How to Manage Your Social Media Content? – 3 Reasons Why You Need A Content Calendar 


April 26, 2023

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Hey, friend! Welcome to today’s blog post. Today I will teach you how to manage your social media as a work from home mom by using a content calendar. But before we jump into today’s content, I have something very fun to share with you! I will be hosting a Spring Refresh Challenge on my podcast from April 24th to April 27th 2023 on my podcast channel. All the contents are brand new. I have done many challenges before, but this one is going to be even better. Moreover, it’s completely FREE. No email required. So, come join me and all other like-minded women to this life-changing event. I promise you, you will walk away from this spring refresh challenge ready to smash your summer!

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Everything You Need To Know About A Content Calendar 

Have you ever been in the midst of “What am I going to post today/tomorrow?” or the random thoughts of “OMG, I should probably post this content instead of the other one”. You are stuck in a whole rat race that literally makes you feel like you’re drowning all the time. It’s such an uncomfortable place to be when you feel like you have a lot of things but you are constantly distracted by thoughts such as “What caption should I use? What images should I use?”. Please here me out, all of these distracting thoughts and randomness that bugs you down does not have to be the way you do your thing. 

Having said these, I am very pumped about today’s blog post! Today I will teach you how having a content calendar will help you to manage your social media efficiently. It’s not limited to your social media that we will get into, what you will learn from this post will definitely help you in many under situations as well. These pro tips will be at your benefit in any type of business, network or marketing you are in. Additionally, if you are soliciting any kind of service, trying to grow a certain targeted audience or to nurture the audience you already have, I am certain you will find this blog post super helpful.

Before I get into why it is important to have a content calendar, I want you to understand two concepts. I am not a marketing guru, but I am pretty good at systemizing things, chunking them down to make it super attainable. So here are the two main concepts or definitions you need to grasp: 1) long-form content and 2) short-form content.

What Are Long-Form and Short-Form Contents?

Long-form content, like the name suggests, encompasses a longer span of time. It is the type of information that will live on forever unless you delete them. Podcast episodes, Youtube videos or Vlogs are all examples of long-form content. 

In contrast, short-form content is the type of content that will only last for a short period of time. After that short time, nobody will see it again. Instagram story is an example of short-form content. 

When you have a content that you want to present to your audience, you want to really think about which content form you want to present it with. I recommend you to think about the differences between the two content forms, and think really strategically about how to choose them. OK, this is all I have to say about the two concepts.

What is a Content Calendar?

Some of you out there might think “What is a content calendar?” or “Wait, do I have a content calendar? Maybe I do, I am not really sure. What is it?”. A content calendar is where you keep all the content you are planning to post. You will use it to organize and create a timeline for your content information for a timeline of every day, every month or any timelength you want. You can also add super detailed things in your content calendar such as the specific caption to add to your post.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Content Calendar to Manage Your Social Media

Alright, now that you understand the basics of content calendars, here’s what you are trying to do. First, you will pick any long-form or short-form content that you want to post on any of your marketing channels. And you are literally going to sit down and prepare a schedule for it. You will plan out which content goes to which day, how often you should post, etc. Let me elaborate more on the importance of using a content calendar with 3 reasons.  

Reason # 1 To Use a Content Calendar — You Will Never Need To Think About Your Social Media Schedule Again

The first reason why you should use a content calendar is that once you are done scheduling everything, you will never need to think about what or when to post it ever again. They will be gone from your mind forever unless you intentionally show up and fill out your content calendar. So, you show up either every week, month, or quarter depending on how big your team is to work on it. 

If it’s just you and nobody is working with you, it’s easy to show up everyday, every week, sometimes even every month if you have the bandwidth and brainpower to set up a bunch of content for a whole 30 days. The point here is you will be able to sit down and know what’s going on and exactly what to post for the next few days or weeks.

I started out the same way every single week knowing exactly what was going to be posted and shared. What information should go into my podcast and what should go into my email and socials. This is also what I typically instruct my students to do in my Systemize Your Biz course. I love the feeling when the tasks are all set up in mt content calendar and I don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s so nice!

