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How To Make Simple And Nutritious Breakfast Without Spending Hours In The Kitchen? – Sharing My Simple Automated System To Do So


July 8, 2023


I have been interviewed on multiple podcast episodes in the last months. The number 1 thing many people are asking me is “What can you tell moms about having systems for food? How to get food on the table and how to make a meal plan.”

Every person that asks me this question has come from their own little corner of the internet that has their own specific way of supporting their community. Their community is filled with all different kinds of moms and they all want to know the same thing – How do you keep up with food? Real and good food. 

What I realize is that not one time have I given you my breakfast system. So big brand new system alert. I am about to break down the automated way to simplify breakfast without spending hours in the kitchen. My whole family loves it and I think you will love it too. So what do you say? How about we get started with today’s blog post? 

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast

 Implementing An Automated System Simplify Breakfast Preparation

I am going to be super honest. I am absolutely starving right now and we will be talking about food. It’s like this golden rule that you never go to the grocery store hungry. So apparently I shouldn’t be writing a blog post when I am hungry haha but I will be doing it anyway. 

As I mentioned in the intro of the blog post. This is probably the number 1 thing moms struggle with. And that’s because it’s a beast. People have to eat all the time. 

Systemizing Dinner Is The Number 1 Place to Start With Food

What I realized is that systemizing it makes it so much more simple. So, before I go into the pros of this specific system. I do want you to know that you can start with this system, but I definitely think getting your dinners systemized is the number 1 place to start with food. Without getting too much into it, your PM block is the number 1 place that you need to anchor your whole entire day. And your dinner block is located right there in the middle of your PM block. There’s a podcast episode for that. It is actually one of the first episodes I had. You can check out the companion block anytime you want. And then you can move into this system for breakfast.

Why Is It Important to Systemize Your Breakfast Routines?

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to systemize your breakfast routine. A systemized breakfast routine allows you to get out of the door on time, save money and be healthy.

“A systemized breakfast routine allows you to get out of the door on time, save money and be healthy.”

You Can Get Out Of The Door On Time  

First of all, you want to be able to get out of the door on time. End of the story. If your kids have commitments outside of the house (i.e., going to school, appointments, etc.) and you also need to go out, then you certainly need to have your breakfast systemized.

You Can Save Money 

Let’s also talk about how you will be able to save money. Saving money should be one of the things we talk about all the time and at great length. It’s the number 1 thing you will experience when you start systemizing your food. When you have your food systemized, you will notice the huge amount of money that you will be saving. If you want to get your husband on board and he cares a lot about saving money, then you will be able to easily win him over. You can say “Hey, I want to save us 100 dollars per week by systemizing the way we process food in this house.” He’d be like “What do you mean?”. Then you will say “I have a dinner system and a breakfast system specifically.”

Good Breakfast Can Provide Major Health Benefits

Here’s the last thing I want to say about the pros of having a breakfast system in place. We are looking at major health benefits as well. There’s a huge motivator behind getting this specific system in place because of how this is going to affect your mood and health and fitness goals. Not only for you personally, but also for the rest of your family. Specifically for your kids. Their performance in their academics, relationships with their classmates and friends, sports, etc. That to me is worth everything. This might not be the biggest motivator for every person, but for me, it’s paramel. I’ve seen the changes food has made, not only in my life, but also in my children’s and husbands and many other people’s lives I have influenced. I want you to consider the value of what this system can bring to your family and how you can implement the system. Now, let’s dive into the actual systems.

My Breakfast System: The Three 3s

If you have my menu board in place, then this is just going to go right along with it. I will talk about the real specific details after I go through what the three 3s are. You may want to put down three big sections on your piece of paper. And then each one of the big sections can be divided into three small sections. In other words, we will have nine squares on your paper. The first section we will label proteins. Second section is carbs and the bottom section is fruits. I know fruits are carbs, but we will distinguish these two for this system. These are the main food groups for breakfast in our house. You will have to decide the three major food groups. I definitely recommend the proteins and the carb and you can definitely add something extra. 

For dinner, we do protein, carbs and greens. These are the things that I’ve broken down from my breakfast systems. If you don’t know, then just do exactly what I do. And then you can adapt from there.

How Do You Get Started?

Here’s what you will do. You will pick the top three favorite breakfast proteins that fit your family’s wants and your needs. They may love something super fancy but you can’t make it happen. You need to put things down that you can make happen most of the time so you can go grab this system when you are planning all your breakfast meals. It needs to be something that you can actually execute and they will actually eat. So keep that in mind, if you can’t come up with one three then you can start by coming up with one. Two would be a great place to start. Three would be ideal, but no more than three. You will put your three favorite proteins, your three top carbs and three top fruits.

How Did I Adapt My PM Block to Summer Time? 

Let me give you an example of what this looks like for me. For us, a typical breakfast would be yogurt, eggs and sausage. I go to the grocery stores and I get yogurt, eggs and sausage. Done. Then for my carbs, I am picking snackgrounds, pancakes and waffles. For fruits, I am picking banana berries and peaches. For berries you can just do one, but I also just go with mix. I’d highly encourage you to not make that cereal. This is how I’ve gotten away from highly processed foods – by doing the three 3s. That’s why I came up with the systems because I didn’t want highly processed foods for breakfast.

Actionable Steps: Example 2 

Here’s another example of what my three 3s are. For my proteins, I’d get yogurt, eggs and bacon. So I swapped my sausage with bacon. My carbs would be snacks, pancakes and hashbrowns. I swapped waffles for hash browns. My fruits would be bananas, berries and tangerines. Here’s how you use this system. You can see here I have four total of each. And I’ve gotten myself two weeks of different combinations of breakfast just based on four favorite proteins, carbs and fruits. And it’s such a beautiful thing because you can make any combination of these that you like. 

The beauty is that I am always thinking how to pair these three 3s together and that’s my only job. I no longer need to think about what’s for breakfast. I know exactly what they are. Because if you open my refrigerator, I have all my fruits, carbs and proteins in a bin, respectively. It’s like I pull one of each out and make their breakfast. What you are going to do is that every week just rotate one of the three 3s out. You might have a lot of different options you can pick from. This doesn’t need to be fancy though. It’s just something really straightforward that’s easy for you to put together. Sometimes I throw in some special things there like French toast or muffins. It just depends on what we have going on.

Having A Great Breakfast System Can Be Very Rewarding

Every other morning is so simple. It’s not a hassle and I know my girls are being really nourished. They are starting out their days with very solid macronutrients and some really good micronutrients in them too. And that makes me feel so rewarding about the work I just did in the kitchen as a mom. The last thing that we want to do is to do all of this hard work and actually benefit your family.

What Should You Do Next?

So what to do next? I want you to create a section for breakfast in the back of your recipe card or your menu card box. If you’ve already completed the system from episode 8 (where I talked about the menu board and meal planning system) and you’ve set that up, then you know exactly what I am talking about. If you can have cards for protein, cards for carbs and cards for fruits, then you can make the whole thing fun by asking your kids to pick cards from these boxes to match and pair. It truly is so unbelievably simple to automate this. I hope that it gives you a little bit of inspiration, sparks some ideas and makes you feel more confident to set up one of your own systems.

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