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Juggling Life’s Demands As A Busy, Work-from-Home Mom

balancing home and work as a work from home mom

March 3, 2024

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We are showcasing a transformational system, “The Great 8” because it is pivotal for success as a busy, work-from-home mom. Aly McClain, formerly a Registered Nurse, has transitioned into a role as a homebirth coach. Surprisingly, she turned out to be a long-lost internet friend of mine, and now she’s enrolled as one of my students. It’s incredible how life unfolds.

Recently, Aly launched her own podcast and has excelled in utilizing this platform effectively. She graciously joined the podcast to share her insights with all of you.

Following a challenging birth experience, Aly made a heartfelt commitment to supporting other mothers in achieving positive birthing experiences, but she needed systems to achieve balance as a work from home mom.

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Embracing Motherhood While Equipping Yourself With Tools

I’m deeply honored and filled with pride when people place their trust in me and seek to learn from my experiences. I believe in the timing of life’s seasons, recognizing that everyone has their own journey. The role of “mom” begins the moment you conceive, and at various points along this journey, we all encounter challenges. In those time, a little extra support can make a world of difference, even if we hesitate to admit it.

At Chelsijo.co, my team and I are consistently amazed by the caliber of students who join us in Systemize Your Life. It’s for this reason that we made the decision to spotlight these individuals some time ago – because it’s your dedication and engagement that make these systems effective. There’s something truly remarkable about embracing the essence of motherhood while also equipping yourself with tools to navigate life’s challenges.

Aly McClain: Podcaster, Work From Home Mom And Struggling

Four years ago, Aly embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a strong desire to establish a business, embracing resourcefulness along the way. Driven by her passion for homebirth, she wholeheartedly pursued her business aspirations, albeit at the expense of prioritizing her family. Recognizing the need for structured systems, she grappled with the challenge of balancing work and home life. She experienced strain in her marriage, health, parenting, and household responsibilities. Realizing that different results required a shift in priorities, Aly sought a change.

Caught in a mental clutter and survival mode, Aly found herself lacking creativity in her business and struggling to thrive in any aspect of her life, feeling overwhelmed and frazzled. Through her journey with Systemize Your Life, Aly has successfully implemented systems that prioritize her family while also enabling her to fulfill her role as a business owner. Reflecting on her experience, she acknowledges the regret of not embracing the program sooner, as it has profoundly transformed her life for the better.

Constant, Flexible Growth With Timeblocking

I find myself navigating a stage of life where both my business and children are in a constant state of growth, leaving little room for coasting. It’s become evident to me that this journey is one of continual learning and evolution. What I’ve come to understand is that through this ongoing process of learning, it’s essential to embrace the opportunity to share the immense value we hold within. By leveraging our talents and resisting the allure of complacency, we open ourselves up to taking risks and investing in pursuits that have lingered in our minds for an indeterminate period. It’s in these moments that we begin to witness tangible external results.

Yet, the true rewards lie within – the newfound confidence, organization, and sense of sanity that accompany this journey are truly invaluable. They bring about a sense of clarity and peace that transcends any outward achievements.

The Great Eight

We made the decision to sit down with Aly and delve into “The Great 8” system, and her reaction was nothing short of astonishment at its simplicity and profound impact on her life. Initially, Aly was under the impression that she could simply fit all her tasks into her schedule without a structured system. However, upon implementing the Great 8 system, she gained clarity on how her week should ideally unfold. Inspired by the foundational framework I had been using, she decided to adopt it for herself.

While initially hesitant to allocate time for exercise within her fundamental needs, Aly decided to give it a chance. Additionally, she incorporated dedicated time for Saturday planning and a Sunday sit-down with her husband. She recognized the importance of structured communication in their relationship. Reflecting on her journey, Aly is astonished at how she managed her various roles – as a business owner, podcaster, homeschooler, wife, homemaker, and mother of four – without a structured system in place.

However, it was only when Aly began adhering to her scheduled exercise time that she truly hit her stride. She discovered a newfound love for going to the gym, finding it energizing and empowering, rather than a chore. She now revels in her morning routine, embracing heavy lifting and cultivating a serene demeanor that sets a positive tone for her day.

