10 Tips to Be More Productive as a Busy Mom

10 Tips to be more productive

August 19, 2022

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One of the biggest reasons you’re feeling unproductive is because your head is going in so many directions. Today’s post is on all of the things you can do in order to eliminate distractions so you can get focused and be more productive as a busy mom.

If you’re feeling excited to dive into that topic or you’re one of the many women who tell us the number one thing you’re struggling with is distractions and staying focused, then this post is for you! Grab your pen and paper, write numbers one through ten, and let’s get these short and sweet tips inside of your life ASAP!

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Eliminate Distractions to be More Productive

We all want to be more productive and stay focused. Every day of my life I have to work on my distraction meter. When you go through this list I want you to look at your distraction meter and find where you are at. This is not something that gets better because you have a special magical brain, it is a daily practice and a choice to live a certain way. So here are the ten ways you can choose to live without distraction.

1. Declutter Your House

I really do think this is the number one way that you can be more productive as a busy mom. The others in this list are in no particular order but this really is the most important. 

I talk about this all time and have more resources on this but you can’t get systemized or stay focused on anything if your physical space is not organized. So focus on that first if that is your problem. If you need more support find out more details on the Systemize Your Life Academy.

2. Explore Focus Modes

Your phone is probably a huge distraction. If you have an Apple product you have multiple focus modes otherwise airplane mode works great too. I use a focus mode called work that automatically pops on at 10 am and stays that way until 2. That way I don’t get phone calls or text messages while I’m supposed to be working. Just because I’m working from home doesn’t mean I should be available 24/7 for everybody.

3. Pre-Make Your Meals

This might look like prepping your breakfasts or packing your lunch for the day. Dinner is a whole different beast and I have a great system on that as well. There is a podcast episode and blog post on it, or just ask questions inside our Facebook group.

Just get your meals prepared. I’ve started packing my own lunch when I pack my kiddos in the morning. Even though I’m home alone when my kids are at school I just want to be able to grab my lunch and eat it. It keeps me from being distracted from everything in my kitchen.

4. Remove Electronics

Do this in your house and your workspace. We have one television in our whole home and there is nothing electronic in our home that entices our kids and we don’t want anything in our home that entices us.

The number one reason we get derailed is because of distraction. Being laser-focused on what we are supposed to do is the number one way to achieve. Keep your blinders on and get done what you are meant to get done. 

Electronics are a huge distraction. If you are not going to remove them from your life at least really look at removing them from your space whenever you are supposed to be focused on something else. I even ask my husband if he is ok if I’m on my phone when we are in the car together. We are so serious about this.

5. Time Blocking

This is the way to get everything out of your head all day long and laser focus on a specific segment of your day. Stay focused on the goal of what it is you’re supposed to accomplish for that time of day and be dedicated to that and nothing else. Whatever this looks like for you figure it out and get your time blocks in place. If this is new to you, get my free time blocking download.

6. Filter Through Your Friends

What in the world does this mean? It’s really important who is and who is not in your circle right now. You are trying to accomplish things. Hard choices, big decisions, and commitments on what you are trying to become have to be made. 

Sometimes that means certain friends can’t have a ton of your energy and sometimes that means you might have to open up and become friends with people who challenge you. These people are the ones who are feeding your brain. They are either pulling you away or pushing you closer to what you are trying to accomplish. Your friends have a huge impact on you.

“You are trying to accomplish things. Hard choices, big decisions, and commitments on what you are trying to become have to be made. “

7. Double Check Your Commitments

It’s absolutely huge what you are putting your time to. A lot of us transition into a new part of life and try to hold onto things we used to do. It’s so important for you to only say yes to the things that are supposed to be on your plate right now. 

I don’t know what that looks like for you right now. If this is speaking to you right now you know this is what you need to be doing right now. It’s ok if you disappoint someone. My yes commitment is to my husband, my home, my children, my job, and then to my friends. Make sure you are not overextending yourself and taking parts of who you are supposed to be away from your most important commitments.

8. Have One Actionable Goal with a Deadline

Only work on one goal at a time. You are doing one thing and one thing only and you have a hard and fast deadline. It might be for the next two weeks or three months but you are not trying to achieve multiple things.

9. Practice Self-Discipline

This one is a lost art. Entitlement is running rampant. Practice this with your children as well.  It’s a life lesson they need to see.

You have to work hard for what you want. None of it is going to happen without you practicing self-discipline. Start changing the way you talk to yourself in your mind. Anytime you say you don’t want to do something you know you want to get done, flip the script. Find a way to stay positive and make it fun. Cut the excuses.

10. Sensory Support

This is a fun one! Play music and make a favorite playlist. Of course, I’m also going to say use essential oils! They have helped me SO much. Explore this. Find a favorite drink (that’s not full of sugar!) that makes you happy to be in this moment. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. Obviously, also make the space around you, the things you are seeing and touching, beautiful and organized.

Pick One to Start With!

I’m so glad you stuck with me for all 10 of these! Share with me inside the Facebook group which one of these you want to focus on first! I’d love to know if it helps you. You can find out more details on the Systemize Your Life Academy if you are ready to dive into all the systems and get where you want to go so much faster!

10 tips to be more prodcutive

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of my squirrel brain and stay focused?

Just start with one of these ten tips. Don’t try to take it all one at once. Your squirrel brain probably wants you to take it all on at once. Start with decluttering your home and go from there. Find out more details on the Systemize Your Life Academy too if you need the extra support!

10 tips to be more productive as a busy mom
how to be more productive as a busy mom

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