How I Create an Inspiring Workspace

July 27, 2022

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Would you love to have a gorgeous workspace that’s super inspiring? One where every time you sat down it was clean and you knew exactly what to do to get you in and get you out?

Whether you are at your kitchen table, you’re sharing an after-school space with your kids, or if you have your own space, this post is for you. 

Get ready to dive into 8 super simple and quick tips to create the perfect work-from-home desk without all the clutter!

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Creating an Inspiring Workspace

Having an inspiring workspace is about making a place where your creativity comes to life. I want to give you some quick tips that will help you make your workspace inspiring in just five minutes. It comes down to knowing what you need in your workspace and what you don’t. So if you do not know what you need in your workspace to make it more inspiring, then this is for you.

1. One Notebook

The number one thing you can get rid of is all post-it notes and all notepads. Notepads are not bad but a cute tabbed notebook is better. All your notes should be in one book. Even if every page is different you still know it’s in that notebook. If you want to know exactly how to make your own tabbed notebook then read this blog post. You can do this digitally too but if you’re like me and love putting pen to paper then stop with the loose papers and get your stuff down to one notebook.

2. Pens, Markers, Highlighters, Pencils

All the writing things. They need to go. You only need one pen and you only need 4-5 highlighters for your 5-block time blocking. Then place them in one cup or one drawer.

I actually love my pen so much. It’s a gold pen that I got from Horacio Printing and I lay it on my desk so it’s just waiting for me to pick it up and write with it. It might seem silly but these things matter so much. 

When you have a small amount of time to get challenging and creative work done you need to feel good when you sit down to do it. You won’t always feel inspired but I want you to get out of the drudgery and get to that inspiring dreamland when you sit down to work as much as possible.

“When you have a small amount of time to get challenging and creative work done you need to feel good when you sit down to do it.”

3. Diffuser

I have my favorite diffuser that is battery-powered and plugs into my computer. It is a color I love and it runs for a long time. There is a whole free oil guide that talks about my favorite diffusers and oils available for you to download. It talks all about my oil routines and what oils I use and when.

I set my favorite oil behind my diffuser and fill it up as I’m transitioning into my work block. Triggering your sense of smell is one of the greatest things you can do to help you feel like you have a tidy space and you are ready to do some work.

4. Plants

This is not the first time I’ve talked about plants. Plants are part of what helps me make my house feel more like a home and I love having them in my workspace too. Now they do not have to be real. Mine are all fake in my workspace because I don’t have a ton of light. It is just for something green, and you want something small. 

Make sure the pot you have it in is easy to clean and looks intentional. All these little touches will help you to get rid of the things that you’re not drawn to so you can stick to the things you are drawn to. You want things in your workplace that are not going to distract you and that you find beautiful and inspiring.

5. Cute Coaster

You need a coaster for your favorite work drink. I have a mason jar for my work drink with an inspiring sticker quote on the front of it. Maybe yours is a coffee mug. There are so many cute coasters out there you can check out on Etsy. My coaster is raw stone and has an agave plant painted on it.

6. Paper Planner

Another thing that is really fun and you should already have is a paper planner. It should be beautiful and inspiring. Mine is from Horacio printing and my Fundamental Needs system is actually inside of there.

You can get a discount using CHELSI10 to get one of your own Dream Planners. If you have never gotten a planner before don’t wait for the beginning of the year. Start now so you can practice before January rolls around. It’s super functional and beautiful and is part of my time management system.

7. Go Paperless

Ditch your printer and then get your desktop on your computer super organized

If you have to have paper, get a filing box. Target and Walmart sell beautiful decorative ones. Then limit yourself to that one box.

8. Ditch the Cords

Anything that you can get to go wireless, do it. Your mouse, keyboard, charging station. For the cords you do have get a command strip that they clip into and line up in a nice neat order.

Bottom line is get rid of anything on your desk that you do not use every single time you sit down at your desk.

I’m so excited to see how you use this so you can feel inspired and save time every time you sit to get something done in your workspace. Come share your before and after workspace pictures with me over on our Facebook group.

create an inspiring workspace

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose from all the paper planners out there?

My absolute favorite is the Horacio Dream Planner. It teaches you my Fundamental Needs system inside it and is perfect for 5-block time blocking. You can even get a discount using CHELSI10 at checkout.

redecorating your workspace
create an inspiring workspace

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