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Back To Basics Series – Finally Finish Projects & Start Implementing Your Business Ideas

Back To Basics Series - Finally Finish Projects & Start Implementing Your Business Ideas chelsi jo

February 10, 2023


Welcome back to the Back To Basics Series! Day two is all about how you can start finally finishing those projects you have on the back burner and start implementing your business ideas! If you haven’t saw day one of the series go check that out first.

This is a 4-day series aimed at giving you, the work-from-home mom who is trying to grow her dreams and serve her home and family well, the tools she needs to juggle it all! We are dialing it back, breaking it down, and getting back to basics in motherhood, business, home, and marriage over 4 days, and 4 episodes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what this means to get back to the basics in business as a mom that’s raising kids at the same time. You who are really trying to run her ship in home, in motherhood, and be really incredibly dedicated to life. There is so much influence right now that we go on what this is supposed to look like. And I am one of those people that observe. I do a lot of observing with the intent of truly understanding culture.

If you want to do your very best work in every area of your life then grab your pen and paper ladies because I am about to dive into the Back To Basics series!!

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast

Today’s Culture

Culture is my jam. I’m obsessed with it. I love it. I understand that culture is really the foundation and the thread of what keeps people together or keeps them apart. So we have a culture as women and even beneath that. We have a culture as work from home moms, women that are trying to raise babies but also want to do other things with their lives as well. What it means to get back to the basics. And that for me is what this episode is going to be all about. Get things done and start implementing your business ideas.

It’s focusing on what we’re called to do, what’s on our hearts. It’s focusing on who we were made to be, what our gifts are, what our talents are, what our dreams are, and not so much about what everybody else thinks they should be. And that’s really hard to do when we are overwhelmed and bombarded with what other people are constantly doing in their businesses and in their homes.

If you open up Instagram, there’s this suggested part, it gives you this feed of all these different things. Literally, nearly every single one of them are moms with babies. A lot of them also have families.


I’m constantly looking at moms and what women in powerful positions do. How are they showing up on social? How are they showing up in their workplace? What does being a working woman look like? What does being a mom with dreams look like? 

It is so unbelievably hard for us to make up our minds about what we want to be when we are distracted. Distracted by what other moms are doing, distracted by our phones, distracted by our grandmothers, distracted by our church and the male voices in our lives. It’s very, very hard for us to know what that looks like if we are distracted. And although this post is not about distraction, I think it’s a very, very important part in how we start.

Because your homework for today is to understand how to finally finish a project. How you will actually follow through with these ideas that you have in your mind that you want to get done. And when you’re distracted, you can’t do it. 

Distraction comes in many ways. It could come in the form of your house being too messy and so, therefore, you can’t work. Maybe it’s from your children not having boundaries. It can come in the form of not having boundaries with your spouse. 

There are distractions everywhere. And what I know for sure is that you cannot do the great work that you were called to do if you don’t have time to sit down with yourself each day to really hear what it is that you believe it is you’re supposed to be doing.

A Mother’s Instinct

So, if you haven’t seen the previous post, day one of the back-to-basics series. I want you to start there because it’s where we start in motherhood.

And on a side note, I have a lot of people ask me, where’s your personal life? And I think as moms we identify so much first and foremost as moms before our own individual identity. Because moms have this maternal instinct that we truly do, tends to give up everything for our children, including our personal life. And so what I really want us to understand is that when our motherhood is where we truly believe that it should be, that’s when we give ourselves permission to have the personal life that we should have.

And that’s really where I put it, honestly. It’s my husband, then my kids, and then my personal life, which is where I put my business. That’s where that calling in my life lines up.

Back To Basics & Business

So this is what getting back to the basics and business looks like because here we are, we’re trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing, especially in our motherhood. We’re busy in our homes, but we still cannot silence that thing in our brain that tells us that we want to do something else. Some of us silence it for longer than others. Some of us silence it in different ways. 

My mom crafted her whole entire life and that was kind of her outlet and I loved that. I learned to do crafting from her. And so some of us do this thing with our kids along with us. That was my first business. I had worn a baby on my back and I still have my kids involved in my business.

So some of us let that need for autonomy out in different ways and some just are really good at not needing that until our kids are grown. So no matter where you’re at or when you choose to start or how you go about this, that’s totally up to you. I just want you to know that whenever you do decide to start and you want to be successful at growing a business while you’re being a mom, you absolutely can. You have to A, stop being distracted and B, you’re going to actually have to get to work and start implementing your business ideas.

So no matter where you’re at or when you choose to start or how you go about this, that’s totally up to you. I just want you to know that whenever you do decide to start and you want to be successful at growing a business while you’re being a mom, you absolutely can.”

Do The Work And Show Up

You’re going to have to start following through with some things and be consistent. You’re going to have to do the work. And that is going to have to be something that you have to fit in right along with laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and keeping the house organized and picked up. 

