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Beyond the Trend: Unveiling My Top 10 Self Care Items

Beyond the Trend: Unveiling My Top 10 Self Care Items -chelsijo

August 11, 2023


I cannot wait to share my favorite self care items for moms. But, here’s the thing, my perspective is that self care can be so cliché like with the phrase “self-care Sunday”. I touch on this concept within the academy, and today, we’ll just lightly skim its surface—just a smidge! 

In this blog we will explore my top 10 cherished self-care items for moms! And as we journey through, I’ll reveal my approach to integrating self-care into daily life—beyond the boundaries of a hashtagged “Sunday”.

So, let’s take the plunge and dive right in!

Listen below for the entire episode on The Systemize Your Life Podcast

Reconsidering Self-Care: Navigating the ‘Self-Care Sunday’ Trend and its Impact

The core idea behind my disdain for ‘self-care Sunday’ and the word ‘self-care’ itself being used as a trend. Here me out with this one. The term ‘self-care’ emerged due to people existing in constant burnout, and that, to me, is a resounding no-no. It’s a misguided approach, really. If you find yourself needing designated ‘self-care’ days, trips, or moments, it’s because daily self-honoring isn’t happening!

Now, let me elaborate. This episode is all about my personal self-care practices. However, the crux here is that if you’re using ‘self-care’ as an excuse, a crutch to temporarily escape guilt, it’s time to look into that deeper. This is where the hypocrisy lies. This breeds resentment and erodes self-identity.

If your routine is a vicious cycle of relentless work leading to a burnout, followed by a desperate scramble for self-care, then it’s time for introspection. This ‘mommy meltdown’ moment, often triggered by neglecting oneself, is then remedied by the trendy ‘self-care’ façade. Even corporations promote this trend.

Nurturing Self-Care from Within

But here’s my stance: I never want to be a leader who drives others to work so strenuously that they cling to this notion of ‘self-care’ to make themselves feel better. I believe in building from the ground up, not dictating from the top down!

Exploring Practical Approaches

Now, let’s get into what I genuinely appreciate about self-care. Because, truthfully, I do value self-care. I find genuine satisfaction in taking care of myself. 

We often convince ourselves that self-care needs to look a certain way, something we think is impossible to do. I’ve discovered a path to prioritize my well-being through the routines and framework I consistently teach. 

We will get into the 10 self-care items that I use to take care of myself. Then, I’ll explain how I make this happen because, truth be told, that’s where the struggle can be! And finally, I’ll offer up some DIY recipes that I use often!

Self Care Items: #1 Prioritizing Hydration

Alright, let’s start with the first of my self care items: water! Here’s the scoop: I recently discovered that when you’re dehydrated, your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. Plus, you’re more likely to overeat, and it leaves you feeling pretty lousy. Interestingly, many times when I feel like snacking, my body is actually signaling for more water. This isn’t just my theory—it’s backed by science.

I try to drink half my body weight in ounces and I have daily routines to make it happen. I fill up mason jars with water each day. I’ve got two generous-sized jars, which can hold all the water I need to drink in a day. At night, I pop these jars into the fridge, and voilà! The next morning, I have refreshing, chilled water waiting for me!

Self Care Items: #2 Epsom Salt Baths

The second self care item is, I indulge in luxurious hot baths with Epsom salts that I’ve scented with essential oils. I’m saving the recipe for these Epsom salts for the very end, so keep reading. 

Picture this: I have a setup right beside my bath, featuring an adorable tin white bucket. Inside, a few of my favorite things are nestled, all set for my pampering session. Oh, and let’s not forget the stool I’ve positioned nearby, hosting a neatly folded washcloth.

Self Care Items: #3 Essential Oils and Battery-Operated Candles

Another wonderful self-care item that seamlessly pairs with essential oils is a diffuser, along with battery-operated candles—enter the third self care routine on my list.

Now, why do I connect this so closely with the previous topic of baths, you ask? Because even if it’s just for a brief 10 minutes, when I switch on my diffuser and illuminate those battery-operated candles, it instantly conjures a resort-like ambiance or a serene spa setting. The effect is absolutely tranquil. 

