Busy Mom Morning Routine Game Plan

Busy mom morning routine

February 12, 2024

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Sometimes I wish everything I wanted to do in life came with a playbook. I love nothing more than an instructions booklet. I love guided instructions so much, I created one for my morning routine and I can show you to do the same. The less guesswork the better for me. I feel like the most ineffective and inefficient way of doing anything is throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what will stick. That’s just me. But, as they say, “different strokes for different folks.” I know some people thrive by not overthinking anything and an ease and grove can be found from either approach. 

Regardless of where you find yourself – be it homeschooling, juggling remote work, or tackling the never-ending chores while wrangling kids – life’s demands are relentless. Some days, I feel like I’ve got this, and others, well, not so much.

Currently, my plate is overflowing with tasks. I want to show up so hard and so fiercely in everything I do, and I know you are no different as a passionate, busy mama. 

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How To Get A Handle On Your Morning Routine As A Busy Mom

As my vocation suggests, I’ve got a knack for systems. I thrive at finding what works for my family and helping others do the same. Because let’s face it, when things go awry, it’s usually because we’ve veered off our systems’ path. This could happen because the family is unsure about the system or we simply don’t do the steps necessary to uphold the systems. 

Sometimes, circumstances get in the way of upholding our systems, but I maintain that we hold the reins to our lives. 

To Ensure A Productive Day, Prioritize Your Morning Routine

Amidst my own whirlwind season, I’ve learned a crucial lesson: the way you kickstart your morning sets the tone for the entire day. Does a rough start doom your day? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

But here’s the kicker: to ensure a focused, productive day, prioritize your morning routine. Say goodbye to multitasking and scattered thoughts with this 3×3 game plan, tailor-made for busy mornings and busy mamas. An instructions manual for the morning, so to speak, just how I like it. 

Now, let’s break it down. Create three boxes each with three bullet points in them on a sheet of paper, leaving room to jot down tasks in each box. My aim every morning? Tick off as many of these routine boxes as possible.

The Cardinal Rule For Busy Mom Success 

The cardinal rule for making this happen effectively, is to go to bed on time. I love sleeping, but it feels so good to stay up late too! It’s finally a time when I can get something done without any one of my family members needing something from me. So trust me, I feel the pull to stay up late just like you do. But it is the worst feeling when I have to get up after a late night, still responsible for all the things and I have to drag myself through the day just to make it. That is not how I want to live and I know you don’t either. So GO TO BED ON TIME. 

Before we dive into the morning routine framework, it needs to be said: all of these bullet points need to be completed by breakfast. This is the foundation of your day, you cannot drag this routine on through 10a.m.

“The way you start, spend, and wrap up your day is entirely within your control.”

Your 3×3 Morning Routine Gameplan

To set up your 3×3 morning routine gameplan, create three boxes with three bullet points in each box. 

Within my first box I have these three bullet items:

  • Get Dressed
  • Hair and Makeup 
  • Skin Routine

Adapt these to suit your preferences; this is what works for me.

Next up, my second box:

I find it most ideal and centering to spend some time listening to scripture and calming music in the morning. In fitting this in my morning routine I feel more grounded, calm and relaxed. Then I look into what is going on for the day, using my hybrid time blocking system. I check my Google Calendar to check where I am supposed to be and look at my paper planner to glance at my time blocks and routine stacks within those. If you need help establishing your foundational time blocking system and get your morning routine on point, check out Systemize Your Life.

The last box in my 3×3 morning routine game plan has the following bullets:

  • Food 
  • Electrolytes
  • Kitchen Reset

Electrolytes are real my friends! Magnesium, sodium and potassium make my energy levels soar! Then it’s all hands on deck for breakfast chaos – coffee brewing, smoothie blending, lunch packing – but not without tackling those breakfast dishes first. Ain’t nobody got time for that mess later in the day! A kitchen reset is an absolute must at the end of your morning routine, sorry friends. No one has time for breakfast dishes at lunch or dinner.

Nailing Your Morning Routine

I can’t wait to cheer you on as you create a morning routine that sets you up for success as a busy mom. Remember, consistency and intentionality are key to reaping the benefits of a morning ritual. Whether you prefer to start your day with mindfulness practices, exercise, or nourishing meals, prioritize activities that align with your values and contribute to your overall well-being. With a well-crafted morning routine in place, you can greet each day with purpose, clarity, and a sense of empowerment that comes with skyrocketed productivity to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

I hope this helps you! I’d love to see your personal 3×3 morning routine gameplan in the Systemize Your Life Facebook Group. If you need further help with your morning routine check out Unlocking Balance: A Practical Guide to Crafting Your Morning Routine Block or Morning Routine Tips: A Guide to Unleashing the Power of Productivity or even, 10 Tips to a Stress Free Before-School Morning Routine. Remember, you’re not alone and you’ve got a support system right here in the Chelsi Jo community and Systemize Your Life where you can go from overwhelmed to organized in just four weeks.

Busy mom morning routine game plan

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I would love to have a regular morning routine, but I wake up when my kids do because I'm tired!

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How to create a morning routine as a busy mom
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how to get a handle on your morning routine as a busy mom

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