Unlocking A Minimal Lifestyle: Three Key Habits For A Clutter Free Year


January 31, 2024

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January has been quite different from my usual routine. I’m not pushing myself as hard, but that’s perfectly alright. It’s okay to take things a bit easier sometimes. Comparatively, January has been better than December, although December held its own special moments and events for my family. It was a blissful time filled with many beautiful reasons to celebrate.

I’ve been spending time at my co-working space lately, and I always appreciate the encouraging signs they put up. One of them says, “You don’t have to do things harder just because it’s January.” It’s a reminder that it’s okay to ease into the year, and I’m totally on board with that sentiment. I wanted to share this with you because while I’ve been advocating for setting goals and achieving greatness in 2024, I also believe in finding balance and allowing ourselves to transition into the new year at our own pace.

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Embarking On A Minimal Lifestyle Journey: A Gradual Process With Fulfilling Results

I want to be upfront about something: transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process, and there’s something incredibly fulfilling about that. I’ve been blessed with incredible systems that help me turn my dreams into reality, and I want the same for you. As we move forward, I feel compelled to share my heartfelt thoughts with you, especially since we’re about to explore three essential habits that can lead to a more minimal lifestyle.

“I’ve been blessed with incredible systems that help me turn my dreams into reality, and I want the same for you.”

Creating a more minimal lifestyle is essential if you truly want to achieve the goals we’ve discussed this January. This is especially true for busy moms like you who juggle multiple responsibilities, whether it’s working from home, homeschooling, or pursuing other passions alongside motherhood. I want to challenge the notion of “just being a mom” because I believe it’s so much more than that. Motherhood is a journey of growth and wisdom, and with each season, you become increasingly wise. It’s a profoundly beautiful experience that I deeply appreciate.

Each season of motherhood teaches me the importance of having fewer possessions cluttering my home. Even though I didn’t have coffee today, I’m in quite the mood, and I’m excited about this blog post. It’s going to be a fun one, and I hope you’re ready for it. The message is straightforward: I’m currently feeling a strong urge to declutter and keep only what truly matters to me.

Unlocking The Benefits Of A Minimal Lifestyle

You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff my kids have piled up in their bedrooms. It’s reached a point where we can barely walk through the space, and even our dog has developed some impressive agility skills navigating through the toys. I can’t help but have a sneaky feeling that one day when they come home from school, a lot of those toys will mysteriously disappear.

Today, while decluttering might come up, I’m primarily focused on discussing the benefits of a minimal lifestyle. Being minimal-ish, not necessarily fully minimal, helps reduce the constant mental noise and allows for more bandwidth. So, let’s dive into the three key habits necessary for anyone aiming for or already working towards a more minimal lifestyle.

Decluttering For A Minimal Lifestyle: Streamline Your Surroundings And Simplify Your Space

The initial habit to incorporate into your routine is dubbed “toss unused items,” irrespective of their age. The relentless cycle of consumerism can result in acquiring items that remain untouched or have outlived their utility. Take this opportunity to assess your surroundings and consider parting ways with items that serve no purpose or are rarely used. Remember, it’s perfectly okay to let go of possessions that no longer add value to your life.

Let’s chat about food for a moment, something often overlooked in the decluttering process. Take a peek into your pantry and refrigerator – you might find a treasure trove of forgotten items hiding there. Purging these unused items not only frees up physical space but also mental bandwidth. Simplifying your food storage areas can make meal preparation more streamlined and enjoyable.

Take a moment to inspect your condiment collection. How many bottles of ranch dressing or other condiments do you have lurking in the back? While it’s impressive if any are still within their expiration date, chances are you’ll find a few expired ones that need to be tossed. While you’re in the kitchen, consider decluttering your collection of cooking gadgets. Do you really need multiple rice makers, spatulas, spoons, or straws? I recently tackled my straw collection and realized I only use one stainless steel straw regularly. Why keep 500 others lying around? It’s time to streamline and simplify.

Decluttering Tips For A More Minimalist Lifestyle

Now, let’s explore a few other areas where you can declutter. Kids’ clothing, for instance, tends to accumulate rapidly, especially as they outgrow sizes in the blink of an eye. Consider donating or passing along clothing that no longer fits to make room for essentials. And what about those stacks of papers cluttering your countertops and drawers? Trust me, most of them can be discarded without a second thought. The same goes for your mail – if it’s not essential, toss it.

Next stop: the sock drawer and coat closet. How many mismatched socks or coats do you really need? Streamlining these areas can save you time when getting ready in the morning. And let’s not forget about makeup – do you find yourself reaching for the same few products every day while the rest gather dust? Simplify your beauty routine by decluttering your makeup collection and keeping only the essentials.

Building Habits For A Clutter-Free Life

It’s crucial to emphasize that these actions should become habitual, not just a one-time event. Consistently tossing old and unused items is key. I’ve provided a list of areas to start decluttering, but the goal is to integrate this practice into your daily routine. Whether you’re in the bathroom, under the kids’ vanity, in your linen closet, doing laundry, in the garage, or even in the car, always be on the lookout for items that can be discarded or donated.

Make it a habit to take these items with you and dispose of them whenever you encounter a trash can, like when you’re leaving the car to enter a grocery store. Keeping an eye out at all times for things that no longer serve a purpose or are simply trash will help you maintain a clutter-free environment effortlessly.

