Home Management System Pitfalls: 5 Things to Avoid for Seamless Living


January 16, 2024

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Embarking on the journey of transitioning to my home management system in 2024 is an experience like no other. Witnessing others embrace this change is, without a doubt, one of my favorite things in the world. It’s not just a shift; it’s a transformative journey.

As individuals delve into adopting my home management system, they often encounter a list of five things that simply should not be part of their revamped approach. The thrill of watching people take on this challenge is truly incredible. Some may initially resist, clinging to familiar habits, while others seamlessly blend their existing methods with my system – and that’s perfectly acceptable. However, what truly excites me is when individuals wholeheartedly commit to the change, exclaiming, “How have I been living any other way?” This moment marks the pinnacle of the transformative journey, where the old is shed, and a newfound appreciation for efficient home management takes root.

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast

The Impact Of The ‘Great Eight’ In Home Management Systems

A recent revelation within our student community has underscored the transformative power of what we fondly refer to as the “Great Eight.” This student, whose journey echoes the sentiments of many, expressed profound gratitude for the positive impact this system has had on their life.

This individual shared a personal testimony, revealing a significant shift in her ability to maintain a consistent workout routine – a struggle that persisted for years. The key catalyst for this positive change? The implementation of my time blocking system. By strategically prioritizing tasks within designated time blocks, she found that everything fell into place seamlessly each week.

The astonishment in her words was palpable as she declared, “I am shocked that I have been living my life any other way.” Such sentiments resonate deeply with those who have embraced the transformative journey of adopting the “Great Eight.”

But the impact doesn’t stop there. The ripple effect extends to fundamental aspects of her life, evident in newfound habits like nightly meals and a four-day workout streak. Furthermore, this transformative journey has prompted the initiation of a weekly budget meeting – a practice untouched in her 10 years of marriage.

Navigating Home Management Pitfalls For A Focused And Accomplished Life

What a testament to fully committing to my home management system and reaping the benefits! It’s truly gratifying to witness others embrace it wholeheartedly. However, having observed numerous students navigate through the process without fully committing, I’ve identified a couple of things that don’t work for people. This list focuses on the top five things, irrespective of how you shape your home management system, ensuring you have enough time, intentionality, and avoid being scattered or running around like a headless chicken. The ultimate aim is to foster focus so that, as you lay down at the end of the day, you feel accomplished, having achieved everything you set out to, if not more, most of the time.

If you’re currently experiencing the opposite – not feeling accomplished, struggling with the symptoms I just mentioned – it might be a signal that you need to reassess your home management system. This is an excellent starting point to acknowledge that you shouldn’t be engaging in any of these five things.

Striking The Balance Of Overly Rigid Schedules In Home Management Systems

The initial red flag to steer clear of involves the adoption of an overly rigid schedule. A prevalent issue I frequently observe when individuals embark on learning my approach to home management is the inclination to establish an excessively strict timetable. This meticulous scheduling spans every aspect of their day, from the precise time of waking up to the intricacies of work blocks and various daily activities.

However, the cautionary note here is against becoming overly regimented in your scheduling. While the creation of a structured timetable is certainly encouraged, adhering too strictly to every timestamp can lead to burnout and reduced effectiveness—particularly when managing a household with the unpredictable nature of children. By taking a broader perspective and incorporating flexibility into your schedule, you can navigate the inevitable curveballs that life, and especially family life, tends to throw your way. In essence, finding the delicate balance between structure and adaptability is key to a successful home management system.

Lessons From Montessori For Effective Home Management Systems

In the realm of home management, it’s crucial to acknowledge that disruptions to the schedule are inevitable. Drawing inspiration from educational models, particularly the Montessori method that I hold in high regard, offers valuable insights into managing these interruptions effectively.

Montessori classrooms incorporate what they term as an uninterrupted working session, akin to a work block, during both morning and afternoon sessions. Within these periods, children are given the freedom to engage with specific activities outlined in their work plan. What distinguishes this approach is the absence of a rigid schedule dictating precise transitions from one activity to another.

