Balance Business & Family: Mompreneur Mastery in Six Steps

November 3, 2023

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Today, we’re delving deep into the six crucial steps for balancing your business and family by mastering time management and task prioritization as a mompreneur. Whether you’re already in the throes of running your own business or contemplating the leap, these steps are vital to balancing business and family. Balancing the demands of self, marriage, children, and home, all while steering a business, is undoubtedly a challenge. Yet, it’s a challenge that carries immeasurable worth.

For me, the drive to work has been woven into the fabric of who I am from a young age. Even when I believed I might not have children because of it, the passion persisted. That’s why I’m so passionate about every woman recognizing the potential in this journey. Mastery, let’s be clear, isn’t about perfection. It’s about understanding, adapting, and forging ahead even in the face of daily missteps and struggles. Over time, I’ve honed the art of being a mompreneur, wielding a well-crafted home management system, and navigating the multifaceted challenges that come my way. Now, I’m sharing these six steps with you about balancing your business and family. 

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Your Mindset While Balancing Business and Family

Let’s kick off with the foundational step, one that you’ve likely heard a hundred times but don’t dismiss its importance: mindset. It might sound cliché, but trust me, it’s anything but trivial. When you’re stepping into the realm of mompreneur, balancing business and family, and all the hats that come with being a mom, things can get complex. This applies whether your workspace is at home or in an external office. Even if you’re just toying with the idea, the mental load can be immense.

You need to grasp the intricacies of multitasking and how it affects your cognitive bandwidth. Before you even take the first step, commit to understanding this. Many people express intent, but not all follow through. My secret? When I say yes to something, I stick with it. It’s a commitment I uphold not just for others but for myself. Quitting simply isn’t in my playbook. As moms venturing into business, we face unique challenges. Saying “yes, I’m doing this” comes with a host of considerations and a commitment that’s unwavering.

Before Attaining that Balance of Business and Family

Setting out on this journey, there were unforgettable moments like booking our first wedding, arranging a coaching call, or recording that inaugural podcast episode. It’s a unique experience that demands a clear headspace, effective time and task management, and the ability to navigate through tasks that might not be perfect. Angie Lee, a favorite influencer of mine, often shares her very first video online, highlighting its imperfections. It’s a reminder that even the best started somewhere, far from perfect.

I’m prone to embarrassment. However, I’ve learned to fortify my mindset. Mastering mompreneurship isn’t about perfection; it’s about resilience. This journey involves teamwork with my husband, solidifying our partnership over four years. We began when our youngest was two, highlighting the vital role of mindset in our success.

“Mastering the art of being a mompreneur doesn’t mean perfection; it means navigating the challenges with determination and grace.”

Mastering Prioritization

When it comes to the intricate dance of being a mompreneur, one of the most crucial steps is mastering the art of prioritization. It’s not about how much you can accomplish, but rather about focusing on what truly matters and moving the needle in your business.

In Systemize Your Biz, we delve deep into the specifics of task management, providing you with a clear roadmap to identify and prioritize tasks effectively. This isn’t just about checking off boxes on a to-do list; it’s about making strategic decisions that lead to meaningful progress.

As a mompreneur balancing Business and Family, you’re no stranger to the constant demands on your time. Every day brings a knock at the door, a new request, a pressing deadline. This is where prioritization becomes your secret weapon. It’s the compass that guides you through the sea of responsibilities, ensuring you’re investing your precious time and energy where it matters most.

Balancing Business and Family Didn’t Come Naturally

For me, this lesson hit home through my experiences with meal prepping. I’ve faced weekends where I attempted to get ahead on meals, only to find myself back at square one. When I was, and currently am, too busy, I fell behind on prepping healthy food for my family.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that a lack of prioritization was at the root of the issue. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of daily tasks, but without a clear sense of what truly matters, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of busywork vs. finding that balance of business and family.

Now, as I reflect on those moments, I’m reminded of the power of prioritization. It’s not just a matter of saving time or being more efficient—it’s about taking control of your business and your life. It’s about ensuring that every action you take aligns with your goals and moves you closer to your vision. If you want to balance business and family in a beautiful way, prioritization isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s the cornerstone of effective time management and the key to unlocking your full potential as a mompreneur.

Crafting Your Business Strategy to Find That Perfect Balance

In the realm of mompreneur mastery, the third step is all about honing your business strategy. This is where you sift through the noise and zero in on the tasks that truly matter for your business. It’s about making informed decisions and having a clear roadmap to guide you towards your goals. Boiled down: this is where you begin truly finding that balance between business and your other priorities.

While I don’t consider myself a strategy expert, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of learning from those who’ve been there and done that. It’s the difference between aimlessly tossing spaghetti at the wall and following a proven path to success. That’s why, even to this day, my husband and I invested in a course to train our puppy. We recognize the value of learning from those with expertise.

The Game-Changing Power of Strategy as a Mompreneur

In the world of mompreneurship, having a well-crafted strategy isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s a game-changer. It’s about identifying the tasks and actions that will move the needle in your business. It’s about streamlining your efforts and ensuring that every move you make is purposeful and effective, leading you toward that balance of your business and your family.

