My easy content creation system: 30 Days of Content in 60-Minutes in 3 Steps

30 Days of Content in 60-Minutes in 3 Steps

November 8, 2022

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Are you spinning your wheels trying to pump out images, copy, hashtags, intros, teasers, marketing, on and on over and over again and feeling overwhelmed? Content creation isn’t always easy. Come along as I share my easy content creation system!

What if I told you that you could produce a month of brand-new content in one hour?

When I started trying to put out content in all the places, I quickly realized how overwhelming it is to show up in many places in different ways. So I dropped everything and did only one thing well for a while. Podcasting!

Over time, I realized I needed to expand to other platforms.

As I learned to show up on the other platforms, I began creating systems in order to have an effective method until I had my 3-step system. Now I show up on a podcast, a blog, email, Instagram, and a Facebook group for an entire month, all from one 60-minute planning session. The steps are easy and simple, taking one 60-minute session to complete.

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast

Before you begin this process, you need to choose one main platform to focus on. This can be your blog, podcast, Instagram reels, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Whatever it is for you, this will become your lead source for content creation. If you don’t know what this thing is yet, pick the thing that feels the most interesting. This is like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing if it sticks. See how well it works. Stick with it for a while and evaluate it over time.

Pick a platform

Once you have decided on your platform, set aside time every 3rd week of the month. Make an appointment with yourself to sit down and schedule all of your content for the following month. After doing this a few times, you could potentially do this the 2nd week of the month. Doing this in the 3rd week of the month gives you time to be able to actually produce what you brainstorm and show up in all the places.

Pick a focus that will generate revenue

In this 60-minute session, sit down and brainstorm all the ideas that lead to your main income-generating product or service. We are not sitting down and coming up with new things or going in too many different directions. We are simply sitting down and saying this is the main thing I am selling. This is my content for this thing.

If you only sell one thing in a year, focus your content in a different way each month around that one thing. Your content needs to be focused and centered around this one thing you are selling NOW. If you have multiple things you are selling, focus your content around whatever you are running a special on or promoting during that season instead of focusing on too many different things at once.

3 steps to create a month of content in 60 minutes

Now, here is the actual system I created.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Create a folder, I use Google drive, open it and create a document inside titled “January Podcast Topics”, or whatever your platform is. Then begin brainstorming all of your topics. Do this at the beginning of each month’s content session.

If you have no idea where to start, have a mini-session where you go through the major pillars of your business, dump out all of your ideas, and pull from them for your content creation session.

Another thing you can do is poll your community for ideas. What questions are they currently asking? What are they currently struggling with? What are they in need of right now? Listen to your community and create content to meet the needs of your community. Polls are good but listening to what your community needs and when they are freely asking questions are the best ways to create content according to their needs.

Step 2: Plan

Once you have gone through your brainstorming session. You pull out your calendar. You look at your month and determine how much content you need to schedule for the next month on your main platform.

I put out two forms of content every week on the main platform: podcasts are released every Tuesday and Friday during a normal week. If I have a promo or special going on, I may do one more podcast episode, I will include them in my plan.

Knowing I need content for every Tuesday and Friday, I plan for eight pieces of content plus a few additional pieces for promo, and to ensure I have some flexibility. That way if I am not feeling inspired by one idea, I can choose another topic that is more appealing for me to create.

In my planner, I do a very light mock-up on a day in the month you are working on. This is literally just a brief letting you know what your goal content is for that day. If you have a master content calendar, add your lead content for each week.

If you write it in pen and things change, that is ok. This doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t want it to be messy because then it will become ineffective.

Step 3: Multiply

Here is how you multiply. Go back to your Google Docs folder. Create another document called “January Podcast Outline Template”. Create a brief outline to provide the best outcome for your main platform. For example, every single time I sit down to design a podcast, it always has an intro. At the top of my outline, it says intro. Then it says show notes / Facebook promo / Instagram caption.

When I do this, I can go back and pull from my outline and repurpose it to create content for other platforms. This is multiplying the content in order to show up in posts on multiple platforms.

If you are a beginner, you can choose one other platform to post to first and go from there.

It really is so simple and you can show up in all the places with the same content being repurposed and multiplied across all the platforms. This may take some trial and error but that is a great thing as it helps to make you more efficient and helps you to get to know your business better.

Now, go do it! Figure out what your outline should look like. Figure out that one lead piece of content for your main platform. Figure out what pieces of the lead piece of content will be repurposed for other platforms.

Listen to your community and create content to meet the needs of your community. What questions are they currently asking? What are they currently struggling with? What are they in need of right now?”

Ready, set, write!

Now when it comes down to time to produce, open up your Google Doc in real time and fill in the info you need, record, edit, and post. Or you can batch produce. Carve out 3-4 hours, create your outline, record, edit, and schedule your posts. Play with what feels best for you and finally begin showing up in all the places with your amazing content.

If you want to learn how to create a system across your business, family, motherhood, and/or your marriage, consider joining The Systemize Your Life Academy. I teach you about systems in all areas of your life in order for you to become an efficient machine in all areas of your life.

If you just want support as you prepare your Content Creation System, join my free accountability Facebook Group and grow with other women who are just like you.

30 Days of Content in 60-Minutes in 3 Steps

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Easy content creation system: one month of content in 60-minutes
Easy content creation system: one month of content in 60-minutes

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