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8 Decorating Tips to Make Your House Cozy This Fall

how to make your house cozy

September 8, 2022

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Today we are focusing on what is happening inside your house as we transition into fall. Specifically, I’m sharing my 8 favorite, simple and inexpensive ways to make your house feel cozy and clean. I hope it inspires you to go out there and get extra cozy!

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8 Tips to Make Your Home Cozy

This post may seem like just some fun inspiration but making your home cozy can have a huge impact on those most important to you. I have a true passion that when people come into my home they should experience love, peace, and belonging in what they hear, smell, feel, and see. That is what I’m trying to bring to you here. So I hope you run with one of these super simple easy tips to make your house feel cozy this fall.

1. Scents

You can change up your diffusers or do some stovetop potpourri. For potpourri I get my old pots and throw all the good things in there. Apples, oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves, vanilla. Anything that makes you smell like you’re baking but you’re not actually baking. You can use essential oils here too.

For your diffusers look up some Pinterest recipes. I’m really obsessed with making my house smell like a place where you just want to sit and breathe all day long. I’m loving cinnamon, orange, and vanilla right now. I know it’s good for my kids and it’s not putting any carcinogens or harsh chemicals in my home. If you need help getting started in oils or want to see how I incorporate them into my life check out my free oil download.

2. Linens

Having cloth things around your house makes it feel cozier. This includes your throw blankets, pillows, and hand towels. We have a whole podcast on how to go paperless and you can go nuts with this. But if you just want to do one thing try just having a fall throw blanket on your couch. You can also have a a basket of blankets by the door for bonfires or on the covered patio.

I also swap out my nice hand towels for ones that look more like fall. You can also swap out your throw pillows if you’re on that level. The Target dollar section is a great place to look for hand towels. Alright let’s look at number 3.

3. Cleaning

I have an entire non-toxic home cleaning kit on my website. What I’m doing with that this fall is I’m adding orange and clove to my all-purpose spray. This is just water and a concentrate that has essential oils in it. I’m also putting some more cinnamon and clove into my all-purpose scrub. If you haven’t started in on non-toxic cleaning yet essential oils are a really great way to get into it and make everyone want to nestle down and feel cozier. Let’s look at number four.

4. Battery-Operated Candles

Your days are going to start getting shorter so why not pop some of these on? I find all of mine at the second-hand store. Nobody ever wants to put new batteries in these things and they are so easy to find. Start creating a space where you have a bunch of these. Or just use your fireplace. Ours is electric so we just turn it on without the heat. Turning it on in the mornings or incorporate it in your PM routine instead of turning on the TV. It will just make your home feel extra cozy.

5. Create a Cozy Fall Coffee Nook

Switch out your coffee and tea ingredients. Set out some coffee mugs. Get a pumpkin spice shaker. Switch out your creamer but first read through our simple drink swaps post and don’t get heavy on the sugar. Keep your ingredients clean and fun. I do like to use essential oils in my tea and coffee as well. 

6. Display Your Baking

Get a cookie jar or cake stand to show off your baking and make a spot for it in your kitchen. I’m not a baker and I buy cookies from the bakery. Someday I might be but I just burn everything right now. The Target dollar section is great place again to find cake stands. Two more to go, next is number 7.

“We are talking about how to make your house feel clean and cozy. This means minimalist approaches, natural ingredients, and neutral tones. That will make it feel extra cozy and clean at the same time.”

7. Decorate Differently

We are talking about how to make your house feel clean and cozy. This means minimalist approaches, natural ingredients, and neutral tones. That will make it feel extra cozy and clean at the same time. I like to decorate with apples, oranges, real pumpkins, leaves from outside, or a bag of acorns or wheat grass. Decorate with those things in subtle places.

Keep your decor concentrated. If you only focused on a few decortions near your coffee stand that’s perfect. Just don’t throw pumpkins all over your home. We  focus on 2-3 areas in our home and it feels so good. It’s easy to clean up and makes the house feel more like home. Use Pinterest for inspiration. You can dry apples, use them as garland, or just buy a bag of them and put them in a jar or basket.

8. Declutter

Declutter your open spaces. This is going to help you in so many ways. Is there a shelf or basket you can quickly declutter and open up some more space. Opening up some space will help you function better and leave you with more time for family and friends.

Pick One to Start With!

Go back through all 8 of these and find out which one inspires you! Let us know over inside the Facebook group what you will be doing as we transition into fall to make your house more cozy and clean. I hope to see you over there!

How to make your house cozy

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How do I start to declutter when it's so overwhelming!?

Start with the one space in your house and go from there. Use my ESCAPE method to guide you through. Decluttering will change your life in so many ways! Clutter is probably the number one reason you’re overwhelmed. I have a whole workbook dedicated to decluttering inside the Systemize Your Life Academy if you are ready to really dive in and see results!

decorating tips for fall
decorating tips for fall

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