Mastering Strategic Content Planning With My B-BOCS Method


February 8, 2024

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Let’s delve into the topic of content planning, a system that I wholeheartedly believe is essential for your business. I’m excited to share this blog post because time and again, whether it’s working with moms or individuals involved in businesses or nonprofits, I’ve noticed a common struggle: content creation. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming for anyone trying to establish, expand, or manage a business or nonprofit presence online.

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Striving For Sustainable Engagement In Content Planning

Emphasizing the significance of establishing strong boundaries with social media is paramount. In this blog post, I aim to discuss both short-form and long-form content planning. When I refer to your content planning system, it encompasses not just social media content but also content for long-form platforms like your blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and more.

Before delving into this blog post, I want to stress the importance of focusing your presence on just one or two platforms, maximum. It’s crucial to prioritize consistency in the platforms you choose to engage with rather than spreading yourself thin across multiple channels. Avoid the temptation to feel pressured into maintaining a presence on every possible platform, as it’s not necessary for success.

The misconception that being present on every platform equates to success often leads to failure across the board. It results in a constant cycle of checking, posting, and seeking inspiration that can be draining and unsustainable. Personally, I’ve dedicated significant effort to finding a better approach. I’ve worked hard at this and continue to do so, always evolving to strike a balance that works for me.

A Strategic Approach To Content Planning

This insight is invaluable and serves as the foundation for all business endeavors, whether you’re starting, growing, or scaling. I recall learning this lesson when I began blogging several years ago, and even earlier when managing my event-based business. The pressure to juggle multiple tasks and platforms was immense, but I’ve come to realize that it’s far from necessary. Instead, focusing on one or two key platforms where you can consistently show up is far more effective than spreading yourself too thin across various channels.

This blog post isn’t about overwhelming you with complex content planning strategies. Instead, it’s a wake-up call to recognize the countless hours you may have wasted in the past, agonizing over what to post, when to post it, which graphics to use, and what message to convey. This constant struggle not only stifles creativity but also hinders your ability to maintain consistent output, which is crucial for success in the online world. 

Consider the hours you’ve invested scrolling through your phone or the frustration caused by past inconsistencies. Acknowledge these experiences as you reflect on a better, more intentional approach to marketing through social media platforms. There’s a more efficient way to utilize these tools for your business, and it starts with recognizing the need for a structured content planning system.

Efficiency In Entrepreneurship: Crafting A Strategic Content Plan

The idea of running a business is driven by two fundamental goals: to make an impact and to generate income. However, for those balancing the roles of wife and mother alongside entrepreneurship, the pressure can feel overwhelming. It’s essential to recognize that the reality of running a business is far more complex than simply pursuing these two objectives. In fact, it involves navigating a myriad of responsibilities within a limited time frame each day.

Every moment counts, and the time spent on business endeavors must be utilized to its fullest potential. Yet, one common obstacle that entrepreneurs face is the uncertainty surrounding content creation. The pressure to maintain a consistent online presence often leads to wasted time and energy, hindering productivity and creativity.

This blog post aims to address this challenge by providing actionable strategies for developing a comprehensive content planning system. By empowering entrepreneurs with the confidence and clarity needed to streamline their content strategy, you can maximize the impact of your efforts and achieve greater success in your businesses.

My B-BOCS Method Of Content Planning

Allow me to introduce you to the B-BOCS method, a unique approach to content planning that I’ve developed. This method serves as my content planning system, offering a structured workflow to streamline the process. At the heart of this system are two essential tools: the content calendar and the promotional calendar. These calendars help organize and manage the multitude of channels and promotions within my business, ensuring a cohesive and strategic approach to content creation and distribution.

However, it wasn’t always this way. Initially, I began with just an Instagram account and a podcast. I had started a blog, but the time and effort it demanded were unsustainable. Producing content for the blog consumed a significant portion of my daily life.  In contrast, managing the podcast required only a fraction of that time, maxing out at two hours per week for two episodes. Recognizing this stark contrast, I swiftly made the transition to prioritize the podcast.

Social media has always been more of a side venture for me rather than my main focus, but I’ve always enjoyed it. Connecting with listeners of the podcast, like you, through platforms like Instagram has been a rewarding experience. You’re welcome to reach out anytime via DM—I may not always respond immediately, but I make sure to circle back and engage with everyone.

B=Brainstorming Your Content Planning

I began with just a small presence and gradually expanded by adding one element at a time. Now, I have both a promotional calendar and a content calendar. The promotional calendar serves as a master schedule, while the content calendar houses the actual content for those pieces, including graphics and copy. Having both calendars is essential for keeping everything organized and on track.

