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What Happens to My Family, Marriage, Business And Health Without My Time Blocking Systems


July 7, 2023


The queen of time blocking herself gave it all up! The paper planner, the time blocks, all the systems just went out the window for six months. Inside today’s blog post, I will be sharing all the juicy details of what happened to my life without my time blocking systems. You will know the reason why I gave up my method for 6 months. You will also find out If I’m ever going back. And last but certainly not least, I will share what I’ve learned and what you can learn from this experience.

So, if you’ve ever been curious about what it feels like to live a life of complete systemization and then what happens if you completely let it go, then you are about to find out in this post. Grab your pen and paper, there’s going to be a few things you’ll want to jot down. What do you say? Let’s jump into today’s content!

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I Completely Stopped My Time Blocking Systems For 6 Months 

What a shocker! I know today’s topic probably has you on the edge of your seat. I bet you are not expecting to read this blog post. I am getting really vulnerable. I am sharing the truth and reality of what happened when I stopped time blocking. I will be diving into what happened to my house, my family, business and health. The good and the bad will all be shared. We’ve got a lot to cover. 

Why Did I Stop Time Blocking Systems For The Last 6 Months? 

Let’s talk about all the details. Why did I stop time blocking for the last 6 months?

I Was Moving For The Past 6 Months

Long story short, I was busy moving for the past half year. There was nothing in my paper planner all of December, January, February, March, April and May. When I started preparing to move, I knew it was going to be a big thing. But I did not expect it to take six months, and definitely shouldn’t take six months.

There Were A Lot Of Tasks Involved During My Move

I followed my moving systems. It was amazing and it worked very well. But we went far above and beyond. What we did in preparation, during and after the move were simply too much. This is also the first time that my husband and I have ever moved together as a couple.

I knew I was going into a season of not using my time block and throwing everything out of the window. My entire home management system was gone. But the good thing is that I knew that it would be temporary. And I’ll tell you a little bit about what I’ve actually come to learn about my method. 

My System Is The Lifeline of Everything That I’ve Created 

What I learned about my system is that it’s the lifeline of everything that I’ve created and ever wanted to have. My family has been using my home management system for more than five years now, so it’s ingrained in everything we do. I just can’t explain the deprivation and the amount of overwhelm, frustration and chaos without my system. 

In these past six months, I’ve gained perspectives on the other end of things – a life without a system. Now I know that we get to have so much joy, down time, and passion in the walls of our home due to my system. It’s something that my family builds together. And all the dynamics of my family have created this thing that can be replicated in all other homes. I am so passionate to make sure that the spirit of my management system is 100% at the forefront of everything that we do in our family, and possibly in your family as well. 

What Happens When I Tried to Get Back On My Time Blocking Systems After Not Using Them For 6 Months

I’ve been able to clean, do laundry, cook, go to the grocery store, etc. Because it’s in my nature and our way of life. Things have been habitual for us. But I do have to say that it is 100% harder to go to the grocery store, cook dinner, do laundry and all the other things.

Everything Takes Longer To Accomplish

Everything takes longer. There’s a fight and a conversation. There are so many delays. No one is in sync at all. We only do laundry when we realize that laundry needs to get done. And now, guess what. We are pulling dishes out of the dishwashers because we don’t have enough plates to feed people dinner. That is frustrating. That’s the definition of putting fire all day long instead of living a systemized life. I’ve seen it through and through. 

At first, I thought it was only because I didn’t have everything unpacked. It was! It’s just been physically hard and very laborious. It’s also very emotionally exhausting to try to keep up with everything.

But everything has been unpacked for a while now, and it’s still really hard because some key systems were neglected. We neglected them because we were pouring all our time into house projects, preparing for company, nurturing family members and serving others. Those were never bad things. And I’m very happy that we had a season in our lives to bless our home and family. But if it comes to your life where everything in your home is suffering because of it, that’s when you know it’s time to reset, stop and get a grip and implement some systems. I’ve realized it’s absolutely pointless to go through your day frustrated. Thinking about someday it will be better, giving yourself to everything else and having nothing left for you. 

What Happened To My Family When I Stopped My Time Blocking Systems For Six Months?

