How To Keep A Tidy House

how to keep up on housework

April 27, 2024

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As a mom, I understand the pressures and challenges of keeping a tidy house while juggling all the responsibilities that come with parenting and work. Let me be clear from the start: I’m not here to mom-shame anyone. We’re all doing the best we can in our own unique circumstances.

In my journey through motherhood, I’ve found myself straddling a delicate line between being a firm, no-nonsense mom and someone who exudes warmth and nurturing care. But amidst this balancing act, there’s one thing I’m unwaveringly committed to: consistency and integrity.

Sure, there are days when my house isn’t pristine. I can glance around and spot my curling iron left out, pajamas strewn on the floor, and a towel abandoned in the bathroom. It happens. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s not the norm, but it’s a reality we all face from time to time.

Understanding why keeping a house clean can be a struggle for many moms goes beyond simply pointing fingers or passing judgment. It’s about recognizing the multitude of factors at play – from managing children’s needs and schedules to balancing work and household chores.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending cycle of tidying up, know that you’re not alone.

On Normal Days, You Will Keep Up On Housework!

If you’ve ever felt a pang of guilt or inadequacy because your house isn’t always spotless, let me reassure you: the state of your house does not define your worth as a person or as a parent. You’re here because you’re seeking a new perspective and some practical tools to make life a little easier, and that’s commendable.

Picture this: a future where the struggle to keep your house clean is no longer a constant battle. Sure, there will still be challenging days – when illness strikes, holidays demand extra cleanup, or sports seasons consume your schedule. But imagine those moments of chaos becoming the exception rather than the rule.

Think about it: wouldn’t it be a relief to know that your messy house doesn’t have to be a source of perpetual stress? Instead of feeling weighed down by the constant struggle, you can embrace the ebb and flow of life’s demands, finding solace in the fact that occasional challenges are far more manageable than enduring chronic chaos.

So, let’s reframe the narrative. Let’s shift our focus from striving for perfection to embracing imperfection with grace and resilience. Because it’s not about never experiencing messy moments; it’s about learning to navigate them with patience and perspective.

Can I get an amen to that? Together, let’s embark on a journey toward a more balanced, productive and harmonious home life. I’m happy to show you the way to a consistently tidy house in Systemize Your Life.

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The Top 5 Reasons You’re Not Keeping Up On Housework

Here are the top 5 reasons you’re struggling to keep up with housework, and more importantly, how to overcome them.

Tidy House Tip #1: Do Not Mix Work And Home Tasks

Are you finding yourself caught in a never-ending cycle of trying to balance work responsibilities with household chores? It’s time to set some boundaries. Mixing these tasks can leave you feeling like you’re spinning your wheels all day without making progress in either area. Instead, designate specific times for work and housework to ensure that both get the attention they deserve. Remember, trying to tackle everything at once is a recipe for chaos and frustration. So, let’s create a clear separation between work and home duties for a more organized and efficient approach to your day.

If you’re looking to start creating timeblocks for yourself, we could not have more resources for you! I suggest you start with our free podcast vault. Every. single. episode. is listed there and it’s completely searchable. Enjoy!

“Imagine a home overrun by a community of homeless items, creating chaos and clutter at every turn. But don’t despair, I’ll show you how to transform that chaos into calm by finding a place for everything and restoring harmony to our space.”

Tidy House Tip #2: Get Rid Of Extra Stuff

If you’re already a student of mine, you’re full boar into the ESCAPE Challenge and you’re fully committed to decluttering your space. But if you’re not, chances are you’re dealing with an excess of belongings, leading to a frustrating cycle of not knowing where things belong or where to even begin.

It’s like these homeless items have formed their own community right in the heart of your home, creating a sense of chaos and disorganization that can weigh heavily on your mental well-being. The result? A space that feels cluttered, unkempt, and far from the serene sanctuary you deserve.

But here’s the silver lining: by taking the leap and decluttering, you’ll experience a profound sense of liberation and relief. Just imagine the weight lifted off your shoulders as you bid farewell to unnecessary clutter and create a home where everything has its rightful place.

Join the ranks of over 50 women in our community who have embraced the spring refresh challenge with open arms. The results speak for themselves—participants are experiencing incredible transformations in both their homes and their lives. Trust me, the feeling of a clutter-free home is truly unparalleled.

