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Balancing Life’s Demands: How to Prioritize Doing What You Love as a Busy Mom

Balancing Life’s Demands: How to Prioritize Doing What You Love as a Busy Mom -Chelsijo

September 1, 2023


It’s probably about time that we open up this can of worms. Are we truly living our lives in alignment with who we are as individuals, beyond the roles of being a mom, a spouse, a worker, and a homemaker? Are we genuinely doing what we love as a busy mom, or are we merely caught in the loop of fulfilling daily responsibilities?

Recently, a woman joined our Facebook group, and I always do, I asked her, “What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing in managing your work-from-home life and motherhood?”

Her response struck a chord: “Making time to do what I love.” That moment hit me like a ton of bricks. It forced me to confront a question within myself: “Am I truly doing what I love, or am I just teaching people to make time for home, business, motherhood, and marriage?”

We’re going to dive into this and the real reason why I started this entire business. I cannot wait for you to find out how I answered that question for myself and how you’re going to be able to answer it for you. What do you say? Let’s get started!

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast

It’s Time to Embrace Doing What You Love as a Busy Mom

Amidst the whirlwind of daily life, especially for work-from-home moms, lies the challenge of striking a balance between fulfilling our obligations and pursuing our passions. We’re often juggling numerous tasks—managing homes, nurturing children, and tending to work commitments.

Amid all this, our own needs and desires can become blurry. The fundamental question remains: Are we actually making the time to be doing what we love as a busy mom?

From Caregiving to Self-Care: Finding the Balance Within

This dilemma hit me when I was supporting my mom who was unwell at the time. I remember vividly going the extra mile to care for her during her illness. During this time, I would call her multiple times a day to check on her progress and just to offer my support. I was doing everything I could to make her feel better.

But during one of our conversations, she made a statement that really struck me. She said, “You’re always so busy helping others, supporting others, whether it’s through your group, your podcast, your friends, or me. Are you truly getting what need want out of all this?”

It got me thinking – am I truly prioritizing what I love while constantly helping others? Her words lingered in my mind, and they resonated even more deeply when the woman on Facebook stated her number one struggle—making time for what she loved. Just like that, the pieces clicked into place, and I realized the importance of addressing this issue head-on.

The Struggle and Solution: Making Time for What You Love as a Busy Mom

This predicament isn’t new; it’s the very foundation on which my business stands. I wanted a balance between my responsibilities and my passions. Instead of merely filling the cup of others, I aimed to empower women to replenish themselves.

I wanted to share the message that you can do what you love while fulfilling your responsibilities. It wasn’t about ditching your duties; it was about striking a harmonious balance between them and your personal passions.

That’s why I’m so passionate about the Fundamental Needs System, which I’ve developed as a free workbook available on my website. It’s a comprehensive tool that guides you through self-assessment, helping you evaluate your emotional, work-related, and relationship needs. By completing this workbook, you gain clarity on whether you’re genuinely living a life that resonates with your passions!

Navigating Change: Nurturing Passions as a Busy Mom Doing What You Love

The beauty of this process lies in its adaptability; as life shifts, so do our needs. This realization hit me during the early days of motherhood when I realized that life’s rhythm was perpetual change.

Just when I thought I had a routine figured out, my child would grow, and everything would change again. This fluidity and evolution are the constants in life, and they extend beyond motherhood—business, finances, personal growth—they all introduce new dynamics.

Mastering Change with the Fundamental Needs System

In response to these constant changes, I created the Fundamental Needs System. Completing this self-assessment often became my compass in navigating these transitions.

Every quarter, I revisit my fundamental needs and reevaluate how they fit within my current season of life. It’s a process of ensuring that I’m consistently making time for what I love and prioritizing my well-being.

To make this practice even more effective, I rely on tools like the Dream Planner by Horatio Printing, which incorporates my Fundamental Needs System. This planner not only encourages me to assess my needs but also guides me in translating those needs into my schedule. It’s a tangible way to ensure that my time is dedicated to activities that fulfill both my responsibilities and passions.

The Power of Accountability to Create Change

Ultimately, embracing change requires self-accountability. No one else can advocate for your needs but you. By consistently prioritizing yourself and your passions, you’re investing in a future that’s fulfilling and authentic.

And while change can be daunting, the support of a community can make all the difference. Inside our FREE Facebook group, you can connect with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey towards balance.