I’ve covered this topic in a few podcast episodes where I shared what I’ve made reusable in my own home, which I can link below. to those episodes could provide inspiration if you’re inclined to explore this further.

​​Embracing Minimalism: Rediscovering The Art Of Repurposing In A Consumerist World

The second crucial habit to cultivate is buying less and repurposing items whenever possible. The joy and excitement that come from repurposing items are unparalleled, and I’ve rediscovered many of these joys over time. I must credit my parents, who were both incredibly adept at repurposing items, for instilling this value in me. 

Our generation has experienced a significant shift in consumption habits compared to our parents’ generation. Unlike them, we grew up with unprecedented access to consumer goods. I vividly recall the excitement when Walmart first emerged as a prominent retailer, and life before the convenience of Amazon seems almost unimaginable now. Yet, there’s a nostalgia for a time when fixing things was the norm, reminiscent of the habits of our grandparents and previous generations.

The Art Of Repurposing Everyday Items

The art of repurposing was a common practice in previous generations, driven by the limited availability of mass-manufactured goods and the absence of modern conveniences like drone delivery services. Growing up, I observed my parents effortlessly transform everyday items into something new, and witnessing my children exhibit the same creativity brings me immense joy. Here are a few examples of how you can either adopt a one-time approach or cultivate a habit of buying less and repurposing items more frequently.

Can you push that cheese grater for another six months? Mine is actually broken, but it still gets the job done. Sure, I could buy a new one for less than a dollar. It’s fascinating how marketing plays into our lives, and while it’s a gift in many ways, I’ve been holding onto this old cheese grater for far too long. It’s time to let go and invest in a new one, considering they’re not that expensive.  But sometimes, we don’t need to get rid of something because it’s not in perfect condition.

Repurposing Fashion And Home Decor For A Sustainable Lifestyle

Here are a few things to consider. One that I particularly enjoy is repurposing outfits. It’s about gaining a good understanding of fashion, embracing ath-leisure wear, and finding ways to look stylish even while doing household chores. Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by the fashion industry, modeling, and clothing design. Although my focus may have shifted over time, I still have a deep appreciation for fashion. You can often find me pinning inspiration to my Pinterest boards, where I regularly share my fashion ideas.

There’s something truly beautiful about knowing how to transform a pair of jeans and style them differently for each decade or even the last two years, considering how rapidly trends change. It’s both fun and challenging to keep up with the pace of change in fashion and other areas. This rapid turnover also affects other aspects of our lives, like decor and holidays. It’s worth considering what items you can buy less of and repurpose during the holidays or for home decor to minimize waste and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

Transforming Everyday Items For A Sustainable And Minimal Home

I recently added decor to all the shelves in the living room, and it was a moment of pride for me. Our new house now has built-in shelves, which were initially bare against the backdrop of flat, white walls. Blaine suggested going to Hobby Lobby and other stores to buy decor for the shelves, but I declined. I had been saving and collecting decor items since we got married, anticipating this moment. It’s satisfying to say that I only need to purchase two or three pieces of artwork; everything else was repurposed, and I didn’t have to buy anything new, which fills me with pride.

Another area where you can practice repurposing is with school supplies, especially if you’re homeschooling. By adopting this mindset, you can view your home through a lens that prompts you to think about how you can make things more reusable. It’s about looking at everything as an opportunity to be repurposed; for instance, considering if a pillow that doesn’t work in one room could be used elsewhere.

Embracing Consistency: Key To Cultivating A Minimal Lifestyle

Now, let’s dive into the third habit that’s bound to resonate with you and bring immense satisfaction. This habit falls right into my wheelhouse, and it’s all about creating consistency in your schedule. If you’re aiming for a more minimal lifestyle this year, honing in on consistency in your schedule is paramount. It’s not just about occasional routines; it’s about turning consistency into a daily habit. What aspects of your day can you make more predictable? This is crucial for achieving a minimal lifestyle.

Could it involve establishing consistent dinnertime and bedtime routines, as well as deciding what and when you eat? What about your clothing choices, getting dressed, or doing laundry? Perhaps even scheduling your grocery shopping day? This philosophy of creating consistency in your schedule is at the core of my time management approach, emphasizing routine over extensive to-do lists. 

The reason is because I’ve rarely experienced it, and it’s not something we naturally have, so I put in significant effort to establish consistency. This consistency is crucial for reducing chaos in your life and fostering a minimal lifestyle. I encourage you to consistently evaluate where you can introduce more consistency in various aspects of your life. Whether it’s in how you communicate with your kids, show affection, prepare meals, maintain the house, perform at work, or interact with your spouse, striving for consistency is key to experiencing the lightness that a minimal or minimal-ish lifestyle offers.

Go Forth And Minimize!

I’m thrilled we took this journey together, and I thoroughly enjoyed recording this topic. It was a fun experience for me. Now, consider this your encouragement, your motivation to embark on your own journey and commit to implementing these three key habits in your life. By doing so, you’ll pave the way for a more minimal lifestyle this year.

As you start your journey to a more minimal lifestyle, I’m excited to hear your experiences and insights. Share them within our vibrant Facebook community or come over and visit me on Instagram. And remember that we would LOVE to see you inside of Systemize Your Life as a VIP student!

Until next time….


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