Reason #2 To Use a Content Calendar — You Can Consistently Nurture And Support Your Audience

The second reason why you should use a content calendar is that you can stop being overwhelmed by all the different tasks you have and truly start to consistently nurture and support your audience.

Knowing how to plan your content on online platforms is extremely essential nowadays. No matter how tiny or large your business team is. This is how every business on the market works now. Online platforms are their main way of advertising. This is how people will consider, remember, contact, or want your services.

You Need To Do Your Work Consistently

“Consistency is the key to success.”

Not only do you have to do this, you have to do it consistently as well. In my case, I kept telling myself – “If I’m doing this thing. I’m not stopping.” While I was trying to keep being consistent, all the other things made it super hard and complicated. So I understand that sometimes you can struggle to do the goals you set consistently because it is so easy to be distracted. But I want you to know that consistency is the key to success. If you’ve set up your mind to do something, you should make sure it actually happens so you can build from there.

One Step At a Time

You don’t have to show up consistently to 45 places all at once. Let’s put it plainly, that’s actually a bad idea. No matter what system you put in place for your home or your business, you have to start small. You need to build one layer at a time. When you have your content calendar, it can be as big and robust as you want it to be. It’s important to understand that consistency has a lot to do with what you commit to along with how systematic and organized you can make it. So my pro tip is that start with systemizing one of your tasks and build or expand as you go. 

Reason #3 To Use a Content Calendar – You Can Have a Work Life Balance  

The third reason why you should use a content calendar I want to talk about is actually one of the things that I am most passionate about. Obviously, having a content calendar can take away a lot of overwhelming emotions and stress. But most importantly, it will allow you to live your life behind your phone. In other words, you will have a work life balanece.

Sometimes, when you are with your phone too much, you tend to share too much of your personal life rather than meaningful content that actually matters. You are showing up for the sake of showing up. My point here is that without a content calendar, there’s no method to control your “madness”. Additionally, your family sees you on your phone way too much. You don’t want to lose your precious time with your family. 

It’s Important to Have Separation From Work and Home 

Everybody needs separation from work and home. The people that can go to the office, wrap up their work day and come home have such a huge benefit and perk to truly leave your work at the office. 

For those of us who keep our business and work at home, it’s really easy to have no separation between work and home. Your phone tends to get tied to you all the time. But this could be changed. And you are the one that will change it, with the help of a content calendar. 

So, here me out. The moment when you get your content calendar in place, you will think about what to post and when to post it. You will make sure that you are absolutely going to show up consistently.

An Organized Social Media Schedule Is Possible 

I hope I’ve convinced you, even just a little bit, to use a content calendar as a tool for social media management. Let me do a quick recap of the 3 important reasons:

  1. You will never need to think about your social media schedule again
  2. You can consistently nurture and support your audience
  3. You can have a work life balance

If you don’t know how to find a content calendar, and you want to plug and play one, I invite you to join my Systemize Your Biz Academy. Inside my Academy, I will give you my exquisitely designed content calendar. It’s so beautiful and perfect, and works for every business. You literally download the file and upload to your computer so you get the whole thing.

What Is Unique About My Content Calendar?

The reason why I created this content calendar the way that I did was because none of the content calendars I paid for could solve all the problems I laid out to you in this post. So I ended up creating one that I believe it’s absolutely flawless. It’s helped hundreds of people organize their content. And I would be so excited to be able to help you to set up yours. I totally encourage you to go check it out! Until then, happy posting and happy sharing! I am super excited for you to go out and get your own content calendar that I know will absolutely help you! You go this, and I will meet you here real soon.

Looking for a Community to Share Your Content Calendar?

Want to share your content calendar? Come over to our free Facebook community and show us your amazing calendar! If you want to take one step further and learn more about using a content calendar to manage yoru social media, I invite you to join my Systemize Your Biz Academy. You will learn how to run your business systematically in only four weeks. You can join as a DIY student or a VIP student, where you will also be part of the student community. I can’t wait to see you there!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule social media content to my content calendar?

The most efficient way to schedule social media content to my content calendar is through time-blocking. Check out my FREE time-blocking worksheet to learn the basics of time-blocking, develop the right time block for your tasks, and put what you learn into action.


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