Four Wellness Pillars To Keep Your Kids Healthy All Year Round

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December 14, 2022

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We have survived! Our summer break is officially over and full back to school prep mode is here. The one thing many families fail to prepare for during back to school season is the wellness of not only themselves, but also the wellness for their kids. Especially during back to school season. With all the excitement of everything back to school, we forget to focus on what wellness looks like for our kids and our whole families. Especially when everyone gets back to school. This back-to-school wellness is structured around four specific pillars. Quick little adjustments to make as moms to help prepare our families. Four specific wellness pillars to help you and your family optimize your health and wellness during the busy season of back to school.

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In our household, we have dealt with a good bit of sickness over the last few years. Especially as my youngest daughter entered into her Montessori-based school, a lot of germs were brought home. Through all the extra germs that entered into our household over the years, I quickly learned of the things I could and should have been doing to help maintain our health and wellness. Through these past few years, utilizing these little changes and adjustments, I have built up our family’s wellness system for maintaining a wellness plan for my kids as we go back to school.

The Four Wellness Pillars Your Family Needs

As the seasons shift, so many things happen. With new seasons, brings the right time to sit down and look through the wellness plan you have for your family. I am going to share with you the four wellness pillars we use in our home. These four pillars will have their own little story of their own, which will allow you to take each pillar and truly make it your own. Therefore, focus on what works best for you and your family.

Do I believe my four pillars of wellness are really great for my family, absolutely. However, you may have different circumstances, or different needs, and need to tailor your family wellness plan to fit those. Whatever kind of wellness your children and family may need. Physical wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual, or mental. Whatever it is, you can find something to work for you and your whole family in this family wellness plan.

Every system has to be tailored to the life that you choose and the life that you create for your kids.

An Important Note When Planning for Your Children’s Wellness

Now, real quick note before we truly dive into the healthy wellness tips. When you determine the things you want to implement for your children’s wellness in each of these four pillars. Be sure to think about how you can incorporate all four aspects of their emotional, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Those are the FOUR parts of wellness in your children that we need to be touching and tapping into. While you may excel at keeping your kids super healthy physically, but you may struggle in the emotional department because you have your own things you have to work on.

Start out by taking a quick inventory of what is working for your kids. Think through where you want to be better and in what areas you hope to improve. Chat about these with your spouse as they will be able to give great feedback and input to things you may not have been thinking of. Which will lead to even more balance and allow your kids to have the wellness that you need!

Healthy Wellness Tip #1 – Sleep

The very first tip, essential to your family’s entire wellness is sleep! Sleep comes before everything else and is determined solely on your bedtime routine. It is essential that you as a parent know what time is lights out in your household for each kiddo. Be sure that each kiddo is in their bedroom thirty minutes before lights out.

This has SO much to do with your children’s wellness. Obviously, sleep is when your body is able to repair itself and bolster their immune system. But also, this bedtime routine is a super important time for you as a parent to be able to connect with your kids. If you want to be able to spiritually, physically, emotionally connect with your kids during their day, this is a great time to be able to do that.


Focus on Specific Needs During Bedtime


Focus on doing things during their bedtime routine that can help them. Start with getting your kids to bed on time so that they are getting the proper, recommended hours of sleep each night. Sleep is foundational. Once you have your bedtime down, then focus on optimizing the rest of your bedtime routine. What kind of special needs do you need to focus on. For us, we spend intentional time with our youngest on brushing her teeth and helping her dental hygiene.

Tailor this specific time of day to each individual child. So much goodness can come out of this one routine that will hit them in so many ways.

Healthy Wellness Tip #2 – Food

The second wellness tip for your kiddos is their food. Specifically, what do you need to do for their wellness. This will be different for every single person. For us and our family, we have decided about feeling very strongly about NOT having any processed or fake, colors, sugars (anything synthetic) in our foods. Additionally, our major focus right now is cooking whole foods. To do this we set a short term goal. Our goal is for 3 out of 5 lunches to not include processed grains. That is a lot. But it is our goal to achieve this for our family’s wellness plan.

Also, I want to include greens at every meal. Fresh, healthy greens for our family. These are our family’s wellness goals when it comes to food. What are the things you want to focus on for your family? Maybe you can just focus on breakfast? Or maybe, your focus is on packing a fresh lunch? Instead, focus on snacks. Or, maybe you want to tackle dinner. Whatever it is, start small and make a change that you can feel good about for your whole family. It truly doesn’t matter where you start, just start somewhere.

Healthy Wellness Tip #3 – Supplements

Our foods don’t have all the things we need, and we believe in supplements in this household to ensure the right nutrients get to our bodies. The two major supplements we feel super strongly about in this household are Vitamin D and a probiotic. Even though our kids to get a lot of exposure to sun, and as much as we do prioritize getting outside as much time as possible with our kids. A vitamin D supplement is a super easy way to help provide that extra nurture.

Check with your doctor. I recommend getting a wellness visit with your doctor. Have a full blood panel done on your kiddos and have them look at it to tell you the things you kiddos need. Through this, you are able to truly focus on what your kids specifically need. Do your homework and make sure it is what your kids really need!

Healthy Wellness Tip #4 – Essential Oils

This fourth wellness pillar is more of a natural approach to wellness. This pillar focuses on supporting your kiddos on a cellular level and an emotional level. As well as a physical level through essential oils. Essential oils have been a big part of my life for a really long time. I infuse essential oils so much in my own personal life, and I am excited and eager to continue to use them with my kiddos.

What I am currently doing for my kiddos is this. I have a roller bottle of a blend called On-Guard. They make one specific for kiddos called Stronger. I roll this on their spines before they go to school each day. My oldest daughter uses oils to help her with her emotions when she goes to school.


Essential Oils at Bedtime


One way that I am really loving using essential oils as part of our wellness plan is through touch. In our bedtime routine, another way I use oils to be able to help with their wellness is through putting oils on their back and giving them a light massage. I use oils to help protect them and help them sleep. This allows me to spend super intentional time with each daughter and it is so important to me. And so important to our whole wellness plan.

Another way we use essential oils as part of our wellness routine is through diffusing oils. I diffuse oils throughout my home all day long.

Your Healthy Wellness Plan

As you sit down and work through creating your family’s healthy, wellness plan and work through the four pillars, it may seem like a lot. But, it is truly our job as mom to take care of the wellness of our children. I get it, nurturing might not be each of our strengths as moms, but we can make it be. As moms, we always want to be able to nurture and take care of our babies. That is what makes us a momma! These four healthy wellness pillars can help be sure your family stays healthy and well all year round. Look through your time blocks, look at your systems and your routines. Start adding these things in so that the whole family can focus on healthy wellness. Focus on where you can make slight changes to be able to start implementing. You can do this!

wellness pillars to keep my kids healthy

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I incorporate using essential oils as part of my family's wellness routine?

I have a complete guide on Essential Oils, including my favorite blends and products to use in your home to support you and the entire family in your wellness goals. Additionally, incorporate using essential oils into different routine stacks throughout the day to truly help provide for your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness.

healthy wellness tips
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