10 Tips To Make Your House Feel Like a Home This Spring

10 Tips To Make Your House Feel Like a Home This Spring

January 12, 2023

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I find so much peace and joy when Spring arrives. Springtime season allows me the opportunity to prep the house for the upcoming months when my kids will be home with me. School will be out for the summer, and that’s when so many memories are made with our family.

There’s nothing better in my mind than taking a few minutes throughout the week to make your house really feel like a home so that when anyone walks through your doors, they automatically feel welcomed and at peace. How you set things out, how everything smells, looks, feels, all these things can bring happiness. Today you will learn 10 simple tips to make your house feel more like a home for this Spring season!

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Why is it important to pour into your home?

I’ve met a lot of women who don’t love this. Some women I talk to say it’s because they never witnessed it growing up, don’t know how, don’t have the time, or don’t want to. I have a significant responsibility to help take care of the home. To give it the time it deserves and needs to make our house feel like a home. I want to talk about how much time and money you’ll need to accomplish this, as well as 10 super fun ways to make your house feel more like home! We want people who walk into your home to feel welcomed and well-loved.

It all starts at home

The number one reason why it’s important to pour into your home is that everything you do stems from the walls that you live in. Your best work as a mom, a wife, and a business owner, all starts within your home. When you neglect this, you neglect all the other pieces of the pie as well. You can’t just leave certain pieces of your ingredients out of your recipe and expect to make a delicious cake. You can’t hide the soggy middle part of your cake if you don’t add all the ingredients and bake it correctly.

This piece really does affect all the things you are trying to do, especially if you are working from home. Maybe you only have 15-30 min of undivided attention to give your kids during the day and you want to play a game with them but can’t even find where the games are. Having systems put into place will help you in all the areas that you are trying to manage within your home and even outside of the home.

My husband contributes to our home all of the time. He is very capable of doing all the chores to include, including laundry, dishes, scrubbing toilets, cooking, and more. But there is something super awesome that happens for me when my husband can come home after working his long shifts to a home that is clean and inviting and be in a place where he can just relax. That is just one way that I can show my love to him and he does the same thing for me.

The art of making your house into a home.

Your house should be a place that just makes you feel loved. Not everyone grows up with this feeling, but I know that most of us strive for this feeling. Pouring into your home just a little bit will truly help you succeed in all the other areas you are trying to show up for in your life.

Let’s talk about why you don’t need as much time and money as you think to accomplish this specific goal. All the magazines and shows that you see are truly staged! 1000% staged! You don’t need all of those things to make your home beautiful! We don’t have all that, but we love our house and it feels amazing. I believe you can do the same thing without all the matching couches, white everything, and matching silverware. Let me say it again, you don’t need all of that.

Look at what you have and see how you can make that more than good enough for true satisfaction and enjoyment in your home. Here are 10 tips that you can do to make a huge difference in your home. Get your notebook out and write all 10 of these down. Some you may love and others you may not, either way, let’s jump in.

Make Your House a Home for Spring

1. Bring Plants Into Your House

I have a friend who can’t keep plants alive to save her soul, but springtime is the perfect time to bring plants into the house. Whether or not you are working from home, bring some plants in. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can look for plants that are super hardy. These types of plants don’t require a lot of work, but they can make a huge difference. If you really don’t want to spend time on real plants, you can go buy some fake ones. Ikea, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby have some really good and inexpensive plants.. This is a quick and simple change. If you are like me and already have a ton of plants in the house, move them around. Just moving the plants around to different areas of the house, will give it all a fresh look!

2. Swap Out Pillows and Bedding

I do this two times a year. When it warms up, we change the bedding in our master room. Adding a different throw blanket at the end of your bed is a super simple change-up as well. I like having a breakfast tray on our bed. It’s a great place to keep your journals. As soon as you make your bed in the morning, you can sit down crisscross on your bed and easily grab your journals from the tray, and then use your try to hold or coffee. Super easy, but super pretty!