Even if you outsource things to other people and you pay cleaners and you pay people to do your laundry. Or you could be like me, I don’t have to pay people because both my grandmother and Blaine’s mom love doing the girls’ laundry. We still have to put them away. That’s something, right?

It doesn’t really matter who you have helping you or how much you have or do not have on your plate, you’re going to have to show up regularly and finish the work in order to see growth happen.

Back To Basics Homework

Here is your homework and there are a few steps involved here. So get out of pen and paper. 

Social Media

Let’s just give you a really tangible example. I’ll give you one from my end that I get a lot with the girls inside of the Systemize Your Life Academy. One of the things that the girls bring up often is how to tackle the bear of social media. And all of us that do have a business whether that be an online business, a brick and mortar, an Etsy store, or whatever. It does not even begin to matter, you will be doing social media, and trying to stay consistent there is hard. 

So we’re going to use this example, okay? Say your project or your idea is, I want to show up on my Instagram five days a week. Me, I want to do it one day a week. It used to be three days a week. That’s just me right now. I want to show up in other places as well, but I’m just going to use Instagram as an example. You have to be able to know what it is that you want to do in order to execute it.

This is exactly what I do with every single idea, every single project because ideas turn into projects. So no matter which way you think of this, you’re breaking an idea and a project down the exact same way because your idea will turn into a project.

Pick One Thing And Choose A Name

This is where you begin, friends. So how do we get back to the basics? We focus on one thing at a time. We pick one idea, we pick one project and we do it until it’s done and then we move on. Put big asterisk stars around that bad boy right? 

Now, once you have this idea of what it is that you want to be working on, I want you to take just five minutes with a piece of paper. I typically do this inside of my mind mapping software, mindmeister.com. But, at the top of that paper, I want you to give your project or your idea a name.

Choose A Due Date

Then you are going to make sure you, absolutely 100% of the time, have a deadline. When do you want this idea to come to life? When do you want this project to be completed? It has to have a deadline.

So underneath the name, you’re going to give it a due date, just like you did when you were in school. You’re going to put the name and then you’re going to put the due date over on the other side.

Break It Up

From there, you are going to break up the time. So say your deadline or when you want to see it happen is three months from now. I want you to break up the time from right now to the date when you want it to be completed into either three or four parts.

So if I’m saying three months, that’s a quarter of the year, then I could break that easily down into three parts every single month. Now If you had a longer timeframe, if this is a big idea and it’s going to take a year, break it down into four parts. If you do more than four it gets to be too much, so just trust me on this. 

Let’s just say there are four weeks left. Well, that breaks down perfectly into four parts. So I want you to break those up and those are going to become your stepping stones and your check-in points. And I want you to give them actual dates. 

So let’s use the month example, you would put down at the end of every Friday as your check-in point. You write down the beginning date, the end date, and all the check-in dates in between. You’re either going to have three or four of them. 

One more example. If you decided you’re going with a super big project and you want to do it for a year, then your check-in points would be at the end of every quarter and you’re going to have four of them. You would write that date down. So at the end of the first quarter, end of the second quarter, end of the third quarter, and then at the end of the year, those would all be your check-in points.

Group It

From there, you’re obviously going to want to take that project and break it down into that number of groups. So if you picked three, then you need to take your entire project and break it up into three groups.

Example 1

Let’s go back to that social media example. What would happen if you say, okay, I want to show up on social media for the next month consistently five times a week, that means I have four weeks. I have four specific stepping stones, four check-in points one at the end of every single week, with five posts a week. So five times a week for four weeks, that’s 20 posts that I’m going to have to come up with. 

Now when you break that down, that means inside of your first stepping stone, because you have four of them, you have to have five posts created with graphics and the copy, right?

Example 2

Let’s look at another example. One specific to me, I’ll just use my own example over the next three months. So for a quarter, an idea or a project that I have, I’ve broken that down. I know what I’m doing from now until the end of this quarter.

So one project I know that I need to do is some partnerships. I am working really, really hard to partner with other business owners to make sure that the people they are doing business with, that they have inside of their circle know about the Systemize Your Life podcast. I want to make sure that every woman that could possibly know about the podcast, knows. 

In order for me to do that, I actually want to have a partnership program and a campaign that I set up. And so this is this idea and this project that I have that I need to complete and I have a certain deadline that I want to have it done by.

That truly is how you get back to the basics in your business is to stop circling around all of this fluff that you’re supposed to be doing and look at what your ideas are. You look at what your projects are and you put them down.

Are You Throwing Spaghetti?

Now I know a lot of you are going to be like, yeah, but I don’t know if my ideas are actually going to move my business forward. Well, you’ve got two options. You either go hire a business coach that will help you and that will tell you this is exactly what you do to move your business forward. And she tells you the projects that you’re supposed to do. Like I did with Stefanie Gas.