Tidy House Tip #3: Tidy Cues

Strategic tidy cues are the backbone of my home management approach. Throughout the day, I’ve carefully integrated these cues to prevent the nightly chaos that can make it feel like a bomb went off in our living space.

Think about it: how many times do we transition from one activity to another or move from one room to the next during the day? These moments are crucial. They’re opportunities to reset and maintain order in our surroundings. Whether it’s shifting from a nighttime routine to dinner preparations or moving between different tasks, these transition times are where tidy cues come into play.

However, even with the best intentions and systems in place, there are days when life throws us a curveball. Take today, for example—I found myself battling illness, which led to oversleeping and a rushed morning to get the kids to school on time. Then my curling iron was left on the counter. It’s not the norm, but it’s the reality of what happened today.

Despite occasional hiccups, the key is to remain mindful of these transition moments and utilize them as opportunities to maintain order and cleanliness in our homes. By recognizing the importance of tidy cues and integrating them into our daily routines, we can minimize chaos and create a more harmonious living environment for ourselves and our families.

Tidy House Tip #4: Clean As You Go

The golden rule for maintaining a tidy home? Clean as you go. It’s a simple yet powerful principle that I apply to every aspect of my daily routine, whether I’m cooking, going through my morning ritual, or engaging in arts and crafts with my children.

Here’s the trick: only have one thing out at a time, and ensure it finds its proper place once you’re done with it. This mantra isn’t just for me—it’s a lesson I instill in my kids as well. Why? Because when we adhere to this practice, we avoid the all-too-common scenario where we’re suddenly faced with a mountain of clutter and no time to tackle it.

Every time we reach a transition point or “tidy cue” in our day, we’re confronted with the choice of either putting things away or letting them linger. If we consistently opt for the latter, those neglected items start to accumulate, resulting in a chaotic mess by day’s end.

So, instead of letting clutter creep up on us, let’s make a habit of tidying as we go. By staying on top of the little tasks throughout the day, we can prevent the overwhelming feeling of a bomb going off in our homes and enjoy a space that feels calm, organized, and welcoming.

Tidy Home Tip #5: Follow Through With Your Kids

This one hits hard, but it’s a crucial aspect of maintaining order in any household. It’s a skill that seems to have slipped through the cracks for many parents: the ability to follow through with their kids.

Let’s get one thing straight: when I talk about discipline, I’m not just referring to reprimanding misbehavior. I’m talking about instilling discipline within ourselves as parents and holding our children accountable for their actions. It’s about setting clear expectations and ensuring they follow through on their responsibilities.

Whether it’s tidying up their toys, wiping away toothpaste splatters, emptying their lunchboxes, or cleaning up after themselves in the bathroom, our children need to understand that there are consequences for their actions and that we’re there to enforce them.

Even if it tugs at your heartstrings to swoop in and take care of everything for everyone, the truth is, it’s unsustainable. By teaching our children the value of accountability and responsibility, we’re not only lightening our own load, but we’re also empowering them to become independent, capable individuals.

So, let’s reclaim the lost art of discipline in parenting. By fostering a culture of accountability and follow-through within our households, we pave the way for a more harmonious and balanced family dynamic.

Boundaries and Implementation

Boundaries are the cornerstone of effective household management, mama. This is where the real work lies, but fear not, because we’re in this together. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, get organized, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to guide you through the process with our four-week home management system. Systemize Your Life is for you if you struggle to keep up with your housework and maintain a tidy home.

In incorporating these five key strategies, you will be able to keep up on your housework, revolutionizing the way your home looks and how you tackle your housework. These are the game-changers that will empower you to maintain order and sanity amidst the chaos of daily life.

Let’s keep the conversation going and give each other the motivation and inspiration in our Facebook community.

If you’re looking for more ways to keep a tidy home, check out 3 Cleaning Tips To Stop Living Under Piles Of Dishes And Laundry, How To Avoid Burnout! The 10 Habits Every Busy Mom Needs In Their Daily Routine and Top Organization Hacks to Teach Your Kids To Live a Simpler Life. Enjoy the clean home mama!

how to keep up on housework

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tidy cues and how do they help maintain a clean home?

Tidy cues are strategic reminders or prompts throughout the day to tidy up and maintain order in your home. These cues can be transition points between activities or rooms, serving as opportunities to reset and keep clutter at bay. I would love to take you through our complete home management system to get all of your tidy cues baked into your routine stacks and time blocks for an ever-present “company-ready” home!

how to keep up on housework
how to keep up on housework

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