Embracing Aromatherapy

Speaking of diffusers, I’ve cultivated an affinity for these over the years! They are readily available almost anywhere—Amazon, Walmart, you name it. And of course, I have my preferred oils for diffusing. I’m drawn to the earthy scents, like spruce, cedarwood, and sandalwood.

The remarkable thing is, you don’t need any outlandish oils—just the run-of-the-mill oils from your local health food store will suffice. You can even find them at Walmart, though they might not be top-tier quality suitable for direct skin application. 

When you make choices that lean towards less toxicity—such as opting for oil diffusion over conventional candles—it’s a testament to your commitment to your well-being and that of your family.

Self Care Items: #4 Kombucha

Alright, let’s move on to number four: kombucha. Now, I’m not guzzling gallons of it, but it’s definitely a part of my routine. I used to brew my own batch. 

Quick note for those unfamiliar with it, kombucha is fermented tea, and believe me, it’s not as bizarre as it might sound. The taste is incredible! Now, let’s address a common concern—some folks get worked up because the bottle states there’s alcohol in it.

But hold on, don’t be alarmed. The tiny trace amounts are a result of the fermentation process, and it’s entirely harmless. The FDA just had to step in and make things official. So rest assured, it’s absolutely fine.

And that’s not all—kombucha brings more to the table. It’s caffeine-free and boasts a pretty low sugar content. Loaded with a wealth of nutrients, it’s become a treat for me. Especially considering how I’m committed to eating clean, this is my way of indulging! Think of it like others might consider a quick Starbucks run—something you anticipate. 

Self Care Items: #5 Wholesome Snacks

Next up, one of my go-to practices is having a stash of wholesome snacks at the ready. Most of the time, these snacks are paleo. I’ve found that sticking to paleo ensures they have minimal additives and are dairy-free and gluten-free. 

Now, here’s a twist—I’m about to mention a favorite snack that isn’t paleo due to the whey protein it contains, which admittedly isn’t my preference. But let me tell you, I’m absolutely smitten with the Perfect Bar. This refrigerated marvel is more than just a bar; it’s nearly a meal in itself, packing around 400 calories. Often, I’ll pair it with a refreshing kombucha.

Depending on what I eat for breakfast, this combo sometimes doubles as my lunch, especially on days when I’ve got a solid work block ahead. It gives me the convenience of a quick break for a brisk walk around the block and before diving right back into work. 

It brings me immense joy that when I hit a midday slump, I have items on standby—purposefully purchased and thoughtfully included in my budget and grocery list. This foresight allows me to intentionally carve out space for a self-care moment.

Self Care Items: #6 Facial Skincare

Entering the Pleasure Zone: My Skincare Routine! Now, I’ll be honest upfront—I’m not the most consistent with this, and I’m not shy about admitting it. But, oh boy, when I do indulge, it’s pure self-love. I manage to squeeze in this routine once or twice a week, though I secretly wish it could be more frequent—like three or four times. 

You know how it goes, life’s a whirlwind, and everyday commitments keep us on our toes. I mean, who has time for meticulous daily makeup removal? Not me!

My skincare routine starts with a fantastic exfoliator, and guess what? It’s not some elaborate product, but a trusty exfoliation towel. This, paired with a gentle, eco-conscious face wash—sets the stage. Next in line is a toner which also has become part of my routine. Finally, I use my essential oil glow serum. This will be one of the recipes that I will unveil at the end of the blog!

Self Care Items: #7 Rollers, Rollers, and More Rollers

Number seven is all about rollers! Rolling, in general, works wonders for your lymphatic system and your fascia. Fascia, although it might sound like a fancy term, is essentially a thin casing of connective tissue that envelops and supports organs, blood vessels, bones, nerves, fibers, and muscles. Fascia is more than just structural; it contains nerves that make it almost as sensitive as the skin. When stressed, it tightens up.

