to do the work.

When you get this one down you will finally start to feel like you are not always winging it and you can move into step three.

3. Make a Home Management Routine

This is the deep cleaning and the tidying of your home. First off, you can’t keep a clean and tidy house if your home is cluttered. You first need to get a handle on your stuff but we are not going to go into that now. 

When you go to clean your house you have to figure out how to break your home into 4 zones. Then every single week you will be cleaning a different zone. Zone 1 is done week 1 of every month and so on. Some months have 5 weeks so on those months you can add something like the garage that doesn’t need a deep cleaning every month.

We do all this, how to declutter and create your own zones and create tidy cues inside the Systemize Your Life Academy. This is not a complicated process. It’s just a matter of scheduling it and doing it and getting yourself on this rotation so it no longer stresses you out.

I don’t even think about it anymore. It helps us a lot and is really engaging and fun for our whole family. I love cleaning my house with my kids and my husband.

Most people stop here and don’t know how to move into step number 4. 

” I have come to find that if you try and create a home management system on your own but you don’t tell anyone about it you will fail.”

4. Communicate

Language and communication is a love of mine. I have come to find that if you try and create a home management system on your own but you don’t tell anyone about it you will fail. It is your responsibility that your kids and husband know how to be involved.

It gives so much respect to your husband just to let him know what is going on inside the house. 

A communication system can be as simple as a communication board or your Google Calendar. It’s a place where you write down what zone you are focusing on for the week or the to-dos each person in the home is responsible for.

Simply tell your family that you have found a home management system that will help you improve x,y, and z in your lives. Then communicate the benefits to everyone. “Our family would be able to…cook dinner on time, get to soccer practice on time, etc.”

Always communicate, that is how you are going to get buy in from other people. You cans ask them if they would like to be involved but they don’t even have to do anything, you just need to communicate what you are doing.

Lets Review – Your Simple Home Management System

Let’s review the four steps you need to create your own home management system.

  1. 5 block time management system
  2. Identify repeatable, prioritized needs
  3. Make a home management routine
  4. Communicate 

If you are struggling at all or want some help please reach out. Or come hang out with us over in the Systemize Your Life facebook group! If you are excited and want to get this done in the shortest amount of time possible then come find out more details on the Systemize Your Life Academy. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get handle on my home if I don't have any time?

We all wish we could have more time! You need to first get your Fundamental Needs and 5 block time management system in place so you don’t have burn out. Once those are in place you will start to see a real change and find more time. If you want to significantly reduce the time it takes to get where you want to go put some financial backing to your dream and invest in the Systemize Your Life Academy.

home management system
home management system

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