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How to Crush Your Fears and Do the Work to Succeed in Business | Balancing Business Series

crush your fears and succeed in business chelsijo.co

April 19, 2023

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Welcome to the Balancing Business Series! This four-part series is focused completely on how to succeed in business while managing your home. Within this series, we established the most important steps to finding time to grow your business, how to get focused and work done when you sit down to work, and to truly move the needle forward on your most important projects. The next component of managing work-life balance is all about mindset. It’s time to chase away those fears and get the work done.

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The Number One Way To Succeed In Business

The number one thing that separates the people who succeed from those who don’t is who actually does the work. That is going to determine whether or not you are going to be successful. I’m in several masterminds with all levels of peers. Most of them are above me and a little bit further ahead than I am for the most part. They are all incredibly successful at their work, and 99% of them are moms. Most of the people that are running businesses are moms and are extremely successful at doing both. I wonder if you can guess what they all have in common. 

They absolutely don’t all have amazing strategies, which brings a lot of us to these masterminds, because we are trying to learn from one person and their strategy. Most certainly don’t all have amazing systems, although I am trying to spread my love of systems everywhere I go. They don’t all have amazing support at home. Barely any of them started with large amounts of money or free time. They are moms just like us. I was always fascinated by how they were all extremely successful. 

In Order to Succeed in Business, You Must Do The Work

Though all of those things that I just mentioned do help you succeed, they are great things to have. But the one thing that every single one of these women does to make headway, impact and income is that they do the work. They work hard, show up and are consistent.  

Collectively as a group, between my students and theirs, thousands of students have walked through out communities. We all talk about what makes people successful. What makes people able to really go out there as moms and get this work done and not be a frazzled hot mess? For the most part, the most successful students and people I’ve been around and learned from, all stop with the excuses and get to work. Those are the ones that succeed.

Will Fear Stop You From Succeeding in Business?

I want you to believe so deeply that you can live a systemized life. I want you to become a VIP student in my community and Systemize Your Biz, to do the work and succeed in business and life. That is why I’m so passionate about showing up here and spreading all my systems and strategy. But you have to decide if now is the right time and if you will let your fears stop you. You have to ask yourself: “Am I going to let my fears convince me that every single one of my excuses is valid?” Your fears are real, and so are mine.

How to Crush Your Fears and Show Up To Do The Work in Your Business

Today we will be talking about how to crush those fears so that you can show up and do the work. I have to work through my fears every single day of my life, and at some point, these things are going to creep up in my life and in yours. They will creep into your work, home, and business if they haven’t already. But they have, and they will always be there. You are not different, weak or irrational; we all have these fears. But some people know how to crush those fears. 

I have daily fears when it comes to my house and business and balancing both. I’ve learned how to navigate them and stop my fears in their tracks. This is not a black-and-white situation. Do I live a systemized life – yes. Do I have a laundry system – I do. But I get behind or off track, and I’m okay with that. I understand why mishaps happen. I don’t want you to live your life behind these fears.

The One Thing Holding You Back From Succeed in Business

I’ve given you every single tool you need to be able to successfully balance your business while you smash it in your house and your relationships with your husband and your kids. I don’t want anything else to get in the way.

Are Your Fears of Failing Holding Back Your Success in Business?

It is time for you to take a long, hard look at the only intangible thing we have left on the table to address when it comes to balancing your home and your business, and it’s your fears. The fear that every dollar you’ve ever asked for or convinced yourself or your spouse that you should spend on your start-up or your business would be a waste and wouldn’t return the money.

The fear that your housework would never get done. The dishes will pile up, the appointments will get missed, and the kid’s school work will suffer. Your to-dos for the family will get pushed aside. The fear that this thing that you are building will be built in the wrong way, and one day you’ll wake up and realize that you spent all your time and energy for nothing.  

How the Fear of Failure is Holding You Back from Succeeding in Business

The fact that you are afraid that you are going to fail because no one is going to want the thing that you are selling. The fear that you can’t be consistent and have the self-discipline to follow through with something that you start. That fear of simply not knowing where to begin, how to ask for help, how to prioritize both, how to not neglect the love of your family when you start falling in love with this other part of you. 

The list is LONG, and I’m not going to lie; I’ve battled every single one of these fears. That’s how I knew where those fears came from. I still have these fears. But we have to push ourselves outside our comfort zone, which is super scary. It is scary to imagine where the time is going to come from when you are already so strapped.

I’m Doing All the Things That I Unbelievably Feared and Succeeding in Business.

I remember mapping out workflows on paper, trying to calculate exactly what needed to be done in order to make my first few hundred dollars. In one of my first workflows, I was trying to figure out exactly what I would do to pay back all of the money that I was spending on my podcasting coach. I took all of those hours that I put down, and I made my first work block. That work block became a fundamental need that I had to have in my life. I’m doing all the things that I unbelievably feared.

