How to Freshen Your Home?- Simple Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like Spring


May 2, 2023

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Spring is officially on its way. I will share this good news from down on the Southwest that it’s been wonderfully warm and I absolutely love it. I can feel the excitement and enthusiasm of being able to burst into spring since it’s just right around the corner. Don’t you ever want to freshen your home so you feel like spring at home? A place of comfort, peace, rejuvenation, inspiration, and rest. From my personal experience, it’s such a beautiful thing to explore. 

In today’s blog post, I will be talking about one of the most popular topics on my website – how to make your home look, feel, or smell refreshing. Specifically, I will be introducing you to 5 simple ways to make your home feel more like spring to celebrate the approach of the season. So what do you say? Grab a cup of coffee and let’s jump into today’s content!

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A Refreshed Home That Feels Like Spring

To be honest with you, I love today’s blog post topic so much because they are so light and fun. I truly love to come here and talk about such topics with you. It’s been joyful for me and I hope it will be joyful for you as well. It’s time to take out a piece of paper and write down number 1 to number 5. I’d recommend leaving some space in between the numbers because I am going to be giving some examples as well. 

Tip 1 to Make Your Home Feel Like Spring: Take Care of The Linens

The first tip that you can take to make your house feel like spring is to take care of the linens. Those will be your sheets, throw blankets, towels, etc. You will notice I am focusing on all the small details here, because these often unnoticeable aspects are the most inspiring ones. When I change my freshly washed linens, it feels like I am bringing the season outside to my home.

If it’s still snowing in your city, this is a really great way to bring spring to your home. I found it to be a really efficient way to boost your productivity, reduce any overwhelming emotions and to stay more focused on your work. So, here me out. Change all your sheets, blankets and towels. Get a good refresh on these textiles. Go for it, it works magic!

Tip 2 To Make Your Home Feel Like Spring: Use Essential Oils

If you’ve been reading my blog posts or listening to my podcast, you probably know that I am a huge advocate for essential oils. I just really believe that this is a fun way to make your home feel like spring by using the power of scents. Sure, you can totally use candles, but it’s just not the same. With essential oils, you can get a really clean scent.

Think about what you want your home to smell like when you have guests over? Sometimes, when I go to my friend’s home, they have essential oil diffusing around the house. I remember telling my friend “ oh my god, it smells so good, I just want to be here”. Haha. So, here me out. The approach of spring is such a beautiful time for you to change up with what you are diffusing or rolling on your body. It’s been so much fun for me, just so much fun.

Where Can I Get A Diffuser?

You can get a teeny tiny diffuser from Walmart or Amazon, or some gorgeous one can be found on Doterra. Full transparency, I am affiliated with them. But mainly, I just want you to have an incredible experience with diffusers and essential oils. 

So, when you get your diffusers, make sure you put clean water in it. If you use tap water, it will be very harsh on the machine and the machine won’t last for as long as you want.

Where Can I Get Some High Quality Essential Oils? 

You can get essential oils from many different places such as Amazon or Target. But my go-to is always Doterra. You can go to Chelsijo.co/oils to snag some Doterra essential oil recommendations from me. Doterra are high quality oil that can last forever. I am just such a big fan of oils. So if you are too, please come to the FREE Facebook community or DM on Instagram if you ever want to discuss it. There are a lot of essential oil lovers in the community. You can ask them what they are wearing, diffusing, and energizing themselves with this spring. 

You Can Pair Different Essential Oils Together

Of course you can simply put the essential oils into a diffuser, but I’d love to share with you some different ways you can make your home smell really good with the oils. 

For me, I really love citrus-based scents. Some of my favorites are lemon, orange, lime and rosemary. Rosemary is actually my favorite one. It just smells super duper unbelievably clean. I’ve recently started to pair rosemary with peppermint and lime. Let me tell you, it’s literally going to knock your socks off. 

Tip 3 to Make Your Home Feel Like Spring: Have an Indoor Garden

The third way to make your home feel like spring is to bring things around that have life. So what does this feel like? It looks like plants and gardening. It’s spring, so why not build an indoor garden that has all your outside plants? Here’s something my husband told me a few days ago. Did you know that you can put lettuce in water and it can grow? It can be as simple and creative as this. There are so many different kinds of things you can do. I often type it out on Pinterest and I can always find super interesting ideas. You can also browse it with your children and I assure you that your kids will love it too!

Why Is It Good To Bring Plants To Your Home?

So, if you don’t have a plant yet, maybe it’s time to get a new plant. Bringing plants to your home can make you do a few meaningful things. First, you have a reason to get up and get yourself nurture other things. Think about it. These plants really don’t ask you more than water and sunshine. Isn’ it nice? Having plants has anchored me to these routines in my everyday life. Secondly, these plants really assisted in invigorating me and helping me to come out to the winter season and fall into spring. 

Tip 4 To Make Your Home Feel Like Spring: Change Up Your Cleaning Products And Declutter Places You Haven’t Cleaned Up In A While

I know there have been many people inside my FREE Facebook student community that had already started using essential oils and raving about how wonderful these products are. So, essential oils are definitely where I’d recommend starting. Once you’ve explored a bit of how to use the oils, it’s the time for you to consider “OK, so what is in my cleaning tote? How to freshen it up a bit?”. 

How To Freshen Your Tote? 

One method that I use to freshen up my tote is to put essential oils into my cleaning spray or other cleanning products. For example, my all-purpose spray is a lemon essential-oil based product. If you are using Doterra like me, I highly recommend you to try their On Guard line. It works so well for me. Since it’s spring now, I start to add some lemon, peppermint, and other scents that are open and bright into these cleaning products to give me some change in what I smell. 

Declutter Areas You Haven Not Cleaned For A While 

I also want to remind you that it’s time for you to start to clean a few things you haven’t cleaned for a while. Sometimes in these winter months, there are certain places you unintentionally neglect to clean. Maybe you need to dust your blinds, fans, front porch, etc. So, I recommend you to find these places and do a whole clean up.

Tip 5 to Make Your Home Feel Like Spring: Expose To More Natural Light

Exposure to natural light is essential. Now it’s spring. The weather is warm outside, so it’s time to get up earlier and embrace more light. I encourage you to let the light in your home more often. Open these windows earlier and crack the doors more often. I promise you that the natural light can make your feel so much more like spring in your home. 

“Exposure to natural light is essential.”

A Freshened Home Is Waiting For You This Spring  

So are you ready to have a freshened home as the spring season is appraoching? Let me do a quick recap of the 5 tips that can make your home freshed up instantly:

  1. Take care of the linens
  2. Use essential oils
  3. Have an indoor garden
  4. Change up your cleanning products and declutter places you haven’t cleaned for a while
  5. Expose to more natural light

I have been incorporating these 5 tips into my own life and truly benefitted from them. Now my home is so refreshed and really fits with this beautiful season!

Looking for a Community to Share Your Progress?

Are you looking for a community to share your progress and thoughts after practicing these tips? Come over to our free Facebook community and discuss with us! If you want to take one step further and learn more tips on having a freshened and organized home, I invite you to join my Systemize Your Life Academy. You will learn how my whole home management system in only four weeks. You can join as a DIY student or a VIP student, where you will also be part of the student community. I can’t wait to see you there!


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