Or your second option is to do what I did with my first business where you just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks and what doesn’t. And then when you find out what sticks, you do more of that and you throw some more spaghetti at the wall until you get good at something until you figure it out and you just keep going. Does it take a little bit longer? It sure does, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to work. It just means that you’re going to have to have thick skin. And even still, the things that I try don’t always work

Every single business coach is going to tell you to do things, but your business is your business. And so you’re just going to have to get up and you’re going to have to get to work. You’re going to have to do work, you’re going to have to start completing projects. And to produce something, you’re going to have to show up consistently. 

So this is how you do it. You take an idea and you map it out and you put it down.

My Calling 

You may be asking, Chelsi, does that mean literally everything you get done or aim to get done in your business, you have it mapped out and you write it down and when you’re going to get it done? Yes, I do. That is me, I was called to teach. That is what I teach inside the Systemize Your Life Academy.

Not every single business owner operates that way. But I will tell you, when I am trying to juggle motherhood, my own self-esteem, my body, my weight, my health, my own personal life with my friends, my husband, cleaning my house, and all of these things. That is how I have managed to show up in my business regularly and consistently. 

The same way that I have shown up on this blog, and on my podcast. How I have made it to over 100 episodes by mapping everything out, putting it down, and having a workflow. The same stages of building a workflow are the exact thing that I’m talking to you about right now.

Batch Scheduling

The very last thing that you need to do, is you need to know what comes first, second, and third. I said that you need to break your project down into parts first, second, and third. And with the example of social media, clearly, when you have 20 whole posts, you don’t want to sit down and create every single one of them at that moment. 

So what you’re going to want to do is sit down and say, okay, in the first week, by the end of that Friday, I know that I need to have five posts. What do I want my post to be about? You might want to look at what you have going on in your business. What are you trying to do, what are you trying to promote? What is it that you want to be talking about? Have something that you’re focusing on and sit down, gather five images, write out all your copy, and boom, done. And then you’re going to go into the next week and you’re going to do the same thing. That is batching at its finest.

Now, when we talk about my project example that I gave to you, well, how did I know what came first, second, and third? Well, I’m getting coached. I believe in coaching through and through, it is the way that you get results quickly when coupled with being committed. So that’s how I know what I need to do for the second and third. And then I sat down and I was like, okay, so I have this list of things that I need to do in order for my partnerships to be successful and I’m going to follow them in the order that they were given to me.

Build The Momentum

It’s just a matter of seriously sorting, and organizing all of your steps into compartments that fit inside your stepping stones. And that is seriously it. That is all it comes down to because now you know exactly what you’re supposed to execute each day to be able to complete your project or make your idea come to life by that specific time that you wanted it to. 

And the first time you do that, it’s going to build so much momentum. You’re not going to want to look at social. Do you know how easy it is for me to delete apps on my phone? I don’t care, to be honest, because I know what happens when I care more about what’s happening on my phone. When I care more about what’s happening in my friends’ lives than I sit on Voxer or I sit in my text messages for far too long. 

I know what happens. I’m disappointed in myself, and that kills your momentum every single time. So I choose to show up for myself. Do I show up for my friends? Absolutely. But my friends are awesome. My husband is awesome. My kids, they’re learning, but they’re awesome.

Set Boundaries

So I make sure that I set boundaries and then I show up for me and I get back to the basics. I literally get my work done. I show up for this plan as hard and often as I can. 

Now, as hard and often does not mean I’m hustling. It means I show up on time for myself. I put myself together. Now, sure, some of you may argue that you can hang out in your pajamas all day and be productive, but I cannot. 

I have got to get dressed, show up on time, and know what I need to do. I do my work and I’m done. And that’s it. That is how simple it can be. That is truly how simple it can be for you to be able to make momentum and stop being overwhelmed in your business. 

The Academy

There is so much more goodness inside of the Systemize Your Life Academy that just really drives this home. From spreadsheets to help figure out your finances, all of the social media support, and organizing all of your content to build your workflow out. All of it step by step. You could have massive results in less than a month. And the support inside of the academy is, a hundred times what you feel like you’re getting inside of our free Facebook group, which I would like to brag is pretty awesome itself. But, it’s even better inside the Systemize Your Life Academy. And we would love to welcome you with open arms. 

On that note, please come over to the Facebook group and drop in your homework. I  want you to give me a project. I want you to tell me what you are going to work on. You can break the whole thing down. Tell me what your stepping stones are, and drop in your finalized date. Let’s hold each other accountable, share your goals with me. I’m totally here to support you and am more than happy to help you break these down or talk them through. I can’t wait to see you over inside the Facebook group.

Head to day three of The Back To Basics Series here.

Back To Basics Series - Finally Finish Projects & Start Implementing Your Business Ideas chelsi jo

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Is there an easy way I can map out my project digitally?

Chelsi uses and highly recommends MindMeister, a software that can help you digitally map out and keep track of your ideas and projects.

Back To Basics Series - Finally Finish Projects & Start Implementing Your Business Ideas chelsi jo
Back To Basics Series - Finally Finish Projects & Start Implementing Your Business Ideas chelsi jo

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