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Chasing Your Dreams: The Journey Balancing Motherhood and Business


October 28, 2023

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Hey there, amazing work-from-home mama! Join me for a three-part series where I’m pulling back the curtain on my journey of being a mom and growing a business simultaneously. It’s been a wild ride, but the lessons I’ve learned are priceless. I’m here to tell you, you’re not crazy for chasing your dream. You can do this too! Picture being there for your little ones, chasing your passions, and making a meaningful income for your family.  But before those details, let’s dive into what my journey looked like behind the curtain as I chased my dream.

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Chasing the Dream: How to Balance Motherhood and Business

October, my favorite time of year, is in full swing with excitement and activity. I’ve eagerly anticipated recording this three-part series for you. While I often touch on balancing home and business, today I’m delving deep into my personal journey. There’s a wealth of knowledge gained from this process, and I’m genuinely excited to share the different phases of my business journey.

Today, let’s focus on those initial steps. It was a time of limited time, mom guilt, and managing various responsibilities while acknowledging that you can’t always be available at full throttle, especially when chasing your dreams. This shift occurs when you’re already balancing a home-based venture or a side hustle, while being accessible to everyone around you. It’s an internal dialogue and a journey in itself.

In part two and three, I’ll reveal how I navigated it all, leading to a level of success I never imagined. It still astonishes me daily. This journey remains incredibly humbling, with challenges I face daily. These four years have brought a wealth of experience—and probably a few extra gray hairs! Undoubtedly, this has been my most demanding endeavor yet, and I’m no stranger to tough tasks.

The Reward Chasing Your Dream Brings

Aside from raising a family, chasing my dreams in running a business has proven to be the most rewarding endeavor I’ve ever undertaken. Chasing my dream of launching a business or starting a side hustle feels like embarking on an epic adventure—it’s a monumental undertaking with many moving parts. If you’ve felt trepidation about diving in or have started and stopped multiple times, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Day two will focus on how I achieved consistency. On day three, I’ll delve into the specific strategies that propelled my business forward. I’ll share the practical steps I took, transforming an initial idea into a multiple six-figure venture, all within a few hours each day.

This three-part series is designed to be something you can seamlessly integrate into your life, whether by simply listening or by taking that courageous leap of faith. I vividly recall being in your shoes five years ago, contemplating my initial steps into this journey. It’s been almost four years since the podcast started, and that’s when I wholeheartedly committed to this path.

Life in Transition: Juggling Roles and Responsibilities

As a single mom, I found myself immersed in an event-based business alongside my mom. What began as a hobby evolved into a profitable venture, though it demanded an incredible amount of physical exertion. Concurrently, my career as a sign language interpreter was what paid the bills and provided for my daughter and me.

Within a year, I reconnected with my now-husband, whom I had dated in high school. We swiftly tied the knot and expanded our family. Frankie, my daughter, naturally became an integral part of our union, instantly transforming us into a family of three. Soon after, we welcomed another member, and life became even busier. This too is part of chasing the dream!

Chasing Your Dream Within Your Marriage

My husband navigated a shift within his own career, undertaking academies and seeking opportunities in a different department. The tipping point for me came during a moment of frustration while scrolling through Pinterest, searching for dinner recipes. I realized that my chance to even make it to the grocery store had dwindled away.

This was the turning point. I recognized that something needed to change if I wanted to chase my own dreams. Attempting to secure interpreting gigs was challenging, given the irregular hours and the fact that I was only paid when I was actively working. With the added expenses of daycare as a single mom, it became an unsustainable option for me.

From Freelancing to the New Beginning of Chasing my Dreams

The freelance work I picked up meant being on my phone around the clock. It was a demanding and stressful endeavor, especially when I secured a client and had to scramble to find childcare.

After marrying Blaine, I recognized an opportunity for a different approach. It was then that I began to truly understand my passion and dream for teaching fellow moms how to effectively manage both a business and their personal lives. I found immense joy in sharing my home birth system with other couples.