But here’s the thing: your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated or cost an arm and a leg. In fact, it shouldn’t be. The best strategies are the ones that are straightforward, efficient, and aligned with your unique business goals. As you navigate the intricate terrain of being a mompreneur, remember to invest time in crafting a strategy that makes sense for you. Seek out resources, learn from experts, and don’t be afraid to adapt and refine your approach as you go. A solid strategy is the linchpin that holds together your systems and processes, propelling you towards the success you envision.

 Cultivating Connections to Help You Balance Your Family and Your Business

In the intricate dance of being a mompreneur, connection is the heartbeat that keeps it all in rhythm. It’s more than just a nice-to-have—it’s an absolute necessity. Let me tell you why.

Out of all the components we’re discussing here, if there’s one you shouldn’t skip, it’s this. Your mindset, task prioritization, and even your business strategy can weather some rough patches, but without connection, you’ll be adrift, losing the balance that you are seeking.

Picture this: a classroom with children at different levels, learning and growing together. It’s a concept I wholeheartedly believe in and it’s why I chose Montessori for my girls. Having a diverse network is just as crucial for mompreneurs.  And you, too, need those who are on the same journey as you, both ahead and behind. Those who are just stepping onto this path can offer fresh perspectives and ignite your confidence. Meanwhile, those who have forged ahead can pull you up, sharing insights from their own experiences of how they have found their own balance.

Striking the Balance of Business and Family

Navigating the realms of home, family, and business is no small feat. It’s one of the most challenging journeys I’ve embarked on, but let me tell you, it’s worth every twist and turn to finally come to a place of better balance between your home and business.

As I lie in bed at night, I’m not haunted by ‘what ifs’ or ‘should haves.’ There are no regrets here. Why? Because I’m living out my purpose, doing exactly what I’m meant to do. This journey has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined. Every single day, my mission revolves around finding balance. I draw inspiration from remarkable entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutcher, who openly share their paths to achieving equilibrium. They, too, hustled hard in the early days, faced burnout, and then learned to establish boundaries and reach that goal of balance between their business and their families.

Taking Care of Yourself First

Honestly, balancing motherhood, business, and all that lies in between is possible, but it requires awareness of your own needs. For me, as an introvert, solitude is non-negotiable. It’s in those moments of quiet reflection, accompanied by a hot bath or soothing music, that I recharge. This has become my superpower, allowing me to create content and connect with others in a profound way by knowing that we all can’t run full speed ahead 100% of the time.

The key to mastering this balance lies in systems. Through Systemize Your Life and Systemize Your Biz, I’ve discovered the tangible, practical tools that keep my boat afloat. These systems provide the foundation for equilibrium, whether it’s from day to day or year to year. If you’re on this journey of balancing it all, know that it’s not just possible—it’s within your grasp. And with the right systems in place, you can navigate this territory with grace and purpose.

Equip Yourself with the Right Tools

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about the practical tools you need to have in place. This step is all about understanding what software, coaching, and programs work best for others and can work wonders for you too.

I’ve been down the road of trial and error with various tools. Some were the wrong fit, resulting in me hitting the reset button. But there are costly mistakes I’m eager to help you avoid. One big tip: consider making the switch to Meistertask. Not only do I recommend using it, but also implementing it systematically, just as I do in my own workflow.

Knowing the software and tech stack that successful mompreneurs before you have used can save you a lot of time and headaches. Questions about email service providers and integrating new tech into your business are bound to come up. Trust me, I just navigated this over the weekend with Typeform. It’s a process, and having the right tools in place from the start is absolutely crucial.  So, whether you’re just starting or refining your toolkit, understanding what works and what doesn’t will be a game-changer on your mompreneur journey.

There is NO Reason Why You Also Cannot Balance Your Business and Family

Mastering the art of being a mompreneur is a journey filled with unique challenges and incredible rewards. It begins with cultivating the right mindset, followed by effective task prioritization. A solid strategy and the power of connection with like-minded individuals are indispensable.

Navigating the delicate balance between family and business is a constant endeavor, but it’s one that brings immeasurable joy and fulfillment. Equipping yourself with the right tools and tech stack ensures smooth sailing on this entrepreneurial voyage. Remember, it’s not about perfection, but progress, and with these six steps in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to mompreneur mastery. Embrace the journey, and let your passion guide you towards the success you deserve.

Looking for More Ways to Achieve Balance Between Business and Family?

Looking for more ways to balance your business and motherhood? Be sure to check out Balancing Business Series: 3 Steps to Maintain a Work Life Balance and Be Successful in Business.  Want to dig into the specifics of how to get that balance? Work Life Balance: The Hacks I Used to Grow My Business

Thank you for being a part of this journey! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Feel free to leave a comment below. Also, why not join our vibrant community in our free Facebook group? It’s a space filled with like-minded individuals on a similar journey. Let’s continue this conversation and empower each other!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to successfully balance motherhood and a thriving business, even with a busy schedule?

Absolutely! Balancing motherhood and a successful business is entirely possible, even with a hectic schedule. It requires effective time management, task prioritization, a growth-oriented mindset, and a supportive community. Check out our community here through our free Facebook group!  Through the right strategies, prioritization, and tools, you can navigate this journey with confidence and purpose. And don’t forget to check out Systemize Your Life. It’s a process that requires intentionality and learning, but it’s definitely achievable.


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