Foam rolling, often done with a traditional foam roller you’d find in gyms, can target your fascia and delve into its layers. It’s a strange experience—painful yet feels so good. Personally, I opt for a peanut roller, shaped just like an actual peanut. This design, with two bulbous ends, makes it perfect for reaching specific areas, like the glutes, muscles along the spine, neck, traps, and hip flexors.

Another roller I swear by is a frozen one. However, I use the frozen roller primarily for my face, accompanied by my serum. Every time I use it, I’m reminded that I should make it a more frequent practice!

It’s become a vital part of my skincare routine. I apply a few drops of my serum onto the frozen roller, when I place it on my skin, it gently melts. The sensation is chilly but oh-so-invigorating. I roll it across my neck, face, and traps—it’s nothing short of incredible.

Self Care Items: #8 Heal Softeners

Alright, let’s dive into the eighth of my self care items—it’s a bit of a chuckle, I must admit. My husband, Blaine, never lets me live it down. Now, you might wonder why that’s so funny—well, let me explain.

I have these magical items called heel softeners. I know, I know, it sounds kind of quirky, but bear with me. So, picture this: after soaking my feet and giving them a good scrub with a pumice stone, I slather on a rich, heavy-duty cream or lotion. And then put on my heel softeners! They’re like little socks, but here’s the twist: the heels of these socks are made of solid silicone. I slip these on and go to sleep!

Now, here’s where the real magic happens. When I wake up the next day, it’s like I’ve been treated to a spa session for my feet. The result? They’re soft, supple, and practically brand new. Think of it as a DIY pedicure deluxe. You can find these gems at places like Target, Walmart, or the ever-reliable Amazon.

Self Care Items: #9 Whole Body Skincare

Let’s move on to number nine, and trust me, this one’s a game-changer. We’re talking about a skincare routine for your entire body—yes, you heard me right! I know I already touched on facial skincare, but this is on a whole new level. This practice is too good to pass up, and I recommend you try it at least once a week. It’s all about either dry brushing or using a wet brush in the shower!

Dry brushing might sound a bit strange at first, and yes, it can be a tad tingly, but let me tell you, the benefits are off the charts. They say it helps with cellulite reduction—though I can’t vouch for that personally—but it does wonders for blood circulation and your lymphatic system. 

I use a similar brush while showering, or sometimes I opt for a sugar scrub. For a while, I was scrubbing away with my homemade sugar scrub a few times a week. This is another recipe I will be sharing with you!

After exfoliating, I treat myself to some serious moisture. Whether it’s a nourishing lotion or a luxurious body butter, the end result is incredible. Your skin will feel absolutely rejuvenated. Remember how your skin felt after you first shaved your legs? That smoothness and freshness that lasted for weeks? That’s exactly what I try to recreate through this thorough exfoliation process. Trust me, your skin will thank you for this practice.

Self Care Items: #10 DIY Nails

Now, let’s talk about my last self-care ritual—nail care. I have a seemingly endless collection of nail kits at home, and I absolutely love to DIY my nails. In the past, I used to go to nail salons often, but ever since we shifted to a zero-based budget, I decided to forgo spending money on nail services when I could easily achieve the same results myself.

Establishing Self-Care: A Seamless Integration

You might be wondering, how do I manage to keep up with all these self-care practices? Well, the secret lies in weaving them into my daily routines with systems. It’s all about finding the right slots and spaces in my schedule. I’ve crafted a morning and nighttime routine, and within these routines, I’ve strategically inserted various self-care elements. My hot bath, for instance, happens during my nighttime routine. 

Imagine standing amidst a swirling hurricane or a tumultuous tornado; these practices act as my anchors, my relief from the storm. It’s how I transition from one hour to the next, from day to day, from week to week.

This connection between self-care and routine is precisely what my Fundamental Needs System is designed to achieve. This system isn’t just an option—it’s a lifeline. Without these fundamental needs being met, each day becomes a struggle. If you’re curious to dive deeper, I’ve got a FREE Fundamental Needs workbook waiting for you. 

