The 4 Wellness Pillars I Use to Keep My Kids Healthy

August 6, 2022

Today I’m talking about four wellness pillars that are tried and true that I use, and you can too, to keep my family healthy. As parents, we can easily adjust many things to give our children a true foundation of wellness. This doesn’t just apply to the food we feed our kids but their emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness. Today, I’m going to give you the four pillars to the wellness system I use to keep my kids healthy and that you use and tweak to create the kind of life you want for your family.

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4 Pillars for a Wellness Plan

Of course, I think what I have put in my plan is really great but your kids might have special needs that are different than the special needs of my children.

When you start to create the things you want to implement for your children’s wellness in each of these four pillars make sure you are thinking about how you can incorporate all four aspects of their emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health inside of them. Those are the four parts, not my four pillars, that you really want to be touching and tapping into. 

You might be great at getting whole food in your children but you may need to pour into the emotional part way more than I do. Do a quick inventory of what is working for your kids, and what needs to improve. Chat about these things with your spouse, they will have insight that you have never thought of and that will help your kids even be more well-balanced.

So here we go, let’s get into these four pillars.

“When you start to create the things you want to implement for your children’s wellness in each of these four pillars make sure you are thinking about how you can incorporate all four aspects of their emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health.”

1. Sleep

This comes before all things. Your kid’s sleep hinges directly upon their bedtime routine and lights-out time. We talked about this in the previous post. You need to know what time lights out is and you need to be there 30 minutes before that. 

This has a lot to do with their wellness in so many different ways. Sleep is when they repair and truly bolster their immune system. But bedtime is also a great time to connect with them and pour into their spiritual health.

If where you are at with your bedtime routine with your kids is that they are getting to bed too late then just work on that. You need to know how much sleep they need every single night, you can look that up. You need to peel back from when they are getting up and make sure you are getting to bed thirty minutes before then.

Don’t work on some fancy shmancy bedtime routine if you can’t even get your bum down the hallway and into their bedrooms at a decent hour. Just focus on that.

If you have that down pat what else can you do? For us, Baylie has been rocking some cavities lately and her special need is that we need to pour into her dental hygiene. You need to tailor this to each one of your children. So much goodness can come out of this bedtime routine that will hit them in so many different ways. Now let’s move onto the second pillar.

2. Food

What do you need to do with their food specifically for their physical wellness? This is going to look different for every single person. Blaine and I feel very strongly about not having anything fake, processed, or synthetic in our foods. We are great at that but we want to step up our game and make sure the foods we are putting on their plates are not processed. 

Blaine and I have set a short-term goal for ourselves that 3 out of 5 of their lunches will not have processed grains in them. Whew, that’s a lot of sweet potatoes is what I’m thinking. I also want to continue greens at every single meal. My oldest will eat spinach like candy and I need to be giving that to her.

Maybe you just need to focus on breakfast or packing them fresh lunches. Maybe you need to focus on dinner or snacks or making sure every single drink your kids have is water or really high-quality milk once in awhile. Get rid of the juices and boxes, they are not helping your kid’s wellness. It doesn’t have to be huge but if you did that it would be HUGE!

3. Supplements

I know we are not killing it in the food department and it’s not what it used to be so we supplement our kids with some things. The supplements I feel very strongly about are our probiotics and vitamin D. Even though our kids get a lot of exposure to the sun which should be first, we still supplement with vitamin D. We use vitamin D drops I love that I get off Amazon and they don’t even taste like anything. My kids will just open up their mouths like baby birds as I drop it in there and they run off and play.

We also have done multi-vitamins, especially in seasons when they were not getting the food they needed. Obviously, talk to your doctor. We just had our kid’s full blood panel done. Make sure you understand what is going on inside your kid’s bodies and ask your doctor good questions. That’s how you can know what kind of food you should or shouldn’t be giving to them. We use a naturopathic doctor who is able to tell us all these amazing things.

There is a lot of marketing and money being made on supplements that our kids really don’t need. Do your homework. Don’t just throw a bunch of things at them because it feels good, figure out what they really need. That’s number three, here is my last pillar.

4. Supporting Your Kids Through Essential Oils

This has been a big part of my life for a long time. My mom used herbs with me since I was young. Essential oils were not around as much then but now I love them so much and I’m learning so much.

I have been eager to infuse oils into my kids’ lives because I’ve been using it so long in my own. I’m really excited that I have slowly but surely built out this part of my wellness planning for my kiddos.

So what I have been doing is filling a roller bottle with a blend called Stronger which is meant for kids. I put that out on the counter so it is front of mind for me to roll that on their spines before they go to school. Franki Jo has been using oils for a while to help her with emotions at school already. Her love language is not touch but I see what this is doing for her whenever I do embrace her.

Another way I am using oils to help with their wellness is inside their bedtime routine. During their bedtime routine I’m putting oils on their back and giving them a massage. This has allowed me to spend that one-on-one time with each girl that is different than a hug goodnight. I know the girls are going to remember it forever. It’s changing and shaping the way I relate to both of my girls.

There are so many ways you can use this inside their bedtime routine that affects them on all levels. It has brought so much joy to me.

We have essential oils in our hand soap as well. I make my own with Castille soap and those foamer bottles. I put On-Gaurd in there and my girls love orange as well. I also diffuse whenever my girls get home from school. I really diffuse all the time.

Start with Small Changes

Those are the four things we are doing. It sounds like a lot but this truly is my job as the mother of my children to take care of their wellness. I get that nurturing might not be one of your strengths but I know you want to take care of your children and you want them to be well emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. I know you want that for them.

Sit down and look at how you can stack this into your routines inside of your time blocks. Look at what needs to change. For us, I need to meal prep a whole lot more so what happens on our weekends needs to shift a little bit. I’m literally going to have to cook 12,000 sweet potatoes. Where can you make slight changes to start implementing this? Don’t try to take it all on at once. Any little tineey tiny thing you can do to help their wellness is an improvement.

If you want more information on anything you read about here today you can explore the podcast, my free resources, or my oil guide. Or you can hop over inside our Facebook group and I am happy to chat with you there. I look forward to seeing you over there!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with oils in my kid's wellness? There are so many options!

I’m still learning so much about oils too! I get it can be a little overwhelming. I have created an oil guide that goes over all my favorite oils and how I incorporate them into my routines. I’d also love to chat about it with you over in the Facebook Group if you have any questions!

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