What to Do When Overwhelmed – The First Step to Take

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February 16, 2023

Part of the tagline for the Systemize Your Life podcast is “get your life out of the chaos and into confidence” and it is my mission in life to help as many moms as possible do just that. But if you are so overwhelmed that you have no idea what to do, today’s post is for you. Today I am going to tell you exactly what to do when overwhelmed. I promise that by taking this first step, you will start on a journey that will bring peace to your life.

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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Mom guilt is the worst. It leaves you feeling like you are just getting by or, even worse, like you are a failure. I understand this feeling. On the podcast, I have shared my story many times. When we were first married, Blaine and I had a lot going on. We were dealing with the stress of Blaine completely starting over in his career, managing a blended family, a demanding new baby, and my business and career. I was a mess. I felt like I was failing everyone.

Something had to give and so I dove into figuring out systems to bring stability and peace to our lives. What I came up with is my four tier success formula. These four tiers will lead you to fulfillment, just like they have for me and the many other women I have led through them. The Academy is a deep dive into these four tiers, but today I am going to share about the first one.

Productivity is the Key for Overcoming Overwhelm

Focusing on my productivity is how I got past all the frustration and mom guilt. It is how I gained traction to help me feel more in control of my life. To focus on your productivity, you need to look at three areas in your life.

  • Your mindset
  • Your self-care
  • Your time management

I have talked about each one of these many times over in the 250+ episodes of the podcast, they really are foundational. Let’s dive a little deeper into each one.

Your Mindset Matters

If you are a mom that wants to start a business or if you are doing ANY kind of work from home, this mindset conversation is one that you need to have. You need to have it with yourself, your spouse, your friends, and even your children if they are old enough. The thoughts we think matter.

You have to start prioritizing what thoughts are going on inside your head. If you find yourself constantly wondering what to do when overwhelmed, pay attention to your thoughts. One of my favorite pages in the workbook that is in the Academy talks about how to start to dive into your own personal thought patterns because what you think about all day, everyday, determines what you do.

Take Control and Flip the Script

Blaine’s grandpa used to say “Where your thoughts go, your feet go.” I think it is such a good reminder to take full responsibility for the thoughts in your mind. Positive thinking is great and all, but the real difference comes when you can take control of your thoughts. Daily motherhood isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, you will face negative thoughts. Learn to take control of your thoughts

Learn to flip the script. When you find yourself thinking “I’m not good at” turn it around and think “I’m getting better at” instead. The more you do it, the more natural it will feel. Be kind to yourself, momma.

“The word self-care is overused today, but what I’m talking about is sustainable self-care. I’m talking about your core fundamental needs. These provide a sustainable life for you. Do you know what yours are?”

Self-Care Isn’t What You Think

The word self-care is overused today, but what I’m talking about is sustainable self-care. I’m not talking about getting your nails done and doing your makeup. I’m talking about your core fundamental needs. These provide a sustainable life for you. Do you know what yours are?

I have a workbook that can help you work though this process. You decide what your needs are. Blaine and I have a set of eight fundamental needs. We call them the Great Eight. You can see them in the Priorities workbook. It’s free.

Time Management is Unavoidable

I am constantly surprised by how many moms I meet that are not using time blocking. You need time blocking. I talk about it a lot on the podcast. Check out these episodes of the podcast:

Learn to segment your time and your tasks so you know what is getting 100% of your attention at any given time. Give yourself the gift of a framework to remove the pressure of always feeling like you have to be giving 100% of yourself to everything all the time because you don’t know when else you will get to it.

Time blocking is not a schedule. I use time stamps during my day, but I don’t have a schedule that tells me I need to do this at that time. For example, I don’t have “make dinner” on my schedule at a set time, but I do know that I need to have dinner started by 4:00 each day or my evening will be chaos. Using time stamps and time blocks, I get what I want to do each week done.

What to do When Overwhelmed?

Now you know. Start with these three things and you will begin to form a solid foundation for managing your life. You can learn to balance your work, your motherhood, and the rest of your life. It just takes time and I can help you learn how to manage that time well.

This episode is part of a series that lead up to a workshop where I go over each tier in more detail. Be sure to check out the next three episodes after you work through these steps and sign up for the free workshop:

You can do this, momma! Remember to check in with us in the Facebook group for even more support. I’m rooting for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fundamental Needs and how can I make those a part of my schedule?

As a busy mom, your priorities should be at the forefront when you are planning your week. Using the paper planner to create your ideal week should always include your Fundamental Needs. To learn what your Fundamental Needs are, download my FREE workbook. This workbook will help you learn what your needs are to thrive every week, how to schedule your needs before everything else in your week, and how to routinely show up for those needs!

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