3. Use Clean And Fresh Essential Oils

If you use candles in your house, swap them out and get a diffuser. If you’re already using diffusers, switch up the oils you are using. My favorite thing to do when the season changes, is to change up the oils we diffuse. I have some really good blends that smell fresh and pair perfectly with Spring. I like using peppermint and fruit oils during this time. It just makes the house smell amazing and inviting.

4. Start Decluttering Small Spaces While Waiting For Dinner To Cook

I explained in a previous episode about decluttering in smaller areas and cleaning in a short amount of time. I mentioned that standing around and scrolling on your phone while dinner is cooking can be a waste of time. If you only have 5 minutes to declutter something, find somewhere small to start. Maybe it’s the straw drawer, cereal box shelf, or the bottom shelf of the freezer. This is a great way to clean things out when you don’t have a lot of time.

5. Organize Your Makeup Space

I like being out and about when the weather is nice. With that said, I enjoy putting my makeup on more during these times. I went out and bought two new jars to keep my makeup brushes in. This just makes it look nice on my vanity and everything is super organized. I love having everything easily accessible and right at my fingertips. It’s so much fun when I walk into my bathroom and see everything looking so pretty. You can get these jars from Hobby Lobby, the second-hand store, or just use pots that you would typically put plants in. This is simplifying a system that sometimes needs it. Wearing makeup is fun, and when everything is easy to find, it makes the process so enjoyable.

“Springtime season allows me the opportunity to prep the house for the upcoming months when my kids will be home with me. School will be out for the summer, and that’s when so many memories are made with our family.”

6. Refresh or Purge Your Drop Zone.

This is the place that has all your bags, coats, shoes, and scarves. We recently did this and we were able to get so many things out of this area. Just redoing this one area makes the house feel tidy and inviting. It’s a beautiful and organized space. You don’t have to do it all in one day. Maybe you start with the shoes and then the next day goes back and do the coats. That is the method that we used and it worked great.

7. Get A New Door Mat Or Rug

This is so simple. I just did this as well, and it made everything feel so fresh. It was cheap and it made all the difference in the room. You can do this with your front door as well. Buy a Spring doormat and maybe even try layering it. This is a fun little project and can add so much life to the front of your house.

8. Plant New Plants In Old Terracotta Pots At The Front Door

I love old terracotta pots. I have seen Joanna Gains use old pots in her magazines and they look so beautiful. These simple pots are inexpensive and every single thrift or second-hand store has these. You can even buy some and have the kids paint cute little designs on them. This makes for a fun arts and crafts time with the kiddos. Get creative and enjoy.

9. Set Out Your Dish Soap In Pretty Containers

There is something about this that makes your house feel more like home. Use your dish soap, hopefully, it’s chemical-free, and put it into a good glass container with a pump spout or an oil olive dispenser. This gets rid of those old sticky plastic containers. Your sponges can also go into a cute container as well. You can buy so many different designs that match your house vibe. You can buy sponges that look like real sea sponges or just a different more natural-looking sponge. I like putting a little more thought and effort into these small things instead of buying the old green and yellow little sponges that my mom still uses to this day. No more green and yellow sponges ladies, let’s dress up the kitchen a little.

10. Fresh Flowers

Every once in a while grabbing some fresh flowers and putting them on the kitchen table can make all the difference. Whether you are having company over, or you just work from home all day and would love to see some flowers in your space, this is a must. Flowers always make the house seem brighter and nothing says Spring better than some gorgeous blooms in the home.

What will you start with?

I hope you enjoyed these 10 straightforward fun tips for making your house feel exactly the way you want it to feel as we change seasons. I would love to see what step you do first! Take a picture and post it on the Facebook group. Did you buy flowers first? Buy a new soap dispenser? Share with us, and until next time, we’ll see you right here on the blog!

10 Tips To Make Your House Feel Like a Home This Spring

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10 Tips To Make Your House Feel Like a Home This Spring
10 Tips To Make Your House Feel Like a Home This Spring

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