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My Super Simple Cleaning Schedule and Natural Cleaning Products

Simple Cleaning Schedule

August 17, 2022


I know you are tired of living in a cluttered, unorganized, messy house and I hear you! There is nothing more refreshing than to be able to walk into a room and see space on the countertops and the nightstands. Everywhere you turn, open a drawer, or dresser, there is space. You have a house you can be restored in and really really enjoy all the things you do there. What’s worse is all those Pinterest cleaning schedules that are so complicated and NO help. That’s why I’m going to share with you my super simple cleaning schedule and the natural products I use so you can have a home you actually enjoy being in.

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Keep Your Cleaning Simple

I’m going to make this really simple and straightforward. The goal of today’s post is to make sure you are not overcomplicating your cleaning and to understand how to create a simpler cleaning schedule for yourself.

Type in ‘cleaning routine’ into Pinterest and watch 1000 different people tell you the most complicated schedule for you to memorize. I need things to NOT be complicated and I want you to know that the system I use to clean my house is so unbelievably basic.

If you are thinking of your house as a task-by-task list you have to memorize you are probably overwhelmed. I want you to have freedom and feel the same kind of peace I do in my home.

I want to talk to you about my simple cleaning schedule and the products I use to clean with. That’s another sore spot for me. You don’t need all the doodads and chemicals to clean your house. Trying to keep up with the new toilet cleaners and dust rags is too much. I don’t have time to deal with that and I have a super simple solution for you.

The thing is when you uncomplicate something and systemize it you can then outsource pieces of it to other people in your family and get more support from your spouse and kiddos. So let’s talk about what this uncomplicated cleaning system looks like.

Zone Cleaning

What I do is break my house into zones. I can’t get on board with all those complicated cleaning schedules. There is no need for you to nit-pick your house apart and label every single thing you are supposed to be cleaning. 

Break your house into zones. It’s just like how I have broken my entire day into 5-time blocks, it’s the same concept. This is what I live and breathe, breaking big complicated things down and making them simple.

Break your house into zones and put one zone into every single week of the month. Zone 1- Week 1, Zone 2-Week 2, shall I go on? If you want to deep clean your house way more than 1 time every single month then slap two zones onto every single week. There really is nothing more complicated to it.

What people get tripped up with is what to put in what zone. I suggest that you take out a piece of paper and scratch out your house. We do kitchen and living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, and bedding. Sometimes things get moved around and we do a couple in one week and then skip a week or I get a big gust of motivation and do multiple in one week.

The point is that you are not overwhelmed by all the little things. I’m just thinking kitchen and living room, not blinds and all the stuff. I then have one tote with all the tools I need to clean my whole house no matter what room I go in.

Simple Natural Cleaning Products

Here is what you need to do product-wise to make this happen.

What’s in the Cleaning Tote

I recommend you get a plastic tote that can be wiped out. It can have dividers but I prefer a bigger deeper bin than a usual cleaning caddy. In there I have a couple of pumice stones, one toilet brush cleaner for the whole house, a couple Norwex or microfiber clothes. I recommend having two towels, one that is a polish cloth and a dirty cloth. I don’t use paper towels.

My dirty rag gets put in my dirty bin after I use them in each bathroom but my polish cloth gets a few uses before I wash it. These are washcloths that got old and dingy and I didn’t want to use anymore. It’s really super simple. Stick with your paper towels if you want but if you are curious about going paperless I have a whole podcast episode on that.

That’s the gist of what’s in there. We don’t have blinds but if you did you might want one of those Swiffer things that are good for blinds. I have another cup that has a soft and a rough sponge in it. I use natural sponges you can get off Amazon and they are compostable.

If you need help come over to the Facebook group and we can chat about it.

Cleaning Products

So what do I clean with? I have one cleaning product that I buy and I multi-purpose it into an all-purpose spray and an all-purpose scrub. It’s all-natural and doesn’t have any chemicals in it. My kids can help me clean and it helps my house smell amazing!

It’s a concentrate so I put a cap full in my water when I mop, I use baking soda and this concentrate with vinegar in a bowl for a soft scrub. I scoop it out with my hands, scrub with my natural sponge, wipe it all down with my soft sponge, rinse it off, and then use my polishing rag and I’m done. I use it on my showers, toilets, on my floors, sink, oven, I use it literally everywhere and on everything. My all-purpose spray in the same concentrate with some water in a spray bottle. I even use it to remove stains from my clothing.

This concentrate is Abode from doTerra. I’ve also used Thieves and they have On-Guard as well. It has been so amazing. My husband and kids love it. It has made it so unbelievably uncomplicated for us.

“Any small change you can make now is going to make a huge difference. Just focus on the one small change you can do right now.”

Start with Small Changes to Simplify

You can use the products you have and phase them out if you chose to use the concentrate. Just don’t make it complicated for yourself. If you are interested in the concentrate you can get it off my website from my cleaning kit. Everything I use to clean my home is in there. You can handpick what you want or get exactly what I use. 

I hope you can experience all this goodness so your kids can say “It smells so good!” instead of choking and dying whenever you are cleaning your toilets and showers. I know that well.

Don’t feel like you have to take all this on. Any small change you can make now is going to make a huge difference. Just focus on the one small change you can do right now to make a simple cleaning schedule. As soon as you are done reading this text a friend, tell your husband, share inside our Facebook group, and commit to something.

Maybe you can focus on your zones, maybe you can switch out your cleaning supplies, or start using my amazing cleaning kit with Abode concentrate, or make your own surface spray or soft scrub, or just organize your cleaning tote. Whatever it means to make your cleaning schedule simpler, that’s where you need to start. I’m so glad you dropped in here and I hope to see you over inside my Instagram or our Facebook group!

Simple Cleaning Schedule

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a super simple cleaning routine
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