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Decluttering Made Simple: Your Guide to the 5 Minute Method

Decluttering Made Simple: Your Guide to the 5 Minute Method -Chelsijo

August 30, 2023

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If you are here reading this, it’s time for you to start thinking about why you have so many things. If you haven’t listened to episode 146 or read the blog post, you should absolutely go and start there, as this goes hand in hand with that episode on my 5 minute decluttering method.

Today, it’s going to be something extra special. Now that you already know that you want to get this stuff out of your life, I’m going to show you a really quick five minute method. This is not the Marie Kondo method, it’s just not. But, I’m super inspired by her; I love her work.

Decluttering is incredibly important for everything you’re trying to achieve in your life. If you have too much stuff, you’re not going to be able to get anything done in an effective amount of time. However, I understand that sometimes you don’t feel like you have the time to declutter.

So, stay with me. I’m giving you exactly what you can do in just five minutes. Take notes and come back to it when you’ve got your music blaring. Set that timer and dive in. Let me show you how to get it done!

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast

Unlocking Your Home’s Potential: Embrace this 5 Minute Decluttering Method

If you just finished listening to episode 146, you’re probably just standing there, left in front of that space we talked about. That is right where I want you to be! I wanted you to choose the space in your house that’s right at the core of the problem you’re facing. 

You might have several spaces, but pinpoint that one pain point in your life. Where are you standing right now? Are you in the bedroom, the closet, or the bathroom? Follow my advice and go stand there.

Look at the space that’s driving you absolutely bonkers. Don’t tell yourself you’re going to tackle every corner. Instead, dive into one spot right now. Just focus on one area. By doing this, you will make headway and see how easy and possible it can be.

Maximize Your Efforts: Embracing Short Bursts of Productivity

Now, let me explain why I want you to learn the simple five-minute quick method: Often times, as you start a project, a sense of being overwhelmed might set in. It can feel as if you’ve allowed an entire room to slip out of control. But, in that moment, you can get of inspired and want to go all-in. It’s okay to use that energy—totally do that.

But, remember to set a time frame. Consider how much time you can realistically invest. You might find yourself deep into it and not resurfacing for a few days.

The value of going in for just 5 minutes here and there is incredible. Work on little pockets of your house gradually so you’re not constantly trying to carve out extensive time. You’re not attempting to eat the entire elephant in one go, but rather taking small, manageable bites. This is what we’ll be doing with those 5-minutes.

Exploring the ESCAPE Method for Tackling Home Clutter

Inside the Systemize Your Life Academy, we have this straightforward method called ESCAPE, an acronym that expertly guides you on how to tackle any single space in your home.

Regardless of where it is located, how big or small it might be, or which room it pertains to, you can see it in action – a transformative process to escape clutter and embrace a mess-free life. The significance of this system lies particularly in the E and the S components, which is precisely why we are delving into them today!

“Remember, the journey to a clutter-free life starts with small steps, and dedicating just five minutes at a time can make a remarkable difference in reclaiming your space.”

Remember, the journey to a clutter-free life starts with small steps, and dedicating just five minutes at a time can make a remarkable difference in reclaiming your space and achieving a sense of organization and productivity.

Embracing the 5 Minute Decluttering Method: Your Commitment Matters

First of all, I want to understand why you’re drowning in stuff and what it truly means to you to no longer be overwhelmed by it. For those of you who are eager to engage with this process, I recommend you joining the academy!

But if you’re not interested in formally signing up and still want to take this journey with us, that’s wonderful! I’m excited about each and every one of us fully immersing ourselves in decluttering our homes. I’m right there with you!

Things come up in my life, just like you. As a result, at times, things have accumulated in our home. When this happens, I am genuinely enthusiastic about reclaiming the space and letting go of unnecessary belongings. 

The First Step: Extracting Your Clutter

Now, let’s get into what you’ll actually be doing during those 5 minutes. The first step is universal: wherever you are, whether it’s a file cabinet or any other space, everything comes out. Extraction is key; it’s the primary step in decluttering.

I assure you, this applies across the board. The ‘E’ in this method’s acronym stands for ‘Extract,’ and it’s so crucial. You should end up with an entirely empty space. Everything needs to be taken out.

There’s no skirting around this; you can’t simply pull out a few things and call it a day. If your goal is genuine decluttering and organization, you’ve got to lay out all the items before you! Whether you decide to keep or discard something, it all starts with emptying the space.

The Second Two: Sort– Organizing in the 5 Minute Decluttering Method

For the next step, let’s move on to ‘S,’ which stands for ‘Sort.’ Here’s your task: start sorting through all that clutter in three distinct piles. First, there’s the ‘Throw Away’ pile—you’re tossing stuff that’s no longer needed, straight into the trash. Next, the ‘Keep’ pile—these are items you want to hold onto. 

