How to Systemize Your To-Do List to Get More Done

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August 18, 2022

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Inside today’s post, we’re talking about how to reduce 90% of the tasks you usually feel overwhelmed by in your to-do list. We’re also talking about the difference between a system and a routine and the four types of to-do lists we all have.

I want you to feel confident that you can have some systemized productivity in your life by the time you are done with this. So what do you say? Let’s grab that trusty pen and paper or your favorite notebook and let’s get started with today’s post!

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Prioritize Your To-Do Lists

We all have four types of to-dos, and today I’m going to talk about prioritizing those four types. Yes, all the stuff you have to get done, has to get done but it all doesn’t have to get done right now. 

You are going to learn to prioritize these to-dos today. Stop making things urgent that don’t need to be because that leaves you feeling inadequate, frazzled and overwhelmed! You need to portion out these to-dos and not keep it all in your head.

How are you going to do that? You’re probably not surprised that I’m going to say systems! 90% of these to-dos should all be systemized so you never have to think about them again.

I consume zero mental energy on the things you constantly think about. The time and energy I save from this I use to love my family and grow my business. Truly, just some simple systems can be the end all be all for 90% percent of the problems.  How amazing does that sound!? Let me tell you how.

First I’m going to break down the four categories of to-dos you have.

Your Daily To-Dos

Everyone’s daily to-dos look very different. I’m not asking you to write down every single daily to-do you have but you can. I do want you to write down every single thing you have to do every day that you are overwhelmed by. Those are the daily to-dos you are going to want to focus on systemizing.

When we have finished talking about all four of these to-dos you will have created a home management system for yourself. If you still feel frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed by all this check out my own home management system where I teach you about all four of these things. You can just start rolling with them instead of thinking about what it could or should be.

Once you have those daily to-dos that are causing you the most overwhelm day after day, move onto your weekly to-dos.

Weekly To-Dos

These are the things you do 1, maybe 3 times a week. It might be going to swim, taking out the trash or doing laundry. Our other weekly to-dos are our Fundamental Needs. This is the way I have systemized our biggest, most important, non-negotiable needs. This really is the cornerstone of this entire four-segment system.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about with this you need to get my free download and figure out what your Fundamental Needs are right now. These are the things you do every week to keep you thriving and away from burnout.

Monthly To-Dos

These are the things you do 1-2 times a month. It is stuff you will typically forget like paying a bill or an appointment. The things that pop up, you forgot, and you’re frustrated about.

All three of these to-do lists have something in common, they should be set up in some type of systemized repetition. So how is this different from a routine?

Routines and Systems

You might be doing a lot of things in your daily to-dos that are routine. Routines are great but you might be doing things routinely that have no systematic approach. You might routinely be getting out the door late or not knowing what’s for dinner. 

What I want you to walk away with today is to know that all these things should have a systemized repetition to them. Pull yourself back for an hour or two and make these lists and find out what your daily, weekly, and monthlys are. What do you need to be getting done that you are not getting done? Categorize them, group them, and loosely schedule them on where they will fit into your month or inside your time blocks

When you take these things and give them a systemized approach you no longer have to think about them. You’re no longer wasting mental energy on any of these things. That will take care of 90% of those things swirling around in your head. So that just leaves you with just one more category.

“When you take these things and give them a systemized approach you no longer have to think about them. You’re no longer wasting mental energy on any of these things. That will take care of 90% of those things swirling around in your head.”

Random To-Dos

This is exactly what it sounds like, the random and unplanned things that pop up, the stuff that has to be done this week but will never have to be done again. It’s things like planning for a birthday party or the things you have said yes to for other people. 

If you have more than two kids you probably have lots of random to-dos because kids come with a lot of needs. If this is your case, you might need to have one of your weekly Fundamental Needs be to leave margin in your week to adapt to all the random to-dos and needs that pop up.

Every week after I have looked at my schedule and have put my time blocks and Fundamental Needs in I brain dump these to-dos. If you are letting all these random to-do lists dictate your schedule and life you are likely pushing your Fundamental Needs off the plate and that is a horrible habit to create. That is why you feel tired, depressed, and lonely. You need to stay focused on the true core of the things that are meaningful to you. That’s why I want you to get the first three categories into some type of systemized repetition in your life. Then you leave a little bit of cushion and time to do these extra things.

Don’t Go Alone

If you need help with how to put systems in place inside your home you have to come and check out my home management system. You don’t have to feel alone and flounder around with this anymore. There are so many women waiting to cheer you on. I’d love to see you on the next group call and talk to you and find out what is going on in your daily, weekly, and monthly to-dos. I can’t wait to see you over there!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my week NOT feel like a giant to-do list?

The cornerstone to planning your week starts with your Fundamental Needs and then your time blocks. Figuring out those two things should take care of most of your to-dos that are in your head. You need a good paper planner, an electronic calendar, and a solid system to get the to-do list out of your head so you can focus on more important things!

how to structure your to-do list to actually get things done
how to systemize your to-do list

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