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What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

July 7, 2024


What story do you tell yourself?

About what you’re capable of? How your relationships look? Your state of organization? The state of “mess” in your life?

I have an incredible story to share with you.

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Who Are You Idolizing?

There are moments I have to pinch myself because it’s hard to believe that I’m now an organized, systematic mom running the business of my dreams.

I want to be transparent because nothing is ever quite what it seems. Whether we’re looking at social media, Hollywood, experts, gurus, doctors, or podcasters, it’s easy to put them on a pedestal. Even our parents, spouses, and siblings. But when we take in information from someone, we need to step back and evaluate the facts about who they are and what they represent.

Are You Striving For Something You’re Aligned With?

I’ve been learning this over time, and as we dive into this story, I want you to grasp the progression because you can become an expert too. Throughout this journey, one crucial lesson I’ve learned is to be mindful of the carrots we dangle in front of ourselves. I’ve changed my carrots many times, fixating on different things to motivate myself. Sometimes we do this unknowingly, and that’s a significant part of the conversation. We have to be careful about what we’re baiting ourselves with, or we might end up chasing things that aren’t truly what we want for ourselves and our families.

Sometimes, people get so focused on pursuing their carrot that they put on blinders and lose sight of what they genuinely want. This can be detrimental. They end up telling a story and chasing a goal for so long that it becomes their reality, even if it’s not what they truly desire. It’s important to be aware of this and to ensure that what we’re striving for aligns with our true values and goals.

“Even if you’re not naturally organized, these systems will keep you on track. Anyone who shows up consistently, time and again, will see results and can transform their life, no matter how chaotic it looks right now.”

I Was Juggling So Much And I Know You Are Too

Moms often find themselves in a similar predicament and don’t know how to turn things around for their families. So, I want to take you through my journey to becoming a systems expert. Hopefully, this will shape your thoughts and the “carrot” you’ve been dangling.

My story started like many others: it all changed when I became a mom. As the old saying goes, motherhood transforms everything.

My Old Story

Before that, I worked as a sign language interpreter and ran an event-based business with my mom. We handled the design, decor, flowers, set-up, and tear-down. It was intense but an incredible experience. During most of that time, I was a single mom.

Then I married a firefighter and soon after had another baby. My oldest was three when I got married. I was juggling so much: cooking Pinterest-worthy meals, doing laundry, and trying to keep the house clean and orderly. One day, I realized I hadn’t even gone grocery shopping or planned meals, and dinner time was fast approaching. I knew I had to find a better way.

Long story short, I decided to step away from the event-based business and focus on my home. I developed systems to manage everything. I started sharing these systems with others. Initially, I planned to be a post-partum doula, preparing clients’ homes for that crucial post-partum period and supporting their husbands. I even dabbled with a blog.

From there, everything evolved. Now, I’m here to share my journey and expertise with you.

Systems, Organization and Ease Can Be Your New Story

How have I managed to keep these systems running smoothly?

The truth is, once you implement these home management systems and get your business organized using my methods, whether it’s my four core workflows or another strategy, it’s the commitment that drives results.

It’s just like physical health: those who keep going to the gym, even when they’re tired or pressed for time, are the ones who see results. I’ll be honest—I’ve dropped the ball and fallen off the wagon a few times in this area. I know I could have achieved even more significant results if I had stayed consistent.

Rewrite Your Success Story with Systems

But with my systems, organization is in my DNA—it’s woven into the fabric of my life. Even if you’re not naturally organized, these systems will keep you on track. Anyone who shows up consistently, time and again, will see results and can transform their life, no matter how chaotic it looks right now. I am absolutely thrilled to have the chance to walk alongside you and support you as you incorporate these systems into your life.

What I practice in my home and business, I get to share with you, and it’s incredibly fulfilling. My life has completely transformed; I blinked, and my story is now 180 degrees different from what I envisioned during college and early in my career. I feel so blessed, and I hope to see you soon inside one of my student communities or in the Systemize Your Life Facebook group.

What Story Do You Tell Yourself Now?

If you’re ready to achieve real results in your home and business, please take me up on my offer to join one of my student communities today. Systemize Your Life, Systemize Your Biz and Systemize To Scale are your paths to organized homes and businesses while you watch your dreams come to reality.

If you’re looking for more ways rewrite your story check out, How To Grow Your Business As A Stay-At-Home Mom: 3 Essential Tips, How To Navigate Your Work And Home To-Dos and Empowering Your Mindset: Practical Steps For Mompreneurs To Conquer Daily Challenges.

rewrite your story

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key to achieving results with your systems?

The commitment to consistently using the systems is what brings results. Just like maintaining physical health requires regular exercise, managing your home and business efficiently requires sticking to these systems. Even if you’re not naturally organized, the systems I provide will keep you on track. If you’re ready to go from overwhelmed to organized in home and business I highly recommend jumping into Systemize Your Life as a VIP student, which includes Systemize Your Biz.

rewrite your story
rewrite your story

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