By consistently showing up for yourself, you can ensure that your fundamental needs are met. Whether it’s through the Fundamental Needs Workbook or Time Blocking Workbook, you need to show up for yourself.

Understanding Your Passions and Callings

While the demands of motherhood, home life, and work can be a lot, recognizing your passions is so important. Your answer to the question, “Why do I love what I love?” holds the key to unlocking a more balanced life. 

“While the demands of motherhood, home life, and work can be a lot, recognizing your passions is so important.”

For me, it’s aligning what I need with my life’s work, ensuring that my time is dedicated to fulfilling both my responsibilities and passions. It’s important to note that it’s okay for this process to take time! Just as I didn’t instantly fall in love with motherhood, other aspects of life might require nurturing.

Prioritizing Your Fundamental Needs: Embracing Doing What You Love as a Busy Mom

Prioritizing what you love necessitates intentional effort. The journey starts with understanding your fundamental needs and translating them into your schedule.

Regular assessments, like those offered by using the Fundamental Needs Workbook, ensure that you’re consistently dedicating time to what truly matters. This isn’t about waiting for someone else to allocate time for you; it’s about seizing control and taking initiative.

A Community of Support

Remember, you’re not alone in this pursuit of balance. Utilize resources like the FREE Facebook community to connect with fellow individuals striving for harmony.

My podcast episodes are also a valuable tool, addressing various aspects of these challenges. By seeking out tools, insights, and partners, you can actively shape your life to accommodate both responsibilities and things that you love.

Conclusion: Rediscovering Balance Through Doing What You Love as a Busy Mom

I want you to really sit down and ask yourself if you are doing the things you love. If you aren’t you need to ask yourself why because balancing responsibilities and passions is possible!

If you’re ready to take charge of your life and make time for what you love, I encourage you to start with the Fundamental Needs Workbook, available for free on my website HERE. This comprehensive tool will guide you through self-assessment and help you evaluate your individual needs.

Let’s just see if you can commit to this for four weeks and check back with yourself to see how you feel. Why don’t we figure out if we can finally get you to start making time to do what it is that you love even though you are a super busy mama! I promise you, if it can happen for me, it can happen for you. It can happen for all of us! It really is not as complicated as you’re making it out to be.

Find accountability, seize control of your schedule, and align your time with what you want from your life. Prioritize your fundamental needs, recognizing that you are your best advocate in the pursuit of a fulfilling life. By investing in yourself and your passions, you’re crafting a future that resonates with authenticity and joy!

Looking to Learn More About Making Time for Your Fundamental Needs?

First of all, if you are wanting to know more about how it can be possible to juggle your life as a busy work-from-home mom and care for yourself at the same time, check out The Foundation for a Self-Care System You Need Now. If you are at a place where you know what you would love to be doing, but dont know how to make it work in your life, the blog post, The 5 Steps You Need to Make Your Schedule Work For You, is a great starting point!

Moreover, don’t hesitate to seek support and accountability from our amazing Facebook community. You’re not alone in this pursuit, and connecting with like-minded individuals who are also striving for balance can make all the difference. Together, we can empower one another to prioritize our fundamental needs and embrace doing what we love as busy moms!

Thank you for joining me on this journey of rediscovering balance and fulfillment. I look forward to witnessing your transformation as you commit to making time for yourself and your passions. Let’s embark on this adventure together!

And remember, if you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to reach out and connect. Your success is within your grasp – let’s make it happen!”

Balancing Life’s Demands: How to Prioritize Doing What You Love as a Busy Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded your Fundamental Needs Workbook and completed that. What are my next steps?

Wonderful! I am so glad that you took the time to make that important first step towards achiveving balance between your priorities and doing what you love as a busy mom.

Now that you have completed the Fundamental Needs Workbook, your next step is to download my free resource on Time Blocking. In this workbook, you will learn my 5 block method for getting your time back. I will teach you how to build the right time blocks for your schedule.

If you are ever stuck in that process, you can get some additional support inside our FREE Systemize Your Life Facebook Group. Or if you’re looking for even more accountability, we would love to have you inside The Systemize Your Life Academy!

Busy Mom’s Guide: Making Time for What You Love Amid Life's Demands
How to Balance Your Priorities and Doing What You Love as a Busy Mom

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