Marriage Makeover Via Sunday Sitdowns

Aly and her husband took their vows at the age of 21, essentially growing up side by side. Aly admits there have been multiple iterations of Aly that her husband has witnessed over the years. However, Aly shares that her husband particularly appreciates the post-Systemize Your Life version of herself. This transformed Aly is described as calm, collected, well-scheduled, and free from the previous sense of frantic energy.

One notable change is Aly and her husband’s newfound practice of budgeting meetings. Starting their marital journey with significant college debt, they spent five years working diligently to become debt-free. Initially, organizing the financial records fell solely on Aly’s shoulders. Once they achieved debt-free status, they found themselves without a clear financial plan. They relied on hope instead of a communicated plan with regards to their money. For a decade, Aly bore the financial responsibility alone, but now they engage in weekly budgeting meetings. This shift has alleviated Aly’s sense of isolation, fostering a 100% increase in communication between them.

To enhance these conversations, I introduced a Sunday Sitdown cheat sheet within the course. This resource addresses the common challenge of feeling awkward during designated partner discussions, providing a structured set of questions. Developed with the assistance of my husband, Blaine, the cheat sheet ensures that both partners come to the table prepared for the Sunday sitdown. We need extra help transforming it into an enjoyable and productive time. Aly has expressed her appreciation for this valuable tool as well.

Timestamps and To-Do Lists Be Gone!

Now that she has a clear understanding of how to structure her time blocks, Aly has abandoned her reliance on timestamps. Previously, she would meticulously allocate tasks from her to-do list into specific time slots on her calendar, hoping to accomplish them within those constraints. However, she has since realized that by removing the pressure of strict time limits, she is able to achieve significantly more. Aly is determined never to revert to the constant cycle of living by a rigid to-do list, a sentiment I share for all my students. The key is to follow instructions and take action.

This struggle resonates deeply with me, which is why I developed “The Great 8” system. It became apparent that constantly rehashing the same tasks week after week was draining too much mental energy.

In addition to implementing structured discussions during their Sunday Sitdown, Aly and her husband have introduced scheduled date nights with a specific agenda: to simply have fun. This intentional separation of practical matters allows them to focus solely on nurturing their relationship and exploring new experiences together. Aly treasures this balance, and she credits Systemize Your Life with not only enhancing her financial situation, motherhood identity, and health, but also significantly improving her marriage and overall happiness. She is now wholeheartedly committed to spreading the word about the transformative power of Systemize Your Life.

“You have so much value, and if you choose to use the tools that are given to you, the rewards do come.”

Creating Impact Inside and Outside The Home

I’m deeply touched when I witness mothers wholeheartedly investing themselves in their work. Leading a mission that wasn’t initially mine has been a profoundly transformative experience. This metamorphosis extends beyond the individual mother; it positively impacts the entire family unit. Aly’s journey, along with that of every mother who joins our program, fills me with immense pride. They approach motherhood with a sense of purpose and dedication, leveraging their innate gifts to create meaningful impacts.

Listen in to hear Aly’s expertise as a homebirth coach on the “The Peaceful Homebirth Podcast.” Her website Birth, Bliss, Beyond, exemplifies the profound impact a peaceful homebirth can have on motherhood.

I encourage you to take the lessons you’ve learned today and apply them with the same dedication and commitment as Aly. Thank you, Aly, for sharing your inspiring story.

Feeling Inspired To Move From Overwhelmed to Organized?

If you’re inspired by Aly’s story and want to explore the Systemize Your Life program, head over to chelsijo.co/syl for more information. Whether you choose the DIY option or the comprehensive VIP experience, there’s an opportunity for you to enhance your life and create meaningful changes. Your journey awaits! Don’t forget to look into our other blog posts where I highlight The Great 8 and Fundamental Needs systems like How To Time Block Your Fundamental Needs To Reduce Stress And Anxiety, My Fail-Proof Budgeting System For Married Couples and Mastering Your Day: 3 Google Calendar Tips for Busy Moms.

Thank you for being a part of this conversation. Please share your successes, thoughts and questions with us in the Systemize Your Life Facebook Group.

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