Lastly, there’s the ‘Maybe’ pile—items that could be tossed, but you’re not entirely sure. The ‘Maybe’ pile might contain things destined for the trash, and you can reevaluate them later. For now, it’s all about what you’re not keeping: either it’s going in the trash or out for donation.

Choosing Wisely: Avoid the ‘Yard Sale’ Pitfall and How to Opt for Donation

I strongly advise against creating a ‘Yard Sale’ pile. I really mean it. The yard sale pile often ends up as a clutter pile, stashed away in the garage or spare bedroom for years. Trust me, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Let’s follow the steps I outline here so you can get a solid win under your belt. You’ll master this process, and it’s truly rewarding.

Now, if you’re opting for a donation pile or Goodwill instead of a trash pile, remember, it needs to be taken there the same day or the very next day. Don’t let it linger in the garage—that’s a no-go. 

Making Decisions: Sorting the ‘Keep’ Pile with Practicality and Purpose

You have the ‘Keep’ pile and the ‘Throw Away’ pile. Now, what goes into the ‘Keep’ pile? It’s the items you’ve used in the last six months, maybe even a year—I’m a bit more lenient with the year rule, particularly for closets or seasonal decorations. 

For most of your items, it’s the six-month rule: Will you use it again in the next few months? If not, and if you haven’t used it, it’s time to let go. Don’t let emotions or memories attach you to these items. That’s what keeps you tied to the past and prevents you from moving forward.

Creating a Vision-Driven Space: Letting Go for a Clutter-Free Future

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll say it again—I’ve faced resistance from my family, but my intent is to align my life with the vision I have for myself. Imagine the woman you aspire to be. Picture her and then look at that cluttered drawer. 

Start by thinking, what would she possibly need in there? Consider the life you want, the type of mother, home keeper, and business owner you want to be. Reflect that image in your space. If something in that drawer doesn’t align with that vision, it’s time to let it go.

The ‘Maybe’ pile might initially contain a few valid items, but when you revisit it, you might realize they don’t really fit your life anymore. They don’t have a place, don’t make sense, or simply don’t add value. Discard them. This is the exact process I go through every time—simple and effective. Don’t overthink it; decluttering doesn’t have to take an eternity.

Yes, Marie Kondo suggests touching every item and sparking joy—a concept I appreciate. However, as an emotional person, I can attach joy to almost everything, so I find this more straightforward method more fitting.

Your Decluttering Mission: Gather, Snap, and Share!

Now, time some homework! The core idea of this is to gather items you no longer need. First, you will need a bag. This could be anything—a ziplock bag, a trash bag, a large black bag—go fill it with the items you’re letting go of. 

We all have things we can part with, and that’s perfectly okay! Once you have your full bag, take a picture and share it within the FREE Facebook group. If you’re not part of the group yet, go ahead and join!

Recep: Embrace This Decluttering Method for Clutter-Free Bliss

And there you have it—a comprehensive guide to mastering the 5 Minute Decluttering Method and transforming your living space into a place of peace and productivity! Now, equipped with the insights from this method, you’re ready to embark on your clutter-free journey.

Let’s quickly recap the essential lessons we’ve uncovered:

  1. To start off, recognize the significance of committing just five minutes to decluttering. It’s a simple yet powerful strategy that can yield remarkable results in regaining control over your environment.
  2. After that, explore the key steps of the 5 Minute Method, from extracting clutter to making decisive choices about what to keep, toss, or donate. These steps provide a clear roadmap to conquering clutter in manageable bursts.
  3. Also, remember the importance of aligning your decluttering efforts with your vision for a harmonious life. Let go of items that no longer resonate with your goals and aspirations, and create a space that reflects your authentic self.
  4. Lastly, embrace the idea that decluttering is an ongoing journey, not a one-time task. By consistently dedicating small pockets of time, you can maintain a clutter-free and organized space that supports your well-being and success.

Just as this method simplifies decluttering, it can also simplify your life. As you reclaim space and let go of the unnecessary, you’ll find yourself with more mental clarity, time, and energy to devote to what truly matters.

By taking action now, you’re shaping a future where your surroundings foster productivity, peace, and a sense of accomplishment. So set your timer, start on those five-minute sessions, and witness the transformation unfold—step by step, minute by minute!

Looking to Learn More About Decluttering Your Home?

First of all, if you are wanting to know more about the ESCAPE method for decluttering, check out my blog post, Declutter your Home In Ten Minutes With The Escape Method For Busy Moms. Now, if you are you surrounded by clutter and don’t even know where to start? Check out this guide!

Additionally, If you’ve started on your decluttering journey or are looking for more support as you get started, I invite you to join our Facebook community – it’s completely free! Feel comfortable sharing your questions and tips in there; I’m excited to see your decluttering progress!

Decluttering Made Simple: Your Guide to the 5 Minute Method

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