What happened to my family when I stopped using my home management system? Well, I sort of eluded to it. Let’s first talk about what happened to me in my motherhood. I’m really grateful we’ve had some illnesses in my house that have given me some really great perspectives. I’ve had a lot of patients bestowed on me because of a gratitude and attitude check. 

But i will say. I personally have been able to continue to give to my kids only because I’ve been stealing time from me to give to them. I never used to have to do that and feel depleted when I had a system. 

And I know that I can’t do this forever and for much longer. And I don’t know how you’ve been doing it for so long. So it’s so important that I share this with you to know that you don’t have to steal from yourself to give to your kids, home, husband and job. There are absolutely rooms for you when you install a system in your life.

What Happened To My Marriage When I Stopped My Time Blocking System For Six Months?

What happened to my marriage when I stopped time blocking for six months. Without systems, we were totally out of sync. It feels like we are speaking foreign languages all day everyday. I’m up, he’s down. It’s like “what’s going on”? 

A Good System Is Extremely Important For A Healthy Marriage 

One of the reasons why I created the system is so that my husband and I can have a fun and incredible marriage. A good system is extremely important for a healthy marriage.

“A good system is extremely important for a healthy marriage.”

However, with my system, the communication has been so out of sync with no autonomy. Nobody knows who’s doing what. Things just never get done. And guess what happens. The other person blames the other person. And that’s not the result we want to see. 

All of these are completely avoidable. My husband and I both know it. We are very eager to get our systems back in place so that we don’t even need to constantly have conversations about day to day necessities. You know, when to have dinner, when I will do my work and when he can be with the kids, and when he is working overtime, etc.

You Will Have More Time To Provide For Your Children

So much of what we do when we have children at home is providing for our children. So much for married couples to navigate is how they are caring for their children. When you stop talking about these day to day necessities all the time, you actually get to have intimate time with one another. And so much of that was lacking for us because our fundamental system has not been in place.

What Happened To My Business When I Stopped My Time Blocking Systems For Six Months?

What happened to my business when I stopped using my home management system for six months? I have to say that my business is rocking and rolling. 

I’ve trained my team and they are up and running. My business would have not thrived and my students wouldn’t have been successful, and this blog post wouldn’t be here if I never implemented systems. 

 systems were great, but my ability to show up for my team has been reduced.

It’s been hard. Whenever I was able to scrape a minute and sneak away, I would go check up on my team. And this is not a way that I want to continue to live. It’s stressful. I know that I am not able to provide as much for my team, my community members, my interns and my students as I want to. I want to be able to give what I am capable of giving like what I’ve been doing for years.

What Happened To My Health When I Stopped My Time Blocking Systems For Six Months? 

What happened to my health when I stopped using my home management system for six months? I was super consistent with the gym and I reached some really amazing health goals. I know that when you achieve a certain level of health, you have to maintain it or you will regress. So I constantly reminded myself to keep working out. A healthy body is essential for me to support my family and my business. 

What Happened To My Emotions When I Stopped My Time Blocking Systems For Six Months?

What happened to my emotions when I stopped using my systems for six months? Emotionally, it’s been hard. Spiritually, there hasn’t been any time for things that I need to to get what I want. 

This is what I’ve been talking about since the beginning of the episode. I’ve been stealing from me. My emotional health was basically little to none. I was able to grab things here or there. But I will be going back precisely to the plug and play method that I’ve developed. I know very well that the system is something I can depend on,  it will refuel me and recharge me, allowing me to show up to everything I want.

Looking to Learn More About My Time Blocking Systems And a Community to Share Your Progress?

My time blocking systems have helped me in all areas of my life. It’s so concrete and clear. Literally, I have a copy paste method that allows me to get right back to where I want to be. And I want you to have that exact same thing. If you want a simple plug and play home management system that allows you to go from overwhelmed to super organized and systemized, then head over to Chelsijo.co/SYL. Grab a seat and start right now! If you are looking for a community where you can meet other people who might be on the same journey, I highly encourage you to join our FREE Facebook community. It’s a fabulous community and we’d love to see where you at and your progress. Alright, friends. Thank you for hanging out here with me. I hope to meet you here real soon again.


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