I have a home management system, I have a business task management system. Those are actual products that I sell that I never had before. I was terrified even to go out and build. This is the solution to a problem that I had, and if I had stopped because of my fears, I wouldn’t have a million and a half downloads on my podcast. I wouldn’t have retired from my corporate career and been able to stay at home with my kids, and I certainly would not have been able to connect and touch all of the lives that I was made to touch through this work If I had crumbled because of my fears. You need to crush your fears. All of them. One at a time. Each day at a time.

“Crush your fears. All of them. One at a time. Each day at a time”

The Easiest Way to Crush Your Fears, Do the Work and Succeed in Business 

I promise to tell you the easiest way to crush your fears. I already gave it to you up above. What do you think it is? After years of debilitating fears, how have I been able to break through, knock it out of the park and just smash every single doubt that I had? When I say debilitating, I mean it. Those anxiety-provoking, sleepless nights struck me to the core fears. Simple – I got to work. I did the work. I’ve done the work.

Here is the hard truth that will separate you from the other women doing the same thing you are doing. The reason why she doesn’t succeed, and you do; she doesn’t get her business organized, and you do; she doesn’t systemize your home so she and her family can thrive, but you do. It’s the fact that you are going to stop making excuses and do the dang thing. You are going to get to work.

What Happens to Your Fears When You Get To Work?

To start, you will need to do the homework for every part of this series. You are going to take action, and you are going just simply to try. Consider your finances and current goals and determine if Systemize Your Biz, as a DIY or VIP student, is the next best thing for you. You are not going to dismiss that. You’re going to consider it. You will come up with an answer. Whatever your answer is – awesome.

There has never been one time that my action of getting up and doing it has proved my fears right. Not one time. Your brain and the negative forces around you want you to stand right where you are and be safe for the rest of your life. Your lack of growth keeps you from ever knowing what is around the corner. You stay safe. Your kids will never see the mother that you could be. Your husband will never see the wife, mother and business owner that you could be. You will not be able to see that if you don’t try. 

I’ve always wanted to contribute financially to my family, and in my early years, I have had to navigate and work through a lot of stuff to be able to make that happen. This has been a journey of mine for decades. After 4 solid years of hard-core commitment to this dream and passion that I know I’m supposed to be doing, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

When We Get To Work, We Prove Our Fears Wrong.

You see, I had always had this one massive fear when it came to how I was presenting myself as a wife and a mom. I have feared nearly every day that I would disappoint my husband and family because I spend nearly 20 hours a week on work. Sometimes that means that he would have to put the kids to bed or make dinner, that I would have to ask him for help. 

Even though I had those fears, I got to work. When I know something I know it, until I know it I won’t take action on it, but as soon as I know it to be true in my heart and mind, I’m going to work, and I’m going to take action and succeed. I won’t make excuses, and those fears will not be an excuse. When we get to work, we prove our fears wrong.

I proved to him and to me (although he didn’t ask for it) that I could use systems to make me wildly effective and efficient, and both parts of me as a wife and mom could be done well. After years of doing this with him, he told me, “The thing I am most proud of in you is what you’ve built in your business for our family.” That was the best thing I had ever heard in my life.

Show Your Family How to Succeed in Business

It took years for that life to come to fruition, and it took years of work for me to see that part. That fear hung with me for a long time, and I’m sure it will reappear. I have to keep working through that. If you fear mom guilt, not being a good mom, or worry about “neglecting” your kids and what they think when they see you behind your computer or busy with work, let me ease that.

My youngest daughter has watched me build this business since she was born. She didn’t see me do my event-based business or as an interpreter. My oldest daughter has seen me do all of the things. They both have seen me pour into our house, cooking, cleaning, and being diligent in showing up for everything in the house. They’ve seen me have a job that allows me to do that.

Do you want to know what they say when they talk about their future and what they see for themselves? My daughters see a future where they can believe in this full picture for themselves. That they don’t have to choose, and they can do both. Yes, it will be hard work, but it’ll be okay and be worth it. 

My fears have been transformed into a complete belief in my purpose as a wife, mom, and as me. This is who I am, and my fears have been proven wrong every single time because I took action. I’ve learned how to crush your fears, do the work and succeed in business.

Succeed in Business or Don’t, The Choice is Yours

Your fears are valid, but they aren’t true. You finish this series with two choices, to take action or don’t. The choice is yours and will be the result of if you succeed in business or not. There is no real in-between. It’s not like you can take action some days, and others, I’m not. That is the equivalent of not taking action. Does this mean you must throw yourselves into a hard-core hustle and turn your life upside down? No – it means you’re going to start where you need to start right now and watch that grow. 

You must stop taking those fears, turning them into excuses and letting them keep you far behind what you want to become. My hope for you is that you do take action. I would love nothing more than to be a part of your action and your story. I’d love to see your name in our Facebook Community so I can meet you, say hi and hear more about what your fears are and what action you plan to take in your journey of balancing business and life. 

crush your fears and be successful chelsijo.co

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