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Discovering The Truth Behind Hiring House Cleaners: Why I Quit and What I Learned


March 20, 2024


The title of this blog post hints at the discussion ahead: the real reasons behind my decision to stop using house cleaners. While it may seem like a contradiction, the truth is that I’ve been employing a cleaning service for the past year without mentioning it. Today, I’ll delve into why I made this choice and ultimately returned to my own cleaning routine, bidding farewell to the house cleaners.

To be completely transparent, the reason I haven’t addressed this topic before is because I wanted to fully explore and understand my own motivations. But here, I’ll delve into three key lessons I gained from hiring a house cleaner and share the tools and methods I’ve adopted to achieve a level of cleanliness surpassing that of professional cleaners. Additionally, I’ll outline my future plans for maintaining a clean home now that I’ve transitioned away from relying on outside help.

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The Choice To Hire House Cleaners In The Chaos

Let me backtrack for a moment. Around a year ago, my family and I moved into a newly constructed house. When I say new, I mean pristine—freshly painted walls, untouched carpets, gleaming baseboards, and spotless appliances. It was a clean slate, untouched by previous occupants, with every surface and fixture still bearing that new-home shine. As I peeled off stickers and registered warranties, my primary goal was simple: to maintain this pristine condition for as long as possible.

Amidst the chaos of moving, managing my children’s increasingly busy schedules, running my business, supporting my husband’s personal projects, fulfilling my commitments at church, and even adding a new furry member to our family in the form of a dog, I found myself deep in the trenches. Recognizing that maintaining a pristine home amidst this whirlwind would be challenging, my husband and I made the decision to hire house cleaners. They would come in every two weeks to help keep our home in order.

Embracing The Trend: Exploring The World Of House Cleaners

In my circle, comprising close friends, peers in my mastermind group, and individuals I coach and collaborate with, the norm seems to be hiring house cleaners. Many of them run multiple six and seven-figure businesses, and outsourcing household cleaning is often one of their initial steps. Initially, I wrestled with the idea for various reasons, telling myself it would only be temporary until I found my footing. Yet, here I am, a year later, and while our new home isn’t perfectly settled, we’ve established a semblance of routine and familiarity.

During that period, we cycled through five different house cleaning companies, each of which came three, four, or five times. Initially, we stuck with the first company for a while, and while the service was satisfactory, I didn’t have much basis for comparison. Eventually, though, I reached a point where I felt we needed to explore other options, leading us to try out various cleaners.

Do I Really Need A House Cleaner?

Several observations stood out to me during this experience, which I’ll delve into further shortly. One significant realization was that prior to this, I had never hired a house cleaner. Even during times when I juggled multiple jobs as a single mom, I always managed to clean my own house, like many others do. The idea of having someone else clean for me didn’t appeal to me initially. However, like many, I couldn’t help but entertain the thought of the convenience of having a consistently clean home.

For the past year, I can’t deny that my house has consistently been clean, and that’s undeniably nice. Running your finger along most shelves wouldn’t yield a trace of dust, although I did encounter this issue with some cleaners, prompting us to switch companies multiple times. We explored various options, from larger companies with established systems to smaller, locally-run operations recommended by neighbors and community members. Despite trying different approaches, we still faced challenges with maintaining the level of cleanliness we desired.

Truth be told, nothing proved to be more effective than my family and I pitching in to clean the house and following the system I established years ago. It’s undoubtedly one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve had, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to reassess our approach. While there may be a future season where we opt to hire cleaners again, I acknowledge that it’s a luxury and not a necessity.

“Truth be told, nothing proved to be more effective than my family and I pitching in to clean the house.”

Reevaluating The Role Of House Cleaners: Lessons Learned From A Year of Outsourcing

One of the primary drawbacks I experienced with having house cleaners was the requirement to have the entire house in order before they arrived. Everything had to be picked up, decluttered, and tidied 100% to ensure the cleaners could effectively do their job. While this wasn’t explicitly mandated, it was necessary to maximize the value of the cleaning service. 