This system went beyond just the birthing process; it involved preparing their homes, their partners, and even myself. It entailed creating systems, organizing spaces, and I was hooked. However, one-on-one consultations weren’t feasible for me. I yearned for a solution that allowed me to work from the comfort of my own home. This was when I really started chasing my dream.

Turning Dreams into Reality: Overcoming Challenges

As I sit here in bed, with my husband on shift and the kids asleep, I’m reminded of the vacation I have coming up. This break is an opportunity for me to dedicate time to recording a series of podcast episodes before we take off. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to do this from the comfort of my own bed. I must admit, it’s a moment that brings tears to my eyes. I want you to grasp just how incredibly attainable this lifestyle is, even though the journey wasn’t always easy of chasing my dreams.

When I made the decision to fully commit to this path, I had to have a crucial conversation with my husband. We had been mishandling our finances, especially during Christmas, without setting money aside. We were accumulating unnecessary debt. I even had residual debt from my days as a single mom, struggling to make ends meet.

The Importance in Investing in Yourself While Chasing Your Dream

I approached him with a request to invest in a $997 course called Blog to Biz. I showed him every detail, and I remember feeling sick with nerves. We were still relatively newlyweds at that point, and I wasn’t entirely sure if I could pull it off. Even as someone who generally has confidence in my abilities, it was a tough conversation.

When I commit to something, I see it through. Whether I excel at it or not, I’ll find a way to improve. I refuse to give up unless I genuinely believe it’s the right decision. This is a principle I hold dear, and I understand that not everyone approaches challenges in the same way. Your journey might be different, and that’s perfectly okay. The key is finding your own path and committing to it wholeheartedly when chasing your own dreams.

Embracing Uncertainty: Taking a Leap of Faith to Chase My Dreams

With my husband’s support, I mustered the confidence to step into the unknown. It felt like the right path, and every night, I shared my dreams with him. We had countless conversations about logistics and childcare. I took the plunge, investing in the course, but it didn’t go as planned. Letting go of control was a struggle, especially when he watched the kids. My home management system was a work in progress, and ‘Systemize Your Life’ didn’t even exist yet. I was still figuring things out. Part three of this series will delve deeper into this journey.

I knew I needed more than just a side venture; I needed a legitimate business with a well-defined plan. Despite my previous experience running a business with my mom, this was an entirely new ballgame. The business model was different, and I was venturing out on my own chasing my dreams, creating something that I believed people needed, even though I wasn’t entirely sure if they wanted it.

During this process, I grappled with carving out dedicated work time. It was during this period that my home management system truly crystallized. It emerged from a drive to overcome guilt, insecurity, and time constraints. This was when my children were very young and demanded constant care. I recall juggling the responsibilities of cloth diapering while simultaneously trying to build my business. It was a whirlwind, to say the least, with one child still in the midst of sleep training and transitioning nap schedules.

Every Season, Every Challenge: Growing with My Business through Chasing My Dreams

Throughout this journey, we’ve navigated every phase of life. From kids entering preschool to dealing with frequent illnesses, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. There were moments when tears seemed inevitable, and I grappled with hormonal adjustments and various other challenges. We’ve weathered both the highs and lows, experiencing numerous transitions along the way.

During this time, I honed my home management system to near perfection. I glimpsed a brighter future when I realized that by systemizing my cleaning routine, I could reclaim precious time to devote to my business while still fulfilling my roles as a wife and mother. Balancing these responsibilities is of utmost importance to me and vital for the well-being of my family. I simply couldn’t relinquish them. I’m not the kind of woman who’d opt to park my kids in front of an iPad just so I could run my company. There had to be a way to harmonize it all while chasing the dream, and that’s exactly what I set out to achieve.

Values Carved in Stone: The Significance of Family and Legacy Even While Chasing your Dreams

The significance of my achievements in business holds unparalleled importance for me. Earlier today, as I cleaned baseboards with my mom, we shared a hearty laugh over the vivid memory of her teaching me this very task. I can almost picture the exact outfit I wore that day—it’s a memory etched in my mind. My mom, the epitome of resourcefulness, demonstrated how to efficiently dust baseboards using a simple rag technique before vacuuming. Her dedication to our family is a trait that I believe runs deep in my DNA. It’s a legacy I’m wholeheartedly committed to continuing.