Let’s dive into my content planning system, which I like to call B-BOCS. This represents five categories or steps for planning content. The first step is to brainstorm. There’s no right or wrong timeframe for planning content, but I prefer to plan one month at a time. You could start with planning a week at a time and gradually extend to planning for a quarter if you’re able to. Find a timeframe that works best for you, whether it’s every seven days, every couple of weeks, or monthly. Starting small and gradually stretching your planning time frame is key.

Start by brainstorming all the pieces of content you need to create for the next month. If planning for a month feels overwhelming, break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Consider what content is essential for your goals and audience during this timeframe.

Aligning Content With Business Objectives

Next, consider what you’ll be promoting during this timeframe. Remember, the purpose of your business is twofold: to create an impact and to generate income. If your business occupies a significant portion of your life and thoughts, it’s essential to treat it as such. Identify the key promotions or offers you’ll be focusing on to achieve your business goals. These could include product launches, sales, special events, or any other initiatives designed to drive revenue and make an impact in your market or community. By clarifying your promotional priorities for the month, you’ll ensure that your content aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

Consider what specific offerings or events you’ll be promoting to drive impact and income. For example, if you have a workflow workshop scheduled for February, your content strategy should revolve around promoting and supporting this event. Every piece of content, whether it’s for your podcast, Facebook group, or other platforms, should serve a purpose and align with your overall business goals. Intentionality is key here; ensure that every aspect of your content plan contributes to your broader objectives and supports your promotional efforts effectively.

Crafting An Effective Content Strategy

While some spontaneous content can add a fresh touch to your strategy, relying solely on it can be draining and inefficient. It’s essential to strike a balance and ensure that your content plan is both effective and efficient. Ask yourself: Is this content contributing to my goals? Is it helping me reach my audience effectively? Keeping these questions in mind will help you maintain a focused and purposeful approach to your content creation process.

Take a moment to reflect on your priorities and goals for the upcoming month. Consider what you’re promoting and the impact you aim to create, but also delve deeper into what you truly want to focus on. Look at your calendar, assess your selling objectives, and think about the key teachings you want to impart. Staying focused on these core elements will prevent you from veering off track and ensure that your content remains purposeful and aligned with your overarching objectives. This step is all about setting a clear direction for your content strategy.

B=Balance Your Content Planning

Ensure that your content is well-balanced across various areas of focus. Avoid overemphasizing one topic to the detriment of others. Whether it’s systems for home organization, business strategies, cleaning tips, marriage advice, parenting guidance, time management techniques, or self-care practices, strive for a harmonious blend of content that caters to diverse aspects of your audience’s lives. Maintaining balance in your content ensures that you provide value across different areas of interest, catering to the multifaceted needs of your audience.

O=Organize Your Content Planning

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information during the brainstorming phase, it’s crucial to organize it effectively. Consider using tools like a promotional calendar and a content calendar to keep track of your content plans and promotional activities. Having a structured content calendar in place is essential for maintaining organization and ensuring that your content strategy remains cohesive and manageable. Without proper organization, you risk feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with your content creation efforts.

When I was just starting out, I used a simple month grid in my paper planner to visualize my content plans. This helped me understand my strategy better until I became familiar with using a more sophisticated content calendar. If you’re new to content planning, starting with a basic month grid in your planner can be a helpful option to get started and gain clarity on your content strategy.

C=Create Your Content

The next step is to create. This is where you sit down and develop your graphics and write your copy. It’s pretty straightforward. Remember, after you create these assets, it’s important to know where you’ll be putting them. Make sure everything is clearly labeled and organized. Once you’ve created your content, you’ll have the organization system we discussed in the previous step ready for you to load that information into.

S=Schedule Out Your Content

Finally, the last step in the B-BOCS method is to schedule your content. You have the option to either pre-schedule it or push it out live. Personally, I prefer pre-scheduling as much content as possible. While platforms like Instagram Stories may complicate this process, many platforms allow for advanced scheduling. By batching your work and planning content weeks or even months ahead of time, you can ensure a more organized and enjoyable content creation experience.

Wanting To Dig Further?

If you find yourself stuck in a content creation rut, feeling weighed down by the absence of systematic thinking and intentional planning, I urge you to re-read this post. I also have some other great blog posts for you to check out along this line like How To Manage Your Social Media Content?-3 Reasons Why You Need A Content Calendar and My Easy Content Creation System: 30 Days Of Content In 60 Minutes, In 3 Steps.

By implementing the B-BOCS method – brainstorming, balancing, organizing, creating, and scheduling – you can streamline your content creation process, maximize efficiency, and maintain consistency in your messaging across various platforms.

Whether you’re a busy mom juggling multiple responsibilities or an entrepreneur striving to grow your business, adopting a structured approach to content planning can alleviate overwhelm, enhance productivity, and ultimately propel you towards your goals. Remember, intentional planning is the key to unlocking your full potential and achieving success in your endeavors.

“Remember, intentional planning is the key to unlocking your full potential and achieving success in your endeavors.”


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