However, maintaining this level of tidiness proved to be inconvenient and challenging to coordinate with our family’s schedule. Despite our efforts to keep things tidy, aligning our routine with the cleaners’ schedule was a struggle, and we never quite found a seamless rhythm. This meant that preparing for the cleaners’ arrival often felt rushed and disruptive to our daily lives, rather than providing the anticipated relief of returning to a clean home. Additionally, the expectation to tidy up before the cleaners’ arrival added an extra layer of stress and pressure, detracting from the convenience and relaxation we had hoped to gain from outsourcing our cleaning tasks.

Balancing House Cleaning With A New Dog

Another challenge we faced was our new dog, which added an additional layer of complexity to the cleaning process. Because our dog was still learning manners and how to behave when people were around, I had to be home whenever the cleaners came over. This meant dedicating my time to managing the dog’s behavior and ensuring he didn’t cause any disruptions during the cleaning process.

Despite being kennel-trained, our dog would become restless after a few hours, requiring attention and supervision to prevent any mishaps. Consequently, I found myself unable to accomplish anything else while the cleaners were present, as I needed to focus on managing the dog and ensuring the cleaning process went smoothly. This situation may vary for others, depending on their pets’ behavior and training, but for me, it added an extra layer of complexity and made the cleaning process more challenging to manage.

The Challenge Of Inconsistent House Cleaning Appointments

The third drawback I encountered was the inconsistency in the timing of the cleaning appointments. With almost every company we tried, the scheduled cleaning times were never consistent. Instead of having a set time for their visit, it was always a window of time during which they might arrive. This lack of predictability made it challenging to plan my schedule and coordinate other activities around the cleaning appointments. 

Despite attempts to incorporate their visits into my home management system, I struggled to adjust to the fluctuating schedule and often found myself waiting around for them to arrive. Additionally, there were instances where different cleaners would show up each time, despite assurances that it would be the same person. Factors such as illness or unexpected changes further compounded the issue, leaving me feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with the service. Overall, the inconsistency in timing and personnel detracted from the value of the service and made it less beneficial for our household.

Reaping Lessons From House Cleaners: Reflecting On The Year

Having cleaners come to our house twice a month for an entire year taught me three significant lessons. Despite the convenience of having a clean home, I found myself grumbling internally every time they arrived. It wasn’t because I wasn’t grateful for the service, but rather because I questioned why we were investing in it. The experience prompted me to reflect on the value of outsourcing cleaning tasks and consider whether it aligned with our family’s priorities and values.

Why I Can Clean My House Better Than The Pros

Reason number one why I can clean my house like a pro: I’ve honed my cleaning skills to ninja level. Observing the cleaners from one company, who worked diligently and resembled my own cleaning routine, made me realize the potential effectiveness of my methods. If I ever decide to hire professional cleaners again, they would likely be my first choice.

Mastering the details is paramount. Knowing every nook and cranny of your home, from the pesky spots where pee dribbles on the toilet to the areas prone to hard water buildup, empowers you to tackle cleaning efficiently. With a meticulous system in place, you can swiftly address these nuances, ensuring a pristine home in no time.

I’ve discovered that I possess the skills to clean my house thoroughly and efficiently. I’ve developed a keen eye for detail, knowing precisely which areas require special attention and how they fit into the overall cleaning routine. When you have a cleaner, you might overlook these nuances or find yourself re-cleaning areas they missed. It became evident that I had already fine-tuned my cleaning system to a point where their service was redundant. Hiring cleaners wasn’t freeing up more time or energy for other endeavors—it was merely an unnecessary expense.