This model allows for several key advantages:

A: Problem-Solving Independence:

By providing uninterrupted blocks, individuals, in this case, children, learn to navigate challenges and solve problems independently. It fosters a sense of autonomy and self-reliance.

B: Encouraging Creativity:

The absence of strict time constraints allows for a space where creativity can flourish. Individuals have the freedom to explore and delve into their tasks without the pressure of constantly shifting from one activity to the next.

C: Accommodating Individual Needs:

One of the significant strengths of this approach lies in its adaptability to individual needs. It recognizes that each person has a unique rhythm and style of working, providing ample room for personalization.

Parallels Into Your Home

Adopting a similar philosophy within your home management system entails embracing the reality that unforeseen events may disrupt your schedule. By allowing for uninterrupted work sessions or work blocks, you create an environment that encourages problem-solving, nurtures creativity, and accommodates the diverse individual needs within your household.

I believe this plays a significant role in our approach to home management. It’s crucial to meet children where they are and, equally important, to acknowledge and embrace your own state, like whether you’ve had a sleepless night or not. While it’s comforting not to be tied to a rigid schedule, I also find it absolutely necessary.

Ditching The List Overload

The second element to steer clear of in your home management system this year is the reliance on excessive lists and notebooks. If you find yourself juggling multiple notebooks and lists scattered all over the place, it’s a clear indicator that your approach might be setting you up for failure in managing your home.

You might be wondering, “What’s the alternative, then?” We’ve delved into this topic in numerous podcast episodes, exploring ways to move away from traditional to-do lists. The issue with relying on copious lists is that it often leads to the necessity of creating a strict schedule. The constant practice of jotting down every task for every day, every hour, every week, every month, and every year can contribute to the need for a rigid timetable.

You may find yourself compiling lists as a means of clearing mental clutter, but it’s essential to progress beyond that initial step. It’s crucial to transform those lists into an automated, easily digestible, and repeatable format, eliminating the need for constant mental recreation or rewriting on paper.

Striking The Digital Balance

The third item on the list is digital software, a topic that has sparked intense discussions among my friends recently. This tends to resurface at the start of each year as people eagerly look for new ways to enhance their home management. It’s natural to feel excited about revamping your approach, and many are keen on digitizing my home management system. However, I want to clarify that I don’t endorse this direction. It’s not about labeling it as right or wrong, as there’s no absolute answer.

I stand unwaveringly in my conviction about the truth and belief underpinning the method I’ve crafted. I firmly believe that there’s a purpose behind the system I’ve developed. While there are other digital home management systems housed within software like Trello or Asana, boasting sleek interfaces and the allure of modern technology, I remain resolute in not endorsing this path. Although I have ventured into digitizing my home management system for a select few clients, particularly those with unique circumstances, these instances are exceptions rather than the rule.

A Firm Stand For Non-Digital Home Management Systems

While I acknowledge that a digital home management system can be effective in certain situations, I firmly stand by the belief that the best home management system for women juggling full-time motherhood and a business, especially those working from home, should not be digital. In my perspective, this approach is the most optimal. While I may consider some flexibility for those outside this specific realm to experiment with digital solutions, I remain steadfast in my commitment to the belief that a non-digital home management system is the most effective way to go.

The rationale behind my stance is rooted in the nature of work-related tasks, where I strongly advocate for a fully digital approach. In the realm of work responsibilities, I swing entirely to the other side of the pendulum, emphasizing that all work-related activities should be conducted digitally. My own experience of attempting a non-digital approach for an extended period proved ineffective, leading me to firmly believe that, when it comes to work, a digital system is the most efficient and practical choice.

Being Present

When it comes to managing your home, it’s crucial to step away from electronics. The key is to slow down, make eye contact, and eliminate distractions. Establishing calm and easy rhythms within your home is essential, creating an environment that doesn’t constantly draw you back to the mindset of searching for your phone or computer. In this space, the focus should be on simplicity and tranquility.