Maintaining this aspect of my life was always a priority, but I recognized early on that I couldn’t navigate it alone. I’ll admit, there were instances where I may not have expressed my needs as clearly as I could have, but those experiences taught me valuable lessons. I’ve since honed my communication skills, mastering the art of effectively conveying my expectations. Now, I’m fervently driven to share this skill with others. It’s all part of my ongoing journey towards becoming a more adept and compassionate leader, both within my family and in business. And it all is a beautiful part of the story of chasing my dreams.

Embracing the Messiness: Finding Balance and Consistency in Chasing my Dreams

Taking that initial step was far from smooth sailing for me. It was a challenging journey. Time was a precious commodity, and I had to make every moment count. I committed to a daily Power Hour, even while continuing my interpreting work for 20 hours a week. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I finally had to reassess and pivot. It was a scary transition, but it became clear that I needed to make it work to chase my dreams.

Creating a home management system was my lifeline. It brought a sense of order and predictability to my days. I would ask myself, “If I devote two hours each weekday while Bailey naps, can I still be the kind of wife and mother I aspire to be?” This internal dialogue was ongoing, even now. Having this system in place provided me with the assurance I needed to wholeheartedly chase my dreams vision without succumbing to guilt over the dishes left in the sink. It became my cornerstone, allowing me to show up fully for myself and bring this business vision to life.

Embracing Change: A Shift in Home Management

I had to be open to changing the way I managed my home. We were stuck in a routine that ultimately wasn’t serving us well. It was an incredibly stressful time, with childcare struggles and limited progress. I vividly recall reaching out to Blaine at the fire station, tears streaming down my face, saying, “I can’t work, I don’t have a sitter, but I need 20 hours a week. I don’t know how to do this.”

That moment was pivotal. I realized I had to let go of old ways and release certain routines to make room for a side hustle. It was a crucial step in pursuing the life I envisioned.

I also had to be willing to transform the old dreams I held for my life into something entirely new. This meant daring to believe my life could take a different path. Despite not having vast financial resources or abundant opportunities, I was determined to take risks and forge my own way. It was a significant shift from familiar patterns.

Taking that leap marked a turning point in chasing my dreams. I didn’t want to continue down the same path, especially after interpreting for 15 years. I had to ask myself if I wanted another 15-20 years of the same routine. It was a moment of honest self-reflection and the catalyst for embracing change.

Chasing Your Dreams: Recognizing the Need for Change

I jumped into interpreting right after high school. I had a deep sense that there was more to life, and I believe you sense it too, no matter your age.

“Chasing dreams means recognizing the need for change and embracing new possibilities. No matter your age, there’s a dream within you, a desire to do something more.”

I needed this too, and that’s why I set out to create something that could fill that gap in my life. It became a home management system that carried me through those initial challenges and set me on my path. And guess what? Tomorrow, you’ll get to hear all about it.

In the upcoming Part Two, I’ll delve into how I’ve maintained a remarkable level of consistency over four consecutive years of chasing my dream. Despite facing sickness, injury, navigating both highs and lows, relocating, enrolling kids in grade school, and enduring the pandemic, I’ve found a way to make progress. And I want you to know, this level of achievement is entirely within your reach too.

Looking for More Ways to Achieve that Life/Work Balance as You Chase Your Dreams?

Looking for more ways to balance your business and motherhood while chasing your dreams. Be sure to check out Balancing Business Series: 3 Steps to Maintain a Work Life Balance and Be Successful in Business.  Want to dig into the specifics of how to get that balance? Work Life Balance: The Hacks I Used to Grow My Business

Thank you for being a part of this journey! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Feel free to leave a comment below. Also, why not join our vibrant community in our free Facebook group? It’s a space filled with like-minded individuals on a similar journey. And for a deeper dive into creating a more organized and purposeful life, don’t forget to stayed tuned for the Power Bundle! Let’s continue this conversation and empower each other!

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