Why I Regret Hiring House Cleaners For My Children’s Sake

The second major lesson I gleaned from this experience is the missed opportunity for my children to learn essential life skills. This realization has been the primary reason why I hesitated to hire cleaners for so long. My husband and I deliberated over the impact outsourcing cleaning would have on our kids’ development. It hit me one day when I observed my youngest, who at six years old, didn’t even know how to clean a toilet. In contrast, my oldest was proficient in cleaning bathrooms and kitchens by the age of six or seven. Reflecting on my own upbringing with a single mom, I recognized the value of teaching my children these practical skills that would benefit them throughout their lives.

The children I mentor, who are in their late teens and early twenties, lack these basic life skills, and I refuse to let my own children fall into the same category. I urge you to establish a solid cleaning system that involves your children, regardless of their age. These skills are essential for their success in life, and as parents, it’s our responsibility to equip them with the tools they need to thrive. I understand your desires and aspirations for your children, but if the skills you’re providing them don’t prepare them for the next phase of life, you’ll eventually bear the weight of that decision.

Everyone Can Help!

Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to teaching essential life skills. My husband, for example, is incredibly adept at contributing to our household chores, thanks in part to the culture instilled in him by the fire department. He can do his own laundry, cook his own food, and clean up after himself—a valuable gift for any son or daughter. Whether you have boys or girls, they will all benefit from learning these independent life skills. It fosters confidence, builds character, and strengthens the bond between parent and child. I realized that by relying solely on house cleaners, I was depriving my children of these important experiences and lessons.

Embracing The Meditative Power Of Home Cleaning And Parenting

The third important lesson I learned is that I was neglecting the most meditative and honoring tasks that come with being a homeowner and a parent. Taking care of my home and family is just as crucial to me as my marriage and motherhood. These responsibilities are not burdens but rather gifts that I’ve been entrusted with. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with outsourcing certain tasks like gardening or yard work, I realized that I was missing out on the opportunity to engage in these activities in a mindful and respectful manner.

During our discussions about whether we should continue hiring house cleaners, Blaine and I delved deep into the topic, considering the potential trade-offs involved. It’s interesting how marriage opens up conversations about various aspects of life. We discuss a myriad of topics, and it’s comforting to have a partner with whom you can explore these matters. One day, out of the blue, Blaine asked me a simple yet profound question: “Does cleaning your house bring you joy?” Without hesitation, I replied with a resounding “Yes.” It was a moment of clarity for me. His response was equally straightforward: “Then do it.”

Empowering Tools For Home Cleaning Success: My Three Must-Haves

I’ve devised an intriguing plan to tackle this transition back to cleaning my house. While I anticipate some challenges, such as cleaning a bathtub, I’m ready to face them head-on. After all, it’s an opportunity to incorporate a bit of exercise into my routine—squats and lunges while scrubbing away. I’m embracing the challenge and looking forward to the sense of accomplishment that comes with maintaining my home.

So, let’s dive into the three tools that I found essential during my experience with house cleaners. Firstly, the all-purpose spray and scrub stood out to me. I noticed that the cleaners brought an array of solutions, many of which seemed unnecessary. In contrast, my homemade all-purpose spray and scrub have proven to be incredibly effective. If you’re interested, you can access it by visiting Chelseajo.co/oils, where you can download my free guide on essential oils. If you’re one of my students, you already have access to this recipe and more through my system as your life program, where we cover various aspects of household management.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine with the Tinikko iFloor 3

The second tool I highly recommend is the Tineco iFloor 3. Let me tell you, I’ve never had cleaner floors in my life since using this gem. It’s priced at around $250, and let me assure you, it’s worth every penny. This device has revolutionized my cleaning routine. Forget about traditional mops that leave your house smelling like mop water. The iFloor 3 vacuums and mops simultaneously, leaving your floors sparkling clean. Plus, it’s cordless and can cover both hard floors and carpets, making it incredibly versatile. It even separates dirty water from clean water, ensuring a thorough clean every time. Trust me, this investment will change your cleaning game for good.