I could delve into this topic extensively, and there’s a possibility I might dedicate an entire blogpost to break it down further. However, I want to emphasize that if you have the desire to improve your home management this year, go for it. Explore different systems and find what works best for you. Nevertheless, I strongly caution you against being drawn to these five specific aspects. Steer clear of them as you navigate the path to enhancing your home management.

Embracing The Path To Personalized Home Management Systems

If you find yourself unsure of where to start, these five aspects I’ve highlighted encapsulate everything you need to focus on. Instead of sifting through the multitude of podcast episodes, you can streamline your journey by accessing my home management system directly. Whether you prefer a DIY approach or opt for the VIP student experience, ChelsiJo.co/Syl provides both options for you to explore. By incorporating my system into your life, you have the opportunity to transform the next 12 months into an incredible year with a personalized home management system. This isn’t about complexity; it’s about simplicity tailored to your needs. I don’t want you to embark on a frustrating path that leaves you feeling like a failure. Choose a system that works for you, and let this year be one of success and fulfillment.

Maximizing Every Moment And The Art of Purposeful Time-Blocking

The fourth crucial aspect is ensuring that there’s no empty space in your home management system. What does this mean? It implies that every single hour of your day should be accounted for. Now, you might wonder if this contradicts the notion of not having a strict schedule, as mentioned in point number one. The answer is no. While you should be able to identify gaps in your day, these should not be void of plans or intention.

For instance, consider the period from 3:30 to 5:30. You know you’ll be picking up the kids at 3:30 and starting dinner at 5:30, but what about those two hours in between? If you don’t have a clear intention for that time, you might end up wasting it. This is where my five blocks, integral to my time-blocking method, come into play. These blocks seamlessly connect, covering your entire day from the moment you wake up to bedtime.

The key here is to avoid any empty spaces, ensuring that every moment is purposeful, beautiful, vital, and necessary. Even if your intention is to do nothing during a specific time, it’s essential to do so intentionally. Aim to steer clear of unintentional activities, like mindlessly scrolling through Instagram for 45 minutes. The objective is to have a deliberate reason for every moment of your day, fostering productivity and intentionality.

The Pitfalls Of Rigid Cleaning Schedules In Home Management Systems

The fifth and final point is a big one: your home management system should not include a cleaning schedule. Despite how enticing and well-presented they may appear on platforms like Pinterest, I strongly advise against having one. Cleaning schedules tend to be intense and challenging to maintain. Once you deviate from the schedule, regrouping becomes a significant challenge.

The complexity of cleaning schedules often leads to frustration. It’s crucial to acknowledge that while scheduling tasks is beneficial, a rigid cleaning schedule can become counterproductive. The emphasis should be on creating a system that is flexible, adaptable, and sustainable, allowing for a more harmonious and stress-free approach to managing your home.

Unleashing Creativity And Harmony With The Home Management System

As the owner of your home management system, you have the authority to delegate, automate, and creatively design a system that addresses all necessary tasks. You can strategically arrange and streamline these responsibilities into a beautifully systematic flow that is easily understandable for everyone. This organic flow effortlessly repeats itself, creating a harmonious rhythm for the management of your home. While it may sound like a fairy tale, the reality is that this level of organization and efficiency is entirely possible with the right approach and mindset.

While it may sound like a fairy tale, the reality is that this level of organization and efficiency is entirely possible with the right approach and mindset.

Then you’re just going to box yourself into this thing that feels like it’s suffocating you if you create a really complex cleaning schedule. Now you could create a loose cleaning schedule and not touch underneath the couch and not do all of the other nitty gritty stuff. But the truth is, those things do need to get done as well and you need to find a rhythm for it. If you pull anything out of this episode, and you cling to anything that I have to say, it’s that these things should not be rigid schedules. They need to be really organic rhythms in your life. 

Keep Going!

Excited about actually implementing a home management system for yourself? If you want to dig into this topic is more depth, feel free to check out these blog posts: How To Create Your Own Home Management System and Building A System That Works: Three Important Factors For Effective Home Systems.

I trust that this episode has provided inspiration, and I look forward to having you join me again soon.


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