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July 6, 2023

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Let’s be real, getting anything done with little kids around is hard. Housework and errands are possible when kids are awake, but what about growing a business and tasks that need concentration? That’s why I got really good at this one system I like to call the nap time system. 

When my kids were napping, I could be so productive and crush out hours of work every week and show up in every area of my life. If you are curious about how I set up my favourite nap time system for work-from-home moms, grab your pen and paper, and let’s dive into today’s post.

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My 3-Part Nap Time System to Getting Work Done in Your Business 

This post is bringing back so many memories for me. Whenever I’m coaching on a group call, I get really excited when I get to revisit different parts of my journey with other women who have also raised their children. These other women come with different perspectives and solutions to struggles others are dealing with, such as nap time.

It’s such a beautiful community and if that’s something you’re looking for (along with all my systems, including nap time) then you need to get into the Systemize Your Life Academy. It is lifetime access and we would absolutely love to partner with you. It is packed with information you can use over and over again in any season of life.

So today we’re going to be breaking down the three-part system that I used regularly, like almost every single day, with both of my girls, to hammer out a bunch of work at nap time as a work-from-home mom. I used nap time like a boss. I did not play.

So let’s get into this. Here is part one of the nap time system to get you cranking out work.

Part #1 of The Nap Time System: Routine is Key

Routine, routine, routine. Your kids have to be on a routine. If you have committed to working from home you have to have your kids on a routine. Otherwise, you’re just going to be at war all the time.

If you feel like you’re battling this all the time then it’s probably because you don’t have enough routine for them. Kids thrive on routine, every child thrives on routine. The more complicated your child seems, the more they will thrive on a routine, I promise you.

So what this really means is routine stacks inside of time blocks. We work on this inside the Systemize Your Life Academy. We literally teach you how to build routine stacks inside of your time blocks and make sure that you have ones that you’re comfortable with.

If you are not there yet and you just want to use the free Facebook group make sure that you ask questions over there. We also have a free time blocking workbook to help you get there.

But, you have to give yourself and your children predictability otherwise there’s not going to be any napping. If you need extra support in getting your kids to sleep Cara from takingcarababies.com and her online courses were life-changing for me.

Part #2 of The Nap Time System: What’s the Plan Stan? 

What are you doing during nap time? Do you know what you’re doing in your business? Seriously, you have to have a workflow. You have to. I use a workflow that is categorized into bi-weekly and monthly tasks. You don’t have to make it super complicated.

You have to know exactly what you’re doing before nap time even starts. It’s not an option. The truth of the matter is do you know everything that needs to be done in your business this week? Let’s just start with that. If you don’t have a clear plan of execution, then you will not succeed at getting work done during nap time.

“You have to know exactly what you’re doing before nap time even starts. If you don’t have a clear plan of execution, then you will not succeed at getting work done during nap time.”

You can do this process of building out a workflow for yourself extremely quickly. There are lots of podcast episodes to teach you how to do it. You could be operating off of a brain dump list but it’s really just a means to an end. If you’re there, keep doing it, there is nothing wrong with it but it’s really just a temporary phase.

The real goal here is for you to be operating out of a workflow that you can execute from the time little one is falling asleep and put themselves to sleep in their own bed.

So, you’ve already got the sleeping thing figured out which might take you 4 to 6 weeks. You got that. Now you know exactly what you’re doing in your business, cool. 

Part 3 of the Nap Time System: Set Up for Success 

The routines that you have and what you’re doing when your baby goes to bed need to set you up for success as soon as you lay them down in their bed.

Setting up your workspace and everything that you could potentially be distracted by needs to be done by now. You cannot be distracted when you move into your work block from your AM block. I’m going to use one nap a day as an example right now but you would do this exactly the same if your kiddos are on two naps.

When you know you’re about to go lay baby down in 10 minutes you have already gone into your workspace, the laptop is open, your bougie little drink that you want is there, all of your sensory stuff is placed, your cell phone is on focus mode, dishes are done, all the tasks are put away, you’ve already had your lunch.

We’re like real serious when the house is quiet. All those tasks need to be built into your AM block. You can’t stay up all hours of the night trying to get your work done and still think you’re going to get up early in the morning. You’ve got to stop doing that. You have to set some boundaries and get really serious about what you’re doing.

Build a Work Block Routine

So you’re going to build in a routine. That could look like you writing a short little list of all the things that you want to have set up and done for you to have a productive work block as soon as the little ones are asleep.

You can blend yourself a smoothie for lunch and while they’re eating you are cleaning up the kitchen, you’re opening up your laptop, you’re making your foofy little coffee, you’re doing all the things so that as I said, you are set up for success the moment you lay them down.

Allow yourself to grow at the pace that you’re capable of growing right now in this season. If you really want to run your own business from home, you have to use time when your kids are asleep.

Bonus Nap Time System for Kids on Staggered Naps

What this looks like is being super strategic. Say you have a mid-day napper and another that’s a morning and evening napper.

I want you to sit down and I want you to map out your entire day for one child. Strategically plan independent play for the morning nap and screen time for the afternoon nap. You have four creative activities set up for them to do on their own for independent play.

When the older one is napping can you wear the baby? What kind of tasks can you do with them? Can you set up independent play for them? Do they get any screen time? Problem solve so you are still able to utilze one nap time to work in your business.

Strategically Plan for Nap Time as a Work From Home Mom 

You are strategically doing this entire dance all day long and it is a lot. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. Some days it doesn’t work, but we’re not getting discouraged. We know that we have important work to do and I know that you can do it. It’s totally possible it’s just going to take work. Remember these three parts and they will help you so much:

  • Have a routine for you and your kids.
  • Have a plan and a workflow.
  • Set yourself up for success the moment nap time starts.

For you to put that much energy into your life your fundamental needs have to be on point. You have to have your time blocks squared away and you need accountability. We have free resources for you to set up your fundamental needs and time blocks.

You also need community. We want you inside of the Systemize Your Life Academy so please know that the support is there for you if you are ready. Come find out more details so we can cheer you on.

nap time system work from home chelsijo.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a Work From Home parent is overwhelming. How do I keep myself from drowning?

This question is precisely why I began reaching out to moms just like you and me. We are called to make the most of every day with our children while stewarding businesses and homes that require our attention and dedication. Don’t worry- I’ve got plenty of resources to help you gain the structure and confidence you need to feel great about your work in every part of your life!

Begin by using the Fundamental Needs Workbook to determine a baseline for yourself. Then listen to the Podcast weekly for inspiration and motivation. Make sure you join Systemize Your Life so you can take part in the amazing conversations we have and feel supported, regardless of whether or not you have a “village” to help you on this journey. We’ve got your back!

nap time system chelsijo.co
nap time work from home mom chelsijo.co

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