Achieve Sparkling Windows With Norwex Cleaning Towels

The third essential tool I highly recommend is the window cleaning towels from Norwex. These towels are a game-changer when it comes to streak-free window cleaning. With just water and this amazing towel, you can achieve sparkling clean windows without the need for harsh chemicals like Windex. Plus, they’re reusable, saving you money in the long run. Even one of the cleaning companies that visited my home expressed admiration for these towels. Trust me, once you try them, you’ll be obsessed too.

Systemize Your Life: A Deep Dive Into Home Management And Cleaning Strategies

Moving forward, my plan to maintain a clean house involves reverting back to my zone cleaning system completely. If you’re interested in learning about the specific zones you should have in your house, as well as detailed cleaning routines and recipes, I’m thrilled to share all that and more. Stay tuned for exciting updates and insights into how I’ll be managing my household cleanliness moving forward.

Realizing that even automated items like my water pitcher need regular cleaning, I’m incorporating it into my cleaning routine, ensuring a thorough cleanse at least once a week. This revelation has prompted me to develop a comprehensive system for automating essential tasks that fall outside of traditional cleaning duties. By investing in the right tools and organizing my cleaning arsenal, I aim to achieve a level of cleanliness surpassing that of professional cleaners, all while saving money in the long run.

For those eager to delve deeper into my comprehensive home management system, which encompasses my cleaning routines and much more, I invite you to explore the third week of my program, “Systemize Your Life.” This four-week curriculum is designed to help you implement efficient systems in your home, and as a VIP student, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources, including detailed insights into my cleaning zones and strategies. Joining my student community offers invaluable support and guidance as you embark on your journey to a more organized and efficient household.

Teamwork Makes The Clean Work

In the future, I’ve resolved not to tackle cleaning my house alone. It’s hard work, and I firmly believe in the power of teamwork. My family will be actively involved in our zone cleaning routine, a concept I emphasize in my program. Additionally, I’ve decided to enlist the help of my mom, who will join us in cleaning sessions. While I’ll compensate her, it won’t be as much as I was paying professional cleaners. This collaborative effort feels rewarding and enjoyable, and I’m excited to embark on this journey together.

Involving others in the cleaning process can be incredibly rewarding. Whether it’s your family members, friends, or even neighbors, having support and assistance can make the task more enjoyable and efficient. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of those around you, as sharing the workload not only lightens the burden but also fosters a sense of togetherness and collaboration. And if you happen to find solace and peace in cleaning solo, then embrace that too. Ultimately, it’s about finding what works best for you and embracing the process with joy and gratitude.

Allocating Time Into My Calendar

Finally, I intend to allocate two hours each week consistently on my calendar, as has been my practice for a while now. During these dedicated sessions, I’ll focus on organizing my cleaning zones in a manner that best suits my family’s needs in our new home. This approach ensures that I maintain a sense of cleanliness and order throughout the house on a regular basis.

The second aspect of my strategy for maintaining a clean house in the future involves regular decluttering and tidying. By ensuring that our living spaces are consistently organized and free of unnecessary items, cleaning becomes a less daunting task and allows for more efficient upkeep. Given the accumulation of clutter over time, I recognize the need for a thorough decluttering process, which I believe many others may also find beneficial.

Wrapping It Up…

As we transition from winter to spring, I see this as a pivotal time for me and my family to focus on cleaning, decluttering, and refreshing our living spaces. I’m eager to share the energy and systems we’ll be implementing, serving as a guide for others who may be embarking on similar journeys. It’s been enlightening to share the truth about my experiences with house cleaning, acknowledging both the challenges and the rewards it brings. I look forward to delving deeper into the intricacies of cleaning, decluttering, and rejuvenating our homes, schedules, and hearts. Thank you for joining me on this journey, embracing the realities and possibilities of maintaining a clean and fulfilling living environment.

As you start this journey, I’m excited to hear your experiences and insights. Share them within our vibrant Facebook community or come over and visit me on Instagram. And remember that we would LOVE to see you inside of Systemize Your Life as a VIP student!

Until next time….


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