Mindset Shift: Small Acts of Self-Care with Powerful Results

As for the practicality, it’s about shifting your mindset. You don’t need to do grand gestures to care for yourself. It’s about the incremental impact of stacking small practices. This results in a chain reaction. Do I sometimes carve out a couple of hours on Sundays for an elaborate self-care routine? Yes, but it’s not an every-weekend affair. 

“You don’t need to do grand gestures to care for yourself. It’s about the incremental impact of stacking small practices.”

My daily self-care is more about showering whenever I want—truly. This might sound like a simple thing, but it’s a privilege I’ve worked diligently to achieve. It’s about teaching boundaries to my children, too. A private space, whether for the bathroom or quiet time, is vital for everyone’s sanity!

Creating these spaces for yourself is not just about indulgence—it’s about survival. And in the process, you’re teaching invaluable lessons to those around you, demonstrating the importance of self-respect and self-care.

Discover the Magic of Self-Care With Homemade Recipes

Are you intrigued by the idea of making your own self-care recipes? Let’s get into some that are as simple as they are effective.

Recipe 1: Luxurious Bath Salts

Making indulgent bath salts is a breeze. Begin by grabbing a glass jar and filling it with either soaking salt or Epsom salt. Walmart offers budget-friendly options.

As your essential oil bottles near empty, don’t throw them away—add the remaining drops by removing the lid and letting the essence infuse the salts. Toss in the open bottle, the little plastic inner piece, and the lids. This ingenious method stretches your oils and extends their life!

Recipe 2: Nourishing Sugar Scrub

Creating a sugar scrub requires just two ingredients: coconut oil and sugar. Gauge the consistency however you’d like, I aim for a toothpaste-like texture. Add your choice of essential oils; I particularly love a blend of eucalyptus, vanilla, and orange. The result? A homemade scrub that is a great exfoliate! 

Recipe 3: Simple Coffee Ground Scrub

Upcycling your coffee grounds into a scrub is a brilliant move! Simply combine the grounds with coconut oil and add a liberal dose of orange essential oil. The outcome? An invigorating scrub that smells like chocolate!

Recipe 4: Radiant Glow Oil

Making your own nourishing glow oil is simpler than you might think. Choose a carrier oil that suits your skin type—I personally like almond oil. Choosing one that is best for you is key; research your skin type and discover the carrier oil for your needs.

Mix in some essential oils that align with your skin goals—frankincense, tea tree, lavender, and more. Store your concoction in a dropper bottle for easy application!

Recap and Reflection: Navigating Everyday Self-Care Beyond Trends

In this journey about self-care, we’ve explored the importance of genuine well-being, far beyond the confines of trendy hashtags. Shifting away from the idea of designated “self-care days,” we’ve discussed the art of seamlessly integrating self-care into our daily lives. We’ve uncovered the real power lies in consistent, mindful actions.

From the simplicity of drinking water to the indulgence of Epsom salt baths, these practices are all ways that I love to take care of myself. As we’ve discussed the self-care routines I do, we’ve discovered that self-care is about so much more than indulgence.

It’s a journey of survival, a testament to self-respect and self-nurturing. By embracing these practices, we not only enrich our own lives but also pave the way for a legacy of mindfulness and compassion that ripples through the lives of those around us.

Join the Self-Care Conversation: Connect with Us

I’d love to hear about how you enjoy caring for yourself, so come over to our FREE Facebook community and share your favorite self care items or shoot me a DM on Instagram.

So, as we wrap up, remember that self-care is not just a trend—it’s a commitment to honoring ourselves, nurturing our bodies, and fostering resilience in the face of life’s challenges. It’s not confined to a single day, but rather part of every moment. Here’s to a life filled with genuine self-love, where self-care is not just a catchphrase, but a reality that enhances our lives every step of the way!

Looking to Learn More Self Care Tips?

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If you ever need help or want more ideas, don’t be afraid to reach out! Please join our FREE Systemize Your Life Facebook community to connect with others.

Beyond the Trend: Unveiling My Top 10 Self Care Items -chelsijo

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