How to Make Time For Your Business Projects? – 5 Business Management Tips That Will Make A Difference

June 8, 2023

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Have you ever struggled to make time for projects in your business and have no idea how to fix it? Wherever you are and whatever you do. What I know is that you might be swamped by all the work at your home, let alone your business. And all you can think about is how much you want to accomplish your business-related tasks with no distractions. You are looking for business management tips for your big work projects to actually make a difference in your productivity!

If you are seriously struggling to have time for your business projects and have no idea how to fix it, you will love today’s blog content. I am giving you FIVE business management tips that will truly make a difference so you can really start to understand where you are putting your time and using your time wisely.What do you say? Grab a pen and a paper and today we are going deep. Let’s get started! 

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I Am Bringing You Strategic Business Management Tips

Quick update for those of you who have been following my moving journey. I am happy to report that things are slowly but surely coming along. We are making some progress and it is starting to help me to craft more strategic business management tips that my team can depend on. And I’d love to share it with you here. 

I know we talk a lot about home management. And obviously, I am totally here for the work from home mom because that’s what I am. These are the systems that truly helped me. When you actually do sit down for your work block. How are you actually going to do it? The last thing that you want to do is take time away from the things that you love and the people that you love and the house you want to spend time in. You want it to be amazing and systemized. But when you have to sit down to something else that’s stressful and disorganized, it can add a ton more stress on you. 

You Can Have A Great Marriage, Family And Career Simultaneously With A Good Management System

One thing that I think is very unfortunate and happens very often is when women walk away from a passion that they have outside of their home, marriage and kids because they don’t know how to manage everything simultaneously. All the responsibilities literally pull them in all directions and they just decide to let their passion go. I would do anything to give every woman the opportunity to never have to be in that position.

I want you to know that you can have a great marriage, family and career simultaneously with a good management system. Your choice can be implementing systems in your home and your business so you can chase your passion simultaneously. I promise you that you will be so at peace, calm, relaxed and know exactly what to do whenever you show up to your work. You won’t feel pressure for time. Instead, you feel accomplished at the end of the day for all the things that you did. So I hope the 5 tips will help you to get one step closer to that. And I really think they will.

“You can have a great marriage, family and career simultaneously with a good management system.”

The First Business Management Tip When You Are Struggling to Find Time For Your Projects: Stop Creating To-Do Lists

The first of our business management tips for when you are struggling to find time for your projects is to stop creating to-do lists. You might be thinking that I am insane and you are confused about what you should do without to-do lists. Like, what else is there?

Specifically, I am referring to the situation where you get so overwhelmed by the enormous amount of to-do lists from your work. There are just too many things that you wish you will get accomplished but just not the mental capacity for them. What happens is that you might be easily irritated constantly, which might end up in losing your clients, leases, sales, and relationships. So the number 1 tip essential for business management is to stop creating to-do lists. 

 You Need to Know Your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks 

Instead of creating to-do lists, I recommend you to start understanding how many hours you need to work on the things that repeat every single day, week and month. Right now everything can feel random. But I can guarantee you that 95% of what is on your to-do lists can be deleted. It’s not magic and it’s so incredible. Everything is actually predictable and systematic science I suppose. That’s what I want you to do: to stop creating to-do lists and know on the back of your hand how many hours you need to work on the tasks that repeat. 

I call that your DWM, which stands for your daily, weekly, monthly. I suggest you sit down and figure out the tasks that you do every day, week and month in your business. Go back and look. We’ve talked about this concept in your home to-do list, it’s the same in your business. 

The Second Business Management Tip When You Are Struggling to Find Time For Your Projects: Create Set Meeting Days 

The second business management tip when you are struggling to find time for your projects is to create set meeting days. If you are handling a lot of meetings in your company, business or networking meetings, I highly recommend you to set really specific parameters around this. I don’t want you to open a calendar for every day of the week.

You Should Implement Automation In Your Meeting Days 

Pro tip here is that you should implement automation in your meeting days. I really suggest you create a Calendly account. The automation is incredible. You can literally set specific times of every single week where people can or cannot book time with you. It’s so great. I know that on certain days I may or may not have a meeting. And on other days, I will never have meetings on those days and it feels really good. 

The Third Business Management Tip When You Are Struggling to Find Time For Your Projects: Only Answer Emails In the Beginning And At The End Of Your Workblock 

The third business management tip when you are struggling to find time for your projects is to only answer emails in the beginning and at the end of your workblock. I highly recommend being in your in-box just once a day. If you have a bigger company and have an assistant, I would get out of your inbox as soon as possible. Having a system for email management that you can outsource is ideal. If you don’t have that, you definitely need to have an email management system that you can pop in and out real quick. 

There are incredible automations that allow every email to come to a Mesiter task workflow. You can then process from there. For the most part, it can keep you out of your inbox. It’s such a beautiful thing to not get drowned into emails over and over again. It’s literally wasting so much of your time. Whenever I was managing on my own, I would get in every morning for a power hour and answer all the emails very quickly. And I don’t go back to it until the next day. So I highly recommend you to also find a power hour that works best for you and answer all the emails for the whole day. Truly, this business management tip will elevate your workflow in your business!

The Fourth Tip When You Are Struggling to Find Time For Your Projects: Keep Multiple 20 – 60 Min For Random or Rapid Fire To-Dos Every Week  

Here comes the fourth business management tip for when you are struggling to find time for your projects. You should keep a 20 – 60 min time slot for random or rapid fire to-dos 3 to 5 times per week. This is different from the to-do lists for your main business tasks I was talking about in tip 1. Tip 4 is referring to your random to-dos. These are the tasks that come up probably only once and never appear again in your business. For example, you have to send something to someone or you have to record something that someone requested from you.

An Example

I see many people have some random finance-related to-dos. So you can spend your 20 – 60 min every week on tasks related to finances. And then it comes off of your rapid fire to-dos. What I am talking about here is to keep a 20-60 min slot daily. So you know where does it goes when a random thing comes to your head. If it’s truly random, you will never have to do it again. And you know you can put it down into your 20 – 60 min random to-dos. If you have a lot of random to-dos, then spend 60 min on them. Some people like to have more time, so that they can do more research on those random to-dos. You really won’t need any more time than that. 

Now imagine your to-do list going from everything that needs to be done to just these few little random tasks that you can accomplish quickly. But trust me, this is going to be such a game changer for you. 

The Fifth Tip When You Are Struggling to Find Time For Your Projects: Strategically Build In 2 Hours Per Week For projects 

The fifth business management tip for when you are struggling to find time for your projects is to strategically build in 2 hours per week for projects. After you’ve done all four tips, you will notice a huge relief. You will have much more time than what you’ve had before and be able to complete all the work in a short period of time. That will feel really good for you. But even before you get to all four, you can for sure engage in tip 5 right away. 

Essentially, this business management tip suggests you to strategically incorporate 2 hours per week for project work and put it on very specific days. In other words, you will have set time every week with a minimum of 2 hours that is exclusively for project work. For example, every Thursday you are set to work on the project. Let’s say if you have 2 hours after nap time that is exclusively for projects. 

Finding Time For Project Work Is Possible

I hope these 5 tips and tricks can help you to implement more systems in your business and projects. That these business management tips truly can help you move the needle forward in your business! Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Stop creating to-do lists
  2. Create set meeting days
  3. Only answer emails in the beginning and at the end of your workblock
  4. Keep multiple 20 – 60 for random or rapid fire to-dos every week
  5. Strategically build in 2 hours per week for projcts

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Business Management Tips for Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I incorporate these business management tips into my life?

The most efficient way to incorporate these business management tips in your life is through time-blocking. Check out my FREE time-blocking worksheet to learn the basics of time-blocking, develop the right time block for your tasks, and put what you learn into action.

Business Management Tips for Projects